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Iraqi Sources Reveal Weapon Used To Kill General Soleimani

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U.S.-made AGM-114 Hellfire missiles were used in the recent strikes that claimed the lives of Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani and his comrades, Iraqi sources revealed on January 3.

The Iraqi Tactical Cell Facebook page released a photo showing the remains of the one of the Hellfires used in the attack. The missiles completely destroyed the two vehicles, which were carrying Maj. Gen. Soleimani as well as Iranian and Iraqi commanders.

Iraqi Sources Reveal Weapon Used To Kill General Soleimani

Click to see full-size image.

Introduced in 1982, the AGM-114 air-to-surface missile is guided by semi-active laser. The missile has an operational range of around 8 km.

The type used to assassinate the Iranian commander weighted 52 kg, as the information on the Tactical Cell’s photo reveal. The closest variant of the Hellfire to that weight is the AGM-114R that’s armed with an integrated blast fragmentation sleeve multipurpose warhead.

Iraqi Sources Reveal Weapon Used To Kill General SoleimaniAccording to several reports in the U.S. media, the airstrikes on Maj. Gen. Soleimani and his comrades were carried out by a MQ-9 Reaper. The unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) can be armed with at least four Hellfire missiles.

This information paints a clear picture of how the U.S. assassinated Maj. Gen. Soleimani in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. This attack has put the Middle East on the track to a further confrontation between the U.S. and Iran.

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Hasbara Hunter




Guess yet another of your heros got what was coming. Way more on the way, especially if Islamist Iran acts as stupid as you would like them to.

Mehmet Aslanak

There are lessons to learn from Vietnam & Afghanistan. You can’t defeat US with all out war. Persians are not as stupid as arabs. Guerilla warfare is the only way to defeat US, proven by gallant Vietnamese & Taliban people.


But America didn’t lose in Vietnam!

as Vietnam will embrace America as it’s greatest/ biggest investor into it economy,especially good for them as manufacturing is leaving China in droves

…..loose the battle win the war, for all that resistance eventually the Vietnamese came around to the American way of thinking

Hasbara Hunter

Well that basically goes for the Entire Planet which is filled with 80% Brainless Retarded thoroughly inbred Sheeples…The Elites have done an excellent job…no doubt about that


Are you calling the Vietnamese brainless?

I’d say they’re pragmatic and also don’t really trust the Chinese

Hasbara Hunter

Yes I’m calling 80% of Humanity Brainless Sheeples Walkin’ up & down the trough…perhaps it’s is 75% but who cares?




Speak for yourself. But you do and make your own point.

Bruno Gama

Didn´t loose of course, it wins! In fact was Hanoi that falls not Saigon in 1975! And it wasn´t the South Vietnamese territory that was taken by Vietminh, but the North Vietnamese taken by the brave Americans… I miss photos though of the Siege of Hanoi… Arrogance always leads Empires to the end…


But my fine friend it is now America that the Vietnamese turn to to invest in their economy

Bruno Gama

I am talking about War my friend… US Armed Forces looses Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan War… a fine record!


No you’re having a typical wankfest over nothing

Whatever you think the Americans have lost doesn’t stop them from being the words most important economy

For a long time followed by Germany and Japan, they also lost, but please excuse me i forgot Russia,sorry the Soviet Union saved us all didn’t it?

It then, after the war,created the worlds foremost economic system….oh,the entire global trade system, the international rules based system…..hang on i was dreaming!

Alberto Garza

the americans left vietnam because the public stopped supporting the war and it became very unpopular the united states never lost a battle in vietnam .


but they were hounded out by the vietnamese so the entire war could be described as a battle that the useless morons lost day after day. agent orange, pfui,

Bruno Gama

Caught Lying Bot Bob? https://customsnews.vn/vietnams-10-biggest-trading-partners-9621.html China is Number One… US third one…better get used to not be number one anymore in a lot of things…


I was talking about investment, those figures refer to trade in export/ imports not investment!

Whats interesting from your little info graphic thing though is all the values are in dollars! Another indication of how central the US is in terms of global trade, not the Russian,Venezuelan,cuban,Syrian,or Chinese currency!

If you care to take yourself over to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam official government web site you’ll see they say the following; US to be top investor in Vietnam in two years

Wayne Nicholson

“But America didn’t lose in Vietnam!”

So that was the plan all along

Spend 58,000 US lives, 10,000 aircraft and $168 B to give the commies the illusion they won the war in a brilliant plan to hurt the Chinese economy 50 years later.

Did Donald Trump travel back in time to set this up?


Well the ‘commies’ in Vietnam are now more than willing to embrace America than ‘commies’ in china! If only those idiots in Iran could learn something from all this!

Don’t forget the Vietnam War also created all the conditions for America to push ahead with the petro dollar and its privileged position it currently still enjoys, some loss!

As they say, you win some, you lose some!

Go figure, i think its a combination of strategic patience and geo ploitical and economic agility, but oh i forgot,only Putin has those abilities, i forgot please forgive me!

Wayne Nicholson

“Well the ‘commies’ in Vietnam are now more than willing to embrace America than ‘commies’ in china!”

I remember back in the 80/90’s when Americans thought the Chinese would be happy to do the dirty manufacturing for US companies and all the management and design work would stay in the USA. Americans actually said the Chinese were incapable of planning and innovation.

So now you think the Vietnamese were just sitting there since the Vietnam war oblivious to what’s been going on in China and the USA?

Just like with China the Vietnamese won’t pollute their country doing heavy manufacturing for pennies while the USA gets rich designing and marketing their products. They’re going to want technology transfer and the clean white collar design and management jobs along with the profits just like China did and like China they won’t ask for them ….. they’ll just take them.

Americans seem to think everyone outside their borders are dumb when the truth is they just aren’t smart enough to conceive of anyone smarter than they are.

China played you and played you well …. Vietnam wants in on the action and wants their pound of flesh for destroying their country as well.


Everyone thought the Chinese would do the dirty jobs!

They also thought they’d play by the rules!

Now the world has moved on, its not the same world as when china joined the WTO

the 4th industrial revolution is upon us,the Germans have a plan, as do most advanced economies,incidentally the Chinese also stole that from the Germans, they call it Made in China 2025,some things never change it would seem

China didn’t play anyone but themselves, they’ve been called out, unfortunately they haven’t achieved the levels they needed to so they’ll find things much tougher, along with a manufacturing base which is moving out of china they still need to develop their internal economy which will be a lot more difficult now due to loss of manufacturing

The Germans and others won’t be so eager to transfer tech or anything, either to china or anyone else, other than for geo- economic reason to control and contain china

The main point is a move away from globalisation to localisation disruptive technologies will change everything,the question is can China adapt?

the west especially uk and USA started a de- industrial policy or dependency upon heavy industry decades ago, its easier for them to re- industrialise using 4th generation tech, they wont have to lay off millions of workers because of new tech in old or heavy industry

new technologies in China will result in major dislocation in its industries and employment markets, can they cope with it? the rate of change will be brutal and frankly unprecedented can china deal with this?

Wayne Nicholson

“China didn’t play anyone but themselves,”

If they are above board and weren’t playing you then why are you in a sanctions war with China right now after US corporations gutted manufacturing and pumped money into China for 30 years?

China lead the world in renewable energy, affordable EV’s, 5G and most importantly they are the most advanced nation in fusion power with a testbed commercial reactor planned for 2030. They are also the only nation in the world building commercial molten salt nuclear reactors.

That represents a replacement to the oil economy …. that’s what the Chinese are selling that the USA is desparate to stop.

They plan to put you out of business.


fussion is multi national including Russia

First plant to be built in France

How can they put ‘me’ out of business?

I’m not a country you know

US business leaders aren’t idiot’s thats why America still has the highest concentration of world class corporations, which are genuine private enterprise and not puffed up government/ public enterprises

Wayne Nicholson

“fussion is multi national including Russia”

ITER is the project in France that includes China, USA and Russia.

In addition to that China is running EAST (artificial sun) which is a solo project. The EAST project holds the current record of sustained containment of 103 seconds and the highest fusion temperature.

China is well on the way to having a commercial fusion power plant well before ITER.

If you watch Fox News or MSNBC you won’t hear about these milestones …. it doesn’t really look good for the USA to be behind in such technology.



“How can they put ‘me’ out of business?”

Oh were playing the grammar game now …. the trolls weapon of last resort. By putting “you” out of business I mean the oil economy and the pertrodollar that allows you to print money and spend millions of dollars per combatant killed on air strikes that allows the USA to wage war across the globe without US soldiers getting in harms way.

Without the pertodollar the magic printing press shuts down.


I see one of your links takes it’s info from CGTN, which is basically the Chinese equivalent of RT International,although its lot more slick than the ranting repetitive trash of RT

Incidentally i didn’t get the impression from your links or from my own reading that the researchers think this is some sort of geo political energy ninja move from China

In fact many people seem to think fusion is a waste of time and money

I don’t play the grammar as you put it,more projection from your good self

Wayne Nicholson

Believe what you want … it’s a matter of the public and scientific record. China didn’t set their records in the ITER program but in their own homegrown fusion program that’s running simultaneously.

China has invested hugely in renewable, Nuclear fission and fusion technology while the USA cut funding to these programs in favour of coal and oil. That too is a matter of the public and scientific record.

The USA isn’t on board to help fund the proposed 27B euro particle accelerator at CERN and to date it’s only a proposal with no firm funding at all. China OTOH is building the next generation particle accelerator on their own. It’s called the Circular Electron Positron Collider and will have an 80 Km ring compared to CERN’s LHC which is 27 km.

The USA hasn’t built a new particle accelerator since 1987 and cancelled one in 1993.

Projects like China’s CEPC and EAST attract the best scientists in the world and will result in new physics. THIS is why the USA are trying desperately to stop China’s economic rise …. so they can’t fund the research that will turn the USA into a backwater. This kind of physics results in new materials, new weapons and new technologies to make the next generation of consumer products.

Meanwhile the USA are leading the world in fracking, oilfield services and bending over for the Saudi’s to protect the petrodollar.



Wayne Nicholson

“I see one of your links takes it’s info from CGTN, which is basically the Chinese equivalent of RT International,although its lot more slick than the ranting repetitive trash of RT”

then you choose your news source …. they all say the same thing including US publications


I’ve watched booth,one is anti western BS

The other is pro Chinese BS

Tom Tom

Vietnam manufactures for Toyota.

Wayne Nicholson

Toyota manufactures in Venezuela too, does that mean Venezuela is going to be the next China?

Toyota assembles in 30 – 40 different countries and buys sub assemblies and parts from many more..

Tom Tom

your point appeared to be that Vietnam doesn’t manufacture. They do.

Wayne Nicholson

Of course they manufacture but not on the scale that they can replace China as the worlds manufacturing superpower. Any suggestion that manufacturers are fleeing China for Vietnam in any significant way is absurd.

Vietnam has neither the population not the infrastructure to support this.

Tom Tom

Sure, they’re going to the lower priced labor in Vietnam, Indo, Malaysia, etc. China’s economy will rupture. The party will have two choices, reform, or war. So of course they’ll choose war.

Wayne Nicholson

I guess it comes down to whose economy ruptures first. The USA has a stock market bubble about to blow any time as well as a petrodollar that every nation on earth affected by sanctions are working to dump.

As far as the choice between reform or war how many nations is China at war with compared to the USA? Seems to me you’re projecting the USA’s problems on China.

Tom Tom

Not at all. If you’re Russia/China/Iran you’ve been badgered into a position of attacking first. They have no choice because they know the U.S. military industrials are comin’ for ’em. Its really the Mossad and Chabad elites, but the who doesn’t matter to them. Zbib B’s the incipient “neocon” for the plan on taking out all these nations. Re petrodollar, we’re on the same page there.


i vividly remember the last americans being airlifted from the american embassy’s roof top in 1975 – a defeat in terms of war is the correct way to describe it and defeat in financial terms is another way. in fact the more than stupid americans, as usual, expected the world to absorb the debris or fall our from their defeat in accepting all these vietnamese refugees fleeing for the lives – the investment in vietnam is some 30 to 40 years fter the fact and doesn’t count and even so, the vietnam people hate the americans.

otherwise and in closing you are stupid and then more stupid!


Did Donald Trump travel back in time to set this up?…YES, he served as corporal Bone Spurs, and now he’s in charge of all the US military… You can’t make this shit up.



Bruno Gama

Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq… But you missed the Korean War, in which the WWII US Army was defeated by the PLA. They were in Yalu River, why then they finished off close to Seoul, in the previous borders? Of course Americans didn´t loose… In Choisin Reservoir Battle they choose “a strategical retreat” rather than a Save Your Ass If You Can… And it´s a not a retreat but “an advance in the other direction”… Laughs…


and in the process the unhinged states of A dropped more bombs on the north korean people than was dropped during ww2. wondering if the north koreans like the morons from washington dc – not very ikely when you also weigh in that the unhinged morons have punished the north koreans with sanctions and virtually killing reams of people – anything to like, not very much.


Gen. Soleimani was primarily a public face of IRGC Quds Force. Although intelligent, resourceful and brave he was never the lone “mastermind” behind the organization. He had 2 decades to select and train the best and toughest officers and operatives for the job. And being always in the thick of action he surely planned for the possibility of his own death well in advance. US didn’t “cut of the head of the snake” as the saying goes. They just opened the box and let a whole nest of “vipers” fall right on top of them…So don’t cry when they start biting…

Pave Way IV

52 kg is way too heavy for a Hellfire II – even with a sleeved Romeo warhead. They probably got the first JAGMs – the (eventual) Hellfire/TOW/Maverick replacement. 18km, tri-seeker, cowardly stand-off assassin’s weapon. Only effective against anti-ISIS forces. Has head-chopper safe terminal abort fusing preventing US Army from accidentally killing our valuable CIA al Qaeda allies.

Tom Tom



It’s clear to see that the troll parade is out and about. They’ve practically taken over Twitter. Gotta twist those braincells in those sheeple. Here, they’re just obnoxious and showing their ass. But, that’s what they’re paid for.

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