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Iraqi-Syrian War Report – June 1, 2017: PMU Preparing For Further Advances In Border Area

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have repelled a large ISIS attack in western Nineveh near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

On Monday, the PMU reached the border with Syria and started digging trenches and preparing positions in order to secure the recently liberated border area and to prepare for a push to liberate villages north of the important ISIS-held town of al-Baaj.

The PMU advance will be actively supported by the Iraqi Air Force. The same approach was implemented during the liberation of Qairawan in May.

If PMU fighters are able to liberate al-Baaj from ISIS, they will significantly expand their control zone along the border with Syria and will set a foothold for possible operations in the direction of Qaim, the Iraqi side of the Syrian al-Bukamal border area.

The successful anti-ISIS operation of the PMU in the border area faced a cold response from US-backed forces in Syria. Kurdish security forces affiliated with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared the PMU a threat to the SDF-held area. Then, reports appeared in pro-SDF media that the US-backed force will not tolerate any kind of corridor between Iran and ‘the Syrian regime’ and will oppose any PMU attempt to enter the Syrian territory.
Meanwhile, sources in US-backed militant groups operating in southeastern Syria revealed that the US-led coalition increased supplies, including vehicles and anti-tank guided missiles, to its proxies operating in the al-Tanf area near the border with Iraq.

On Wednesday, the PMU spokesperson, Ahmed al-Assadi, said “armed troops either from army, al-Hashd al-Shaabi [the PMU] or the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service crossing the Iraqi borders requires voting by Iraqi parliament as constitution does not allow intervention in other countries’ affairs.”

However, this statement is just a formal declaration. Fighters of some PMU factions such as Hezbollah al-Nujabaa and the Al-Imam Ali Battalions, are already deployed in Syria.

The campaign in Baaj runs simultaneously with government troop operations in Mosul, the biggest ISIS stronghold in Iraq. Iraqi security forces are working to tighten the siege on ISIS terrorists in Old Mosul and in the nearby areas and are preparing for a final push into the ISIS-held area. The terrorist group is in no-win situation.

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Len Zegelink

fuck the fsa ,sdf,and the batards of the kurds ,and fuck the usa .


Thank you for your informative comment. It really adds to the discussion.

Tom Tom

irrepressible, Len. Simply IRREPRESSIBLE!


Stupid Kurds,over confidence nearly got them knocked by Turkey before, wasnt it that Asyish mob that started trouble in Hasakah with local Syrian and Assyrian forces that led to Assad giving a nod and a wink to Turkey to come in and smash their dream of a united Rojava? Dont these idiots learn? How about losing the lot? If I was Assad if these idiots even attempt to interfer with the Shia Crescent id be withdrawing all troops from the buffer zone between Manbij and Al Bab and Russian observers in Afrin and giving the nod to the Teflon Sultan to come deal with this Kurdish “problem” once and for all.


Another good reason to get rid of these idiots. Seems they have an affiliation with Anti-Fa who goes around bashing old folk who in their own countries are protesting Globalism, invasion and repression of their freedoms. Seems Globalism, Marxism, Feminism and all the repression and genocide these isms represent should more correctly be called Judaism.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bd3b24e1970a49264cf943c78f6b3b42ab59b5216c45a6fd3cc5ed345bda5c3c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e8e43ff2b7712915063a520df9d2ca3afbbf24aa2799afa4549b69eaf9d7bdac.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/201b39da2d66264d66e429fa17060180bc31497bc5a639f7cf2c3ec8b01108af.jpg


Anti-Fa are repressive Globalist parasites who openly call for White-Genocide


Makes me lose any sympathy I once had for the Kurds knowing these cowardly arseholes are among them, hoping for an SSNP death squad or Russian/Turkish bomb to get these arseholes, only hope they livestream their last agonizing moments live on you tube.


Here are more masked cowards attacking an innocent protester attempting to keep the peace witha bike lock



Kell ; thanks for the info, never even heard of these strange ones , they best keep their faces covered , like the Al Qaeda , jihadists dogs .


To the north ,Turkey the third largest army in the world , who want to annihilate the Kurdish .

To the south , the Syrian government forces ( SAA ), who up until this point , have been protecting them from the Turks .

Why would the Kurds declare “they will not tolerate any kind of corridor between Iran and the “Syrian regime”, their own government . And they see the PMU’s from Iraq as ” a threat to their territory” .

Hard to comprehend stupidity of such magnitude , these can not be Kurdish statements .

Rather these statements are from Americans , who control SDF media .

paolo duchateau

Turkey is blocked. SDF sponsored by u-s but trusting Russians. Come on PMU, (come on Iran)!!


Strategically your analysis is correct.

SDF stated they will not a corridor through lands held by them. (for the same reason why they would not accept a turkish corridor through SDF territory) They did not say anything about a corridor through non SDF territory.

They will not accept a corridor through their lands as PMU fi has demonstrated around Kirkuk that they are fundamentally against kurds, against sunnis and do not keep to agreements.

Therefore, their message is : stay away from us.

As long as they stay away from SDF territory, the SDF would be happy to trade with Iraq.


That is all very well – but it cuts both ways. SDF needs to stay north of the Euphrates at Raqqa and well away from ongoing SAA operations. At present SDF are attempting to expand their area of control immediately south of Euphrates and block the inevitable path of the SAA toward Iraqi border.


Ronald The Kurds will side with whoever gives them the best deal, money, arms, protection, etc.

Both the Turks and (to a lesser extent) the Syrian government have not taken proper care of the Kurds on their territory.

Example, prior to 2011, The Kurds in Syria were not able to get a Syrian Passport, they could not travel out of Syria.


The presence of USA and their proxies terrorists is a big threat to the stability of Middle East region. US doesn’t like that terrorists eliminated from this region.


These are exciting times for all Syrians and Iraqi’s…

Tom kauser

How about the federal reserve ? Dope and gun money riding the balance sheet and you thought they only printed inflation?

Solomon Krupacek

exciting??? bloody and sad.


they are getting their countries back from ISIS, offcourse it’s exciting times.

Tom kauser

Why are the americans wasting all this time and treasure fighting over territories that don’t grow dope?


Tom kauser “…Why are the americans wasting all this time and treasure fighting over territories that don’t grow dope?…”

US Military is in place from Baghdad to Mosul pretending to fight IS instead US are blocking the northern Iran Iraq Syria land bridge.

This is to prevent Iran from moving Military Personnel and equipment from Northern Iran through Iraq and into Syria.

Tom kauser

It must be very exciting times for Americans? Instead of bumping heroin on their skateboards , they get to fight for the hajjis?

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