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Iraqi Warplanes Bomb ISIS Operations Room Inside Syria

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Iraqi Warplanes Bomb ISIS Operations Room Inside Syria

By the Iraqi Air Force official Twitter account

On August 16, the Iraqi Air Force announced in an official statement that its warplanes had bombed an ISIS operations room inside Syria’s territory.

“In accordance with the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command, Iraqi F16 warplanes carried out a successful airstrike inside Syria’s territory according to accurate intelligence information from the Falcons intelligence cell,” the Iraqi Air Force said in its statement.

Several ISIS fighters and spies were reportedly killed in the Iraqi airstrike. These terrorists were planning to carry out several attacks against Iraqi civilians, according to the Iraqi Air Force.

Since the beginning of year, the Iraqi Air Force conducted several airstrikes on key positions of ISIS in Syria. While the Ministry of Defense of Iraq claims that goal of the airstrikes is to protect Iraq’s border, in fact most of these airstrikes were carried out in order to support ground operations of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to Syrian and Iraqi sources, Iraq coordinates these airstrikes with both the US-led coalition and the Damascus government.

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You can call me Al

So have I got this right ?: Iraqi F16 warplanes (US of A) firing / dropping armaments (US of A) on the ISIS terrorist vermin (US of A created, armed and funded).

Well it is a strange World nowadays.


Well it seems highly likely that different individuals would argue strongly that everything you listed is fact. So one or more of them would be a liar. These little articles appear regularly to provide plausible deniability. See we are destroying ISIS, this proves it.


Not strange at all, but yet another case of friendly fire. :)

You can call me Al

Blue on blue ?

Ivan Freely

An American journalist, Hersh, reported a while back about the Pentagon fighting against the CIA. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the whole truth.

Mauro Craizer

Strange? Exactly the opposite, the Rotschilds empire is funding both sides of conflicts since the WWI, the funded National Socialist German Worker’s Party, the emphasis on “socialist”. One of Leftist big lies, you heard that Nazis are “extreme right wingers”, but Nazi and Fascist ideologies are based on colectivism-the things we see now modern left is propagating, identity politics painting a collective picture on certain groups, against individuality and individual freedoms, all in favor of “equality”, but as Wells warned us, with “Animal Farm”, some “animals are more equal than others”. “The next fascists will be the ones who call themselves anti-fascists”.
Look at “the resistance”, dark robes, masks, weapons, intimidation, violence, they actually say they are against a free speech. Totalitarian authoritarians, they want to control every single thing of your lives, it’s all about the power, “by all means necessary” BAMN is a branch of ANTIFA, which are designated as “terrorist group” by Obama DHS, but hush, hush by the MSM. THE NEW WORLD ORDER, making the whole west under the one world government, pretty much like EU, unellected bureaucrats making decisions which are affecting you, the people, not them, they don’t care, it will be the same for them, living in secluded mansions behind tall walls with armed security, away from the immigrants they’re pushing into your neighborhoods, while in the same time advocating for banning guns, borders and walls. Every single socialist system started with taking guns from the people, followed with a genocide. Wake up. All wars since WWI were staged to happen, Lusitania-not a civil ship, carried weapons and ammo, Pearl Harbor-amassed fleet-like fishing in a barrel, allowed to happen, Gulf of Tonkin-a hoax, USS Liberty-Israeli false flag, Oklahoma bombing, 911, preconditioning the public for, as W. CLARK said “we will invade 7 ME countries in the next 5 yrs, 2007”. All by design, Rotschild’s central banking system likes to “rebuild” after destroying it, that’s their game. Assad refused central bank and Saudi Qatari gas pipeline, usual MSM demonization follows, 90% Zionist media, the rest is Saudi. Syria is on Zionist crosshairs 1st, the end game is Iran.


Long statement, but what is your point?

Mauro Craizer

It’s not strange ppl who made all conflicts are gaining the money no matter what’s going on, the key is sowing division, the left/right paradigm is nowadays a fantasy, bcs ppl in political positions, majority are the same, it’s really a spritual battle, good vs evil, deception vs the truth. Globalists Marxists (diversity is our strenght/individual freedoms<particular groups) vs not brainwashed ppl by SJW pushing MSM, Hollyweird & academia, as we see their "multicultural experiment" is failing, bcs all cultures are not the same, they don't share the same values. PC culture will be dismantled starting with defunding all tax payer funded SJW/socialist/feminist studies. Let them finance their own ideology without imposing new laws or restrictions. In order to start the NWO, they must brake the west appart (ordo at chao/create problem-reaction-solution) ppl who are not affected by their policies, Sharia Law or Constitutional Republic, they live in secluded mansions behind tall walls with armed guards, pushing immigrants in your neighborhoods while lobbying for anti-gun laws. They are not affected, their children have a proper, private education, not indoctrination by public education, which creates dumbed down, fearful sheep which does not question the official narrative. Their biggest fear is united ppl and they're doing everything in their power to divide them, "divide & conquer", the same old name of the game. EDIT: WTF is this, I didn't wrote those symbols, a glitch?

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