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Iraq’s Muqtata al-Sadr Speaks Out Against Alleged PMU Attacks On Foreign Missions

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Iraq's Muqtata al-Sadr Speaks Out Against Alleged PMU Attacks On Foreign Missions

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On September 23th, influential Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr condemned recent activities by some groups that are part of the Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units (PMU)).

In a tweet late on the day, Sadr said:

“What some armed groups affiliated with the Hashd al-Shaabi [PMF] are doing is weakening Iraq, its people and country, and weakening these three aspects means strengthening the external forces, on top of the list is the great evil America.”

He added, “It is necessary to seek wisely and deliberately to end making Iraq an arena for the struggle of others and to strive together for the independence, sovereignty, peace, security of Iraq, or Iraq will be shifted away from our hands.”

In addition, al-Sadr accused the militants of political killings at the behest of another state.

The statement was made immediately after one of the Hashd Shaabi gangs took responsibility for the explosion of an IED, the purpose of which was to destroy a convoy of an Iraqi company carrying out an order from the British military.

The statement was also made against the background of an increase in the number of attacks on foreign military targets in Iraq in recent months.

In addition to Al-Sadr, the President and Prime Minister of Iraq also condemned Hashd Shaabi.

The PMU are mostly composed of armed Shiite factions that were trained to fight ISIS in 2014 and formally affiliated with the Iraqi armed forces.

Some PMU factions, however, respond only to the orders of leaders close to Iran, according to media.

The PMU have denied allegations of attacks on foreign military personnel, shelling of Baghdad’s Green Zone and killing of activists. Also, a representative said that the PMU receives no support from abroad.

Sadr’s statements also appear to accuse some PMU factions of being behind the assassination of activists who participated in protests against political elite that are accused of corruption and collaboration with foreign countries, particularly Iran.

“We, in turn, renew the demand for non-interference in Iraq’s internal affairs from all parties. We also emphasise peace in all dealings, as Iraq can no longer endure more violence, wars, clashes, political conflicts and riots,” Sadr said.

The Shia cleric expressed on September 18 his rejection of the operations targeting foreign missions in the country, following their escalation during the past weeks.

He said in a tweet at the time, “It’s not for Iraq’s interest to drag the country into a dark tunnel and into the furnace of violence.”

“It’s not for Iraq’s interest to target cultural and diplomatic headquarters, “he said, adding that “political and parliamentary means can be followed to end the occupation and prevent their interference, and those who attack the headquarters are exposing Iraq and its people to the imminent danger.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi promised to hold the killers of demonstrators accountable and made surprise visits to numerous prisons to find out whether they included detainees from the protest movement.


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Another coupe, looks like Al-Sadr has turned; either israel or the US or both have him in their pockets.

Fog of War

He was ” turned ” a long time ago. Many of us have been saying this for years.


I’m just glad that Sadr has FINALLY listened to Tommy!

Free man

In general, Iraqi Shiite clerics are much more moderate than the Iranian fanatics.


So what does moderate mean,not resisting the occupier? that logic says the Vichy French were moderate.

Free man

On the contrary, Sadr’s forces have fought the Americans in the past.
He never feared war. But he understands that only Iran has an interest in continuing the war in Iraq. Just as they will do anything to keep the war in Syria going.

Concrete Mike

Right, and america just wants to keep looting the country, we are here for the oil!!!

You have to look at both sides of the coin jew buddy!

The Objective


Jim Allen

Stupid is as stupid does.

Jim Allen

Which is why Nouri al-Maliki didn’t become the first Iraqi to stand on Russian soil, to meet with President Putin, and make a request for a military alliance. Right ?
Then Iraq didn’t make trade, and military alliances with it’s neighbors, Iran, and Syria, that are also allied, and allied with Russia.
How fucking stupid can you be ?
(a Trump quote)

Damien C

Anyone who has ever observed the Iraqi invasion even on an elementary level knows that Muqtata al-Sadr has from the earliest days in Iraq been the Western forces bought and paid for bitch.
He formed the Mahdi army not to attack the Western invaders but to stop the Shia manpower joining the insurgency against the US coalition. The Mahdi army leaders were more interested in siezing government buildings and infrastructure in a power grab.
While the Americans made many damning statements against Muqtata al-Sadr and repeatedly told Iraqi media he was the biggest threat to the Coalition forces in Iraq it was all just a PR sham. The US coalition wanted the Iraqi manpower to switch to Muqtata al-Sadr and the Mahdi army because they already owned its leadership from a long time ago.

The Mahdi army carried out very few attacks against coalition forces, they were permitted to attack a few contrators by their coalition owners to keep up appearances but otherwise most of their attacks were against Iraqi insurgents fighting the US forces

The Objective

If you are that keen on fighting the U.S, why not deploy the Iranian military in Iraq? Surely Iran can do that and not event eh Iraqi government can stop them. Declare war on the U.S., launch missiles against their bases in Iran and roll your military in. Fight the U.S on Iraqi soil, expel them and take over the Iraqi nation. You can then install a theocracy similar to the one in Tehran, and when you manage to stabilize things a bit, withdraw back to your country.
If you don’t have the nerve to do what I suggest above, then it means you are punching above your weight, and you should keep your filthy destructive hands off Iraq.

Free man

“why not deploy the Iranian military in Iraq?” – Because the mullahs regime are a bunch of scared snakes.
They are too scared to fight themselves. See what is happening in Syria, they are afraid to throw a stone in the direction of Israel. But they have no problem paying Arabs / Afghans / Pakistanis to fight the mullahs regimes wars .

The Objective

Exactly, It is dangerous for Muslims to support these kinds of people. Look the shame and death their policies spread in places like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon. I am sure that if not for Iranian involvement in Yemen, Saudi Arabia would have ended the war. Not that I support Saudi Arabia, but just stating facts as I see it. The Saudis are worried that if they end the war in Yemen with Iran still there, the resulting Yemeni government will be an Iranian puppet or at least significantly influenced by Shiite Iran.

In Iraq, the U.S. would have left long ago, but they realize that Iran is trying to model Iraq into another Shiite theocracy. With a long land border with Saudi Arabia, Iran can reach the Saudi land border. If Iran were to leave Iraq alone, I’m certain the U.S will pull out. That is what Iraq’s prime minister has always said. And now Sadr is saying the same thing.

Iran denies creating and controlling these proxies, claiming that they are allies instead. Is Iran then allied with a different military than the official military of Iraq? Are there two governments in Baghdad or Beirut?

Even as the Iraqi leadership keeps pleading that they don’t want Iraq to be a battleground, Iran doesn’t want to leave Iraq even if the U.S. leaves. Once Iran has its claws in a country, it’s difficult to get them off. If Iran requested guarantees from the Iraqi government that Iraq not be used by America to attack Iran, I’m sure the president and prime minister will be all too happy to ensure the U.S. leaves Iraq never to maintain any military bases in Iraq. That is what Moqtada Al-Sadr is telling the Iranian – that America will leave without a war if leaves Iran leaves the Iraqi nation alone.

If you aren’t smart, you’ll think Iran is in Iraq because of America. But it’s actually the other way round. Were the PMU to disarm and hand authority over to the legitimate government of Iraq, I AM SURE THE U.S WILL LEAVE.

DISARMING THE MILITIAS IS THE ONLY SIGN THAT IRAN FINALLY GETS ITS CLUTCHES OFF IRAQ. So why does the Iranian evil government officials keep saying they are committed to Iraqi Sovereignty?

Free man

Absolutely correct .
“So why does the Iranian evil government officials keep saying they are committed to Iraqi Sovereignty?” – Taqiyya.

Fog of War

” In Iraq, the U.S. would have left long ago, ”

Would you please share what you’re smoking ? It must be very powerful stuff.

The Objective

The left before after installing a government. When Iran attempted to take over Iraq, the Americans came back under the excuse of fighting ISIS.

Fog of War

If by left you mean, leaving behind the largest ” embassy compound ” in the world, staffed with thousands of ” embassy personel ” , thousands of US and NATO ” trainers ” , and tens of thousands of contractors then you would be absolutely correct, they left. SMH

The Objective

I meant in 2011

Fog of War

It doesn’t matter what year you meant. My point stands.

The Objective

You leave Iraq and I bet you America will leave. By leaving Iraq, I mean disbanding the terror parallel government you created.

Fog of War

Thats your retort to my point ? I see you cant refute my point. Tens of thousands of ex-militray contractors, special forces, and CIA operatives still contitute an occupation. Addtionally, I’m not Iranian and dont care what they do. I just state logical points as I see them. Even if Iran’s influence grew in Iraq its becasue your nation illegally attacked and occupied it. You are responsible for the ramifications.

The Objective

If you read my comments, you’ll realize I’m no supporter of America’s policies in the Middle East and beyond. But that does not mean I always blame America for the fault of others. For example, America made a major foreign policy error attacking Iraq and murdering over a million people. But then, Barack Obama pulled out all U.S forces from Iraq. As soon as America left, Iran came in. Iran is always attracted to chaotic environments, because they spread their ideology and revolution better where there’s chaos or a power vacuum.

Saudi Arabia feels very threatened by Iran. So does Israel and other Gulf monarchies. Saudi Arabia is always sensitive regarding Iran’s activities. When they see Iran encroaching on Iraq, they are naturally alarmed and asks their master to stop this Iranian threat in Iraq. Iraq has a long border with Iran.

The U.S. came up with ISIS as a way to deal with the Shiite forces of Iraq and indirectly deal with Iran. ISIS gave the U.S a golden opportunity to return to Iraq without facing any major opposition from Americans.

So yes, America created the mess in Iraq, but Iran made it worse by bringing the U.S back to Iraq. Iran’s meddling and attempt to heavily influence the Iraqi government and even creating militias is what brought America back to Iraq.

Fog of War

” For example, America made a major foreign policy error attacking Iraq and murdering over a million people. ”

Even, now you excuse the US blatant war crime as an ” major foreign policy error ” , and ignore the fact that it was all part of a plan which commenced on 9/11 and even earlier.

” Saudi Arabia feels very threatened by Iran. So does Israel and other Gulf monarchies. ”

Cry me a river, those thug states have been causing trouble for decades and Israel would already occupy most of Lebanon and beyond if Iran wasnt there to support the resistance. Once again you leave out Israel’s well know plan of annexing much of that part of the world. You seem to be too smart to not know about it.

” The U.S. came up with ISIS as a way to deal with the Shiite forces of Iraq and indirectly deal with Iran. ISIS gave the U.S a golden opportunity to return to Iraq without facing any major opposition from Americans. ”

Yes, the US created one of the most ruthless, evil, and blood thirsty organizations in modern history, you must be proud. Except ISIS didnt damage Iran one bit, but immnediately started attacking Iraq, Syria, and spread to other unrelated areas of the world. Although, in your mind those are probably unintended consequences.

If you cant see how this whole charade is part of a larger overarching plan then you need to do much more research.

The Objective

You misinterpret my statements to mean support for the U.S./Israel/GCC. That’s why I asked you to read my previous comments.

I call the Iraq invasion a major foreign policy blunder because it harmed the American interest in the end. that does not mean they should be excused for killing millions. I believe they’ll pay for it some day. Allah promises to visit a people with worse destruction than what they caused to Muslims. They’ll probably laugh this off in their current arrogance and power drunkenness, but this has happened many times in history, and will happen again.

I’m a devoted Sunni Muslim and one that can never forgive America for what it did to Muslims around the world. Majority of the world’s Sunnis feel the same. But that does not mean we should close our eyes to the threat posed by the Iranian regime which is equally as evil or worse than the U.S. regime. People tend to downplay this threat. I have seen Shiite violence firsthand and I know what they are capable of.

The reason many don’t seem to understand the magnitude of threat Iran pose to Muslims is because Iran plays it VERY VERY smart that few can understand. I wonder why the Middle East allowed the creating of these proxies in the first place. Any country infested by a proxy army is already a failed state.

Iran preys on countries whose governments are not VERY vigilant. They exploit the Shiite populations of these countries to create governments within governments. Proxies that are first loyal to Iran before their country. I read credible reports on Iran’s attempt to create groups in Turkey, Jordan, and places as far from Iran as Nigeria.

For example, one of my friends who studied in Nigeria narrated the story of an event he witnessed in Nigeria between Nigerian soldiers and the small population of Shiites in the country. This led to the death of hundreds of Shiite rioters. some put the figure over 1000 Shiite youths killed. And this is when Shiites make less than 1% of the population. What sparked the riot was that Shiite youths were marching to celebrate their on their many important dates. A convoy of the Chief of Defense Staff was coming along the same road from the front. The Shiites had blocked the whole road. And they weren’t a big crowd – just a couple of hundreds. The convoy stopped and soldiers came out and asked that they b

Fog of War

In your religous zeal you over estimate the power that Iran wields. In Lebanon, if it wasnt for the Shia population there the Lebanese might be speaking Hebrew already.

Second, all the major terror groups in the world are Sunni. All the traitorous regimes in the Arab world are Sunni. Of course, this doesnt make the average Sunni bad, however Muslim inter denominational conflict is just plain stupid at this point. The Christian world went through this already ( Protestant vs. Catholic ) and it proved to be one of the most useless and dumb conflicts, most likely instigated by ourside forces, just like in the Muslim world. The Muslims are being played they need to wake up and unite.

Fog of War

What a dumb statement.

The Objective

They claim bravery. I’m just suggesting one of many things a brave nation would do in Iran’s positon.

Fog of War

So does the US which also claims military supremacy of all others. Home of the brave and all. Why hasnt the US attacked ?

The Objective

The U.S hasn’t attacked because Iran refuses to give America the reason to. Iran has always cleverly dodged a war. What do you think Trump tried to do by assassinating the general? It was an attempt to goad Iran into a retaliation that angers the American public, like killing Americans openly and taking credit like the US did after the assassination. So far, Iran hasn’t publicly taken any meaningful retaliation for the assassination.
America’s presidents cannot wage war without giving their people a good reason to. Trump doesn’t have a good reason when it comes to Iran

Fog of War

” Trump doesn’t have a good reason when it comes to Iran ”

So the US shouldn’t go to war then, should it ? Morally speaking that is.

The Objective

The US shouldn’t go to war if Iran stops its relentless effort at creating parallel governments in the Muslim World. The US is not fighting for Muslims, but by stopping Iran, it is helping Muslims unknowingly

Jim Allen

A brave nation would do exactly what Iran is doing. Only a coward calls others coward. Exactly what you are.

The Objective

What Iran does is opportunism not bravery. They take opportunity of chaos in Muslim to try and spread their influence. But the good thing is the world has awakened to your tricks.
If Trump wins election, much of Iran’s militias will either disband or be destroyed. I’m certain then that even you will realise who the coward is.


Iraqis don’t need orders from another Country to attack foreign occupiers,the man is talking bullshit.


Secret playground for adults, where you can meet different people – https://cutt.ly/gfBC3qB

Traiano Welcome

Right on!

The Objective

Countries are waking up to the dangers of militias outside government control. Sadr realizes that the PMU may provoke another American war in Iraq. While the person who lights that fire (Iran) stands and watches from far inside the Iranian border where they vow war will not reach.

Free man

People here forget that in the past Sadr’s forces fought the Americans.
The mullahs regime is ready to sacrifice Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and any other Arab state in the name of their sectarian religious revolution, Sadr seems to understand this

Traiano Welcome

You seem to forget that Muqtada al Sadr is Shia.

He was trained and educated by the Mullahs in Qom.

His father, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Muhammad-Sadiq al-Sadr was sympathetic to Iran, as a Twelver Shia muslim – the same sect as Khomeini and Khamenei.

Sadr fought the Americans with Irani Shia help.

What sectarian religious revolution are you talking about? It was never an issue until the Americans destroyed Iraq.

The Objective

He’s talking about the Militias you train and arm, and who operate independent of the government. You never succeeded at doing this in the past because Saddam was very vigilant and even went to war with your country due to your attempts to overthrow his regime by fomenting domestic revolt.

Traiano Welcome

Please don’t confuse yourself, I’m not Iranian.

“He’s talking about the Militias you train and arm, and who operate independent of the government.”

It is not clear what he is talking about at all. He mentioned America clearly, can’t you read? Here:

“What some armed groups affiliated with the Hashd al-Shaabi [PMF] are
doing is weakening Iraq, its people and country, and weakening these
three aspects means strengthening the external forces, on top of the
list is the great evil *America*”

He did not mention Iran by name. But he did mention America.

Jumping to the conclusion that he is singling out Iran is a serious failure in reading comprehension …

The Objective

Shiite leaders hardly make direct statements when discussing sensitive issues like this. You don’t expect Sadr to openly blast Iran or the militias. He didn’t specify who is “some” and what they “do” that weakens Iraq. But it is clear that he is referring to recent assassinations of figures critical of the militias, rocket attacks on the U.S “Iraq can no longer endure more violence, “wars”. He is referring to a war with the U.S. that the actions of these militias may provoke.
He also directly states that Iraq not be made a battleground of others. This is an implied statement to end armed groups outside government control. Because only armed groups fight battles and the only armed groups in Iraq that may fight the U.S. are the militias, who’ll be fighting for Iran – not Iraq.

Sadr’s word was carefully worded to convey the message of his position, but he didn’t intend for everybody to understand. But the Mullahs in Tehran surly understand the message.

Traiano Welcome

You seem to be claiming that you have direct insight into Sadr’s inner thoughts. that’s obviously wrong, so your interpretation is merely speculation on your part.

Your claim that Shiite leaders hardly make direct statements is neither here nor there. The fact is that here Sadr has *indeed* made a *direct* statement about America, while making a broad statement that could apply to any one.

In fact, by your logic, it would be just as valid to claim that Sadr was warning Saudi, Emirati, israeli and other Gulf actors who are funding terrorist activities in Iraq.

Then, by your logic, there is no particular reason to single out Iran when Wahabi terrorists are being funded by Gulf states from Kuwait to Qatar, committing false flags to provoke American forces to remain in Iraq as a threat to Iran.

In fact, these continued attacks are just as likely not being carried out by Iran: They are mostly non-lethal, aimed bases but hardly ever doing any critical damage, while merely causing a lot of political noise.

These attacks don’t benefit Iran in any way. They provide an excuse for US forces to escalate and continue their occupation of Iraq.

That in fact benefits israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other major terrorist backers in the middle east. Those are the parties who need to stop their interference in Iraqi affairs …

The Objective

Exactly. This website is crawling with their agents attempting to mislead others. We must do our best to deflect their info-war, which specifically targets the Sunnis Muslims who seem mostly unaware politically. They outnumber us on this forum, but we must continue to logically expose them and the lies they tell. And fuck their downvote!


Now we wouldn’t want to provoke the occupier would we.

The Objective

You haven’t the guts to provoke the occupier. You are yourselves occupying Iraq. Only you are too cowardly to openly do so. Instead you attempt the foolish and obvious strategy of hiding behind Militias.
Iran is the country that will light the Middle East’s powder keg.
Israel with all its oppression is limited to Palestine and Lebanon. At least the Israelis have no proxy forces (considered legitimate) in any country. Iran has them in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria.

Free man

Supporters of the Sadrist Movement set tents in Baghdad’s Tahrir square and joining others to protest against Iran backed militias in Iraq.


What are you talking about arsehole? i live in England.

The Objective

Does it matter?


Its not something that comes as an surprice that Sadr speaks against their own peoples rightful insurgence against an invading force, whom is the sole responcible for the destruction of Iraq, and the slaoughter of hundreds of thousands Iraqi civilians, and the destruction of the land, some of us have warned and known about this traitore for years, Sadr is an turn coat, the worst of the worst, the enemy within, Sadrs entire power base is fundamented upon been alowed and groomed to be what he is to day because of been an traitor to the forces fighting for independence, to then even whine about foreign invovlment makes his statement even more damaging, because we know He is an man by large suporting and cooperating with the Saudi-barbarians, whom again is with the Scums of this earth, and you wounder where this scums gets some of their intellegence about Irai forces.

To be frank, seen from an perspective of resistance and to preserve the nation, Sadr should be dragged out and shoot in the neck and impaled in the nearest public square, period, an enemy in the open you at least knows where they stand and where they are, turncoats and traitores are much worse, and should not been given any quarter, just shoot the f….


Free man

“Sadr should be dragged out and shoot in the neck……peace” – Pure comedy.
What a perverted interpretation of peace you guys have.

The Objective

You know, Iran is the country prolonging the instability in Iraq as you say. When I make such comments on this forum, some people accuse me of being a Western agent. So I challenge these guys to engage me in a logical debate over the issue of Iraq. I argue that America is occupying Iraq because Iran doesn’t want a Sovereign Iraq.
Anyone who disagrees should read my comments on this forum and counter my claims with facts and/or logic.

Traiano Welcome

“You know, Iran is the country prolonging the instability in Iraq.”

I see you are on a propaganda campaign.

Iran brought stability to Iraq. Without Iran, the black flags of ISIS would be flying above Baghdad, Mosul, Najaf and others.

Your next statement is just as mad and logic-less as the first:

“I argue that America is occupying Iraq because Iran doesn’t want a Sovereign Iraq.”

You argue wrong. You must have been born recently, after 2010, or else you would understand through history that Americas occupation has nothing to do with Iran.

America destroyed Iraq, Iran stabilised it. America remains in Iraq because it’s realised its own stupid actions have left Iraq under Shia influence.

Remember: Iraq is MAJORITY SHIA. Even without Iran, Iraq would become a majority Shia state.

The Objective

Iran brought stability to Iraq? Was Iraq stable before the advent of ISIS? Read up on the sectarian fights in Iraq prior to ISIS.

ISIS was an American project aimed at acheiving at least the following goals:
1. Destabilze the government of Iraq which has come under Iranian influence.
2. If ISIS succeeded in taking Iraq, the has a good chance of attacking Iran without actually fighting. Even if Iran defeats ISIS, it’ll still weaken Iran considerably. (this one failed cos Iran saw it coming and moved to eliminate the threat – not to help Iraq)
3. If ISIS didn’t succeed in taking Iraq, it gives the Americans a good excuse to return to Iraq (which they did)

America’s occupation of Iraq has everything to do with Iran because that was the reason America returned to Iraq after withdrawing in 2011, under the facade of fighting ISIS. The real aim is to stop Iran. My proof is that America is still in Iraq despite announcing that ISIS (the reason they claim that brought them back to Iraq) is defeated, its leader (Baghdadi killed). My second proof is that America is killing Iranians and the PMU (who led the best fight against ISIS and should have been a natural ally of the U.S if America really intended to fight ISIS). My third proof is that America continued to fortify and expand its presence in Iraq and constantly acts like Iran is its major problem in Iraq. And many more proofs, if you want i’ll provide, but I think you get my logic here.

Finally, Iraq being majority Shiite does not mean the Iraqi government will ally with Iran. Take Azerbaijan for an example. Azerbaijan is more majority Shiite (over 80%) than Iraq (About 60%). It doesn’t even mean all Shiites agree with Iran. Obviously Moqtada Al-Sadr disagrees with Iran despite studying at Qom in Iran. He’s also a highly influential Shiite scholar.

Besides, if you guys are true to the Shiite cause as your leaders constantly claim, why didn’t you make Arabic your official language? Certainly Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, Hadith, and Islam. It’s the language of your Prophet which you claim to love above all. How come you value the Persian language over Arabic? Is there a Persian hegemonic angle to your claim of divine leadership?


You are too stupid to be a western agent,you are just stupid.

The Objective

People will understand Iran’s game. Many have already. You are answering angrily because my comments offer a different perspective than the info war Iranian agents spew on SF.

You aren’t getting your way. And if you mess with the Americans too far, I think you know what they can do to your country.

Антон С

What about Jen Psaki?) Or local Jensy.

Rafik Chauhan

Mr. sadr. you have to know one thing occupiers dont leave unless they are forces. if you think this zionist will leave willingly. then you are wrong or unless you want zionist and whabhi scum to stay and steal iraqi resource like they are doing in syria and yemen. then Mr. SAdr you and iraqi PM are working for zionist and ALsaud. look like SAdr has sold himself to this whbhi scum when they he met them in Saudi. and iraqi ressitance doesnt need your advce to how to behave with zionist and whabhi.


I don’t see Sadr doing anything to help free Iraq from US occupation so maybe he should shut up when others do it at least.

Fog of War

Al-Sadr is a traitorous POS who sold out to the Zios a long time ago. He’s filth.

cechas vodobenikov

the idiot fascist anglosphere created the alliance between Iraq and Iran—these idiots now complain and justify their murderous torture, killing and theft and pretend that they are wonderful people—the homogenized distorted anglophone personality!
as the Bosnian group Dubozia Kollectiv sings—”we will come to the golden gate and assimilate….the amerikans make the problems…then pretend to give us the solutions…”
farcical backward peoples


America is evil but it was America that got rid of the Sunni dictatorship so you can setup your Shia dictatorship.

Arabs learned nothing. They went from one dictatorship to another. Arab love dictatorships.

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