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Iraqi troops inflicted heavy losses on ISIS in Southwest Fallujah

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Iraqi army hit hard ISIS positions in Western Iraq, killing and wounding scores of ISIS terrorists.

Iraqi troops inflicted heavy losses on ISIS in Southwest Fallujah

The Iraqi security forces hit terrorist group hard in western Iraq as eight of its strongholds were destroyed by the Iraqi army attacks Southwest of Fallujah city in Anbar province.

On Saturday, a notorious ISIS commander, Ayad Marzouk al-Anbari, Fallujah’s military ruler was killed near Fallujah city.

The report said that more than 26 ISIS terrorists were killed and tens of others were also wounded in the airstrike.

Also on Saturday, the Iraqi warplanes bombarded a convoy of 20 ISIS oil tankers in the northern part of Iraq. More than 10 ISIS terrorists were killed and all the tankers were destroyed by the airstrikes.

Since June 2014, Iraq has been observing ISIS terrorist activities. The US-led coalition started its operations allegedly hitting ISIS, although many believe ISIS is a creation of the west.

However, the 66-member coalition has been failing to control ISIS terrorism, when a concerted push by Iraqi forces are dealing terrorists and forcing it out of the central city of Ramadi, the capital of the western Anbar Province.

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