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Iraq’s Favourite Pastime: Baghdad’s Green Zone Targeted By At Least 3 Katyusha Rockets

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Iraq's Favourite Pastime: Baghdad's Green Zone Targeted By At Least 3 Katyusha Rockets

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On July 7th, in what is turning out to be an almost daily occurrence, at least three Katyusha rockets have landed within Baghdad’s highly fortified Green Zone, according to Iraqi security sources.

This happened less than a day after rocket and drone attacks targeted bases hosting American occupation forces in the country and neighboring Syria.

A statement released by the Security Media Cell, affiliated with the Iraqi prime minister’s office, said the first missile fell near the headquarters of the National Security Agency, while the second one slammed into a square.

The statement added that the third projectile hit the residential Sheikh Omar area in the Rusafa district of Baghdad, damaging a civilian car.

Sabereen News, a Telegram news channel associated with Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) reported that sirens went off warning of a rocket attack on the US embassy in the Green Zone at the Third al-Tawheed Base.

The report added that the sounds of C-RAM missile systems responding to the projectiles, followed by massive explosions, could be heard throughout much of the area.

After the attack, a faction of the PMU rejected the involvement of the anti-terror resistance fighters in the rocket attack against Baghdad’s Green Zone.

“The US embassy has so far not had a place in the equation of reactions from the Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee. Should we decide to attack the facility, it will be struck with precision-guided munitions, not Katyusha rockets, to prevent collateral damage,” Qais Khazali, who leads the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq resistance group, wrote in a tweet.

He added that Katyusha rockets are notorious for missing their targets and hitting urban areas, and Iraqi resistance groups will not utilize them in case the US embassy in Baghdad comes into such an equation.

Earlier in the same day, the Ain al-Asad airbase was targeted by a number of rockets.

Sabereen News, citing preliminary figures, reported at the time that five people were injured in the attack on the base.

However, Colonel Wayne Marotto, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, sought in a post published on his official Twitter page to downplay the number of causalities, and put it at two.

A resistance group called Revenge of al-Muhandis Brigade claimed responsibility for the attack on Ain al-Assad, and vowed to defeat the “brutal occupation” of US forces.

It said it struck the base with 30 BM-21 Grad rockets, adding that the projectiles hit their targets accurately.


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Americunt LOSERS

After the humiliating Americunt defeat in Afghanistan, the Iraqi resistance will only increase attacks on the occupation forces. In a very interesting development Taliban and Afghan government delegations are holding unification talks in Tehran. It also underscores Iran’s growing influence in Afghanistan. The Indian FM has also arrived unannounced in Tehran. President Raisi as expected is pushing a very robust Iranian strategic policy across the region.

Last edited 18 days ago by Americunt LOSERS

Looks like the people of Iraq don’t want to become subjects of the Jews’ “Greater Israel.” Or put another way: The Iraqis have seen the misery and murder the Jews are putting the Palestinians through, and don’t want to end up like that.


it seems that several american and zionist officers were killed not long ago in erbil when 3 drones hit a building which it seems was supposed to replace the mossad headquarters in erbil considering that the last one was raided several people were deadly wounded and killed and left there for dead and others were kidnapped and on top all data was stolen so the zionists thought why not get american protection in erbil and when they visited the building for the first time they were killed right there i can even give you the names of the 2 zionist officers one idf another mossad and 1 centcom officer i also know the name of and this was basically in a screwed up hiding operation even hidden from the families which turned out to be a mistake since now its out

Americunt LOSERS

A joint CIA and Mossad HQ at Erbil was totally destroyed. Many videos on the extent of damage. The latest rocket barrage as the so-called “embassy” which is in fact the occupation HQ has taken out a large chunk of the $1 billion building. The Iraqi resistance aim is getting better along with ground intelligence. More drones are coming too.

Last edited 18 days ago by Americunt LOSERS
Americunt LOSERS

The Americunt losers are so spiteful that while fleeing they took the keys to almost 1200 abandoned vehicles at Bagram and shut down the electricity. Most left their underwear behind that are on sale in Kabul second hand shops.

Peter Wallace

They took the vehicle keys so the only skid marks were on the left underpants.


The Americans in Iraq are so popular that even their embassy needs air defense weapons. In their warped minds, they still think they “liberated” the people.


Colonel Wayne Marotto is one busy zioslave. This guy can’t take a dump without writing out his next series of lies on the same tissue he uses for his arse.

If he wants to increase his efficiency at the cost of “dependency”, he should get idf issued diapers. He can soil himself all day while he bullshits with his keyboard.

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