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Syrian-Iraqi War Report – June 8, 2017: PMU Liberated Over 3,500km2 In Western Iraq

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) are rapidly advancing against ISIS terrorists in the border area with Syria.

Since the start of the Second Operation of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah [SF Editor: please, note that this is the right name of the operation. There is a typo in the video] the PMU has liberated about 3,500 km2 and over 110 villages from ISIS terrorists in western Iraq.  Now, the PMU is clearing area southwest of the recently liberated town of al-Baaj.

Iraqi security forces have been putting pressure on terrorists in the remaining ISIS-held area of western Mosul. However, ISIS keeps a fierce resistance to the advancing government forces.  Eleven Iraqi soldiers were killed in an explosion of a booby-trapped house in al-Zanjili.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan Region announced that the region will hold a referendum on independence on September 25th, 2017.  Iraqi Kurdistan gained autonomous governance based on the 2005 constitution.  It has own armed force called Peshmerga. If the independence referendum takes place, it may lead to further destabilization of Iraq and the whole Middle Eastern region.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are storming the ISIS-held city of Raqqah. After the first gains, SDF units faced some resistance from ISIS terrorists and now they are engaged in an intense fight in the eastern and western parts of the city.

The Syrian Army and its allies have captured the Zenobia Resort located 4 km east of the Al-Sukkari quarries and the Tal Al-Fari area 30km east of Swanih village near Palmyra.  They have also taken control of the strategic Mustadirah mountain chain near the village of Arak.

Some pro-government sources argue that this was the first sign of a wider advance in the direction of Deir Ezzor.  However, this still has to be confirmed. According to available information, the Syrian military does not have enough manpower in the area to launch the operation right now. Liwa al-Quds fighters actively participate in this campaign.

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John Marks

These PMU are good. Open another front, driving North from ar-Rutbah. That would be great.


The Kurds have the north covered , south to relieve Deir Ezzor .


The Kurds are going to be stuck in al Raqqa for some time. Look how long it took them in Manbij, even with American help. al Raqqa is many times the size in area, population and Daesh fighters.


PMU will ultimately free eastern Syria and liberate Deir az zor in couple of months.

Alex Black

unlikely, they cant enter Syria, and would be attacked by US

Richard WWW

I highly doubt this… US would have a major issue on their hands with Iraq. They can’t afford to push Iraq and the militias further towards Iran. It’s be a massive strategic blow.

Plus, It’d look bad on the international stage, the US attacking those fighting ISIS. It makes the US look like it’s fight against ISIS is for strategic purposes, not counter terrorism.


Yet they are bombing the SAA which is putting up one hell of a fight against Daesh. I don’t think the US cares about how it looks.


In a couple of months or less the SAA will have Daesh on the run or under seige in der Ezzor.


ISIS terrorist have no Manpower anymore. They are at the END.


No this is just the beginning you fools……..there are battalion sized sleeper cells in every city and town in the enemy terror tries in the west…haha…….

kurdi aram

Kurdish forces will cooperate with PMU in confronting wahabi Terrorist in Eastern – Syria.

Pave Way IV

And the PMUs have no problem with the Syrian Kurds. They both know they’re on the same side. At some point soon though, the U.S. is going to tell the SDF to fight the PMUs. I am kind of hoping the YPG/YPJ finally tell their U.S. handlers to f*k off an the Kurds leave the SDF at that point. The U.S./SDF needs the YPG/YPJ, not the other way around.

Dustil schmit

PMU have problems with female fighters, not sharia enough.

Pave Way IV

Good, that means more YPJ babes for me (not that I could handle one). And I’m under the impression that most Iraqi Shia are from modern, urban areas. They are mostly not fundamentalists and don’t want to live under Sharia – either their or the Sunni version. The exceptions might be those from rural Shia towns (where there is no ‘law’ to speak of) or those from tight-knit fundamentalist Shia communities in the larger cities where it already exists. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


The PMU’s are Sunni , Shia and Christian , their common goal is elimination of the Wahhabi jihadists . They love it when the YPG shows up and the “One Way” guys run .


The PMU will seal the border which will really upset poor old Mad Pooch Mattis. They won’t let Daesh cross from Iraq into Syria, but will also not allow any American deployment on its side of the Iraq/Syria border. The USA plan to occupy the Syrian Euphrates valley will fail.


That is not the name of the operation!!! It is “Mohammed the messenger of Allah, 2” so it is the second operation bearing that name!


Yes – I thought that sounded a bit strange! Second operation, not second messenger, makes sense.

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