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Iraqi Shiite Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Reportedly Escaped US Assassination Plot

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Iraqi Shiite Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr Reportedly Escaped US Assassination Plot

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The influential Iraqi Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr escaped an alleged US assassination plot, according to the leader of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq Resistance Movement Qais Khazali.

“The first US-Israeli plot to be implemented in Iraq was assassination of Muqtada Sadr to put the blame on Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq and start internal bloodshed,” Khazali said in a TV program named Liqa al-Khas.

According to him, both al-Sadr and Iran were informed of the plot and it failed.

In May 2018, al-Sadr’s Sairoon electoral list won 54 seats in the first Iraqi parliamentary election since the ISIS was declared defeated in Iraq. He is the most influential political figure in the country.

He rejected US interference in the formation of the new Iraqi government, saying that “the US is an invader country; we do not allow it to interfere” in Iraqi affairs.

Just days earlier, on February 2nd, he called for an end to the violence on Iraq’s streets, as more than 550 protesters have died in the demonstrations since they began in October 2019.

Muqtada al-Sadr said in a tweet that in accordance with the recommendations of the supreme religious authority of Iraq (Marja) and in accordance with divine and rational laws, the street protests must return to its peaceful status and discipline. But he called for protests to continue, since he supports the incoming Prime Minister Mohammad Allawi, who is known for his strongly pro-Hezbollah views.

Al-Sadr has called on his supporters named the “Blue Hats” to work with security forces to maintain peaceful protests in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square.

Sadr also emphasized the need to reopen schools in the southern and central provinces in collaboration with the tribes of those provinces and strongly opposed the violence and the closure of the streets under the pretext of street protests.

Allawi, 65, is a veteran Iraqi politician who started his political career with the Iraqi Islamic Dawa Party before leaving the party. He was born in Baghdad, but he was forced to leave it in 1977, after being pursued by the Ba’ath government.

Allawi is a cousin of the former Iraqi prime minister and secular politician Iyad Allawi, but he is also a relative of Sadr. Two of Allawi’s daughters are married to sons of Basil al-Sadr, Sadr’s cousin and director of foreign relations at the Sadr office in London.

Allawi’s nomination “is a premeditated plan that started more than 40 days ago when the [Iranian-backed] political forces noticed that Sadr was convinced of Allawi’s nomination, so they sought to perpetuate and develop this conviction,” an unnamed Shiite leader from Iraq told Middle East Eye.

“After the assassination of [Iranian General Qassem] Soleimani and [Abu Mahdi] al0-Muhandis, Iranian policy in Iraq has completely changed.  Soleimani was working to exclude Muqtada and keep him away all the time, but now the situation has changed.

“There is an Iranian tendency to contain Sadr and give him the role he desires.

“The [armed] factions pledged allegiance to Sadr in Qom as leader of the resistance, and this was part of the implementation of this policy.”

Initially al-Sadr supported the anti-government protests, but now that he supports the incoming Prime Minister, he maintains that peace should return to the streets and order should be reinstated.

At the same time, he is a strong political figure, who, despite his view of a very independent Iraq is much more open to cooperate with regional actors such as Iran and Syria, rather than with the US, thus the claims of a possible assassination plot aren’t entirely out of the question.

After all, al-Sadr strongly opposes any US presence, and the only option for Washington’s influence to grow is the remaining of its forces within the country. On the other hand, the US’ “nemesis” Iran has more interest in a strong and independent Iraq, which is open to constructive cooperation.


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Sparse on the assassination attempt, but good background.

Zionism = EVIL

Jew York Times even confirmed that the rocket attacks on Americunt occupation bases are false flags by CIA backed terrorists to blame the Iranians.


All the US really succeeds in doing, is to unite political rivals who oppose the tyranny and plunder of the US.

The Khazar 1% semites that control the US are making the same mistakes that they always have for centuries.

When the Khazars ‘pluck the feathers ‘ of a country like Iraq, they take all the ‘feathers’ and the bald birds become hungry and angry.


US diplomacy is so heinous that they only succeed in making their opponents look like reformers


Its arguable that Diplomacy in the US was abandoned decades ago.

Empires past and present have only issued Decrees, Demands and Denials,
à la ‘Perfidious Albion’.

Zionism = EVIL

CIA mystery: Did Iran kill ‘Ayatollah Mike?’

Nobody is talking after Michael D’Andrea, the CIA’s top Iran Mission Center chief, is allegedly killed in plane crash but eight new stars have appeared on the “wall of heroes” at the CIA headquarters at Langley.

The White House and CIA have neither confirmed nor denied that it
was, or if D’Andrea is alive or dead. Cue the media speculation.

The former chief of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center, he was
appointed to his current position by then Agency Director Mike Pompeo in
2017. The New York Times reported that his appearance would mean a much
harder line in opposing Iran by the Trump administration, the report


8 new stars on the wall of heroes!?

sure as a klucking bell hope one pertains to this d’andrea guy (and just as much hope that it was in fact a close cooperation between Iran and the talibans that downed that bombardier -nothing could be sweeter) and the fact that the disunited states of morons is defeated in afghanistan is another thing to celebrate – all they’re doing now is to work out a honourable truce which the talibans won’t give them and then it’s the question how to get the stuff of tanks, guns etc back home now that most ways are closed for such transports.

Zionism = EVIL

As I wrote a month ago the Americunts are trying to set off an internecine Shia conflict so that their savage occupation and oil plunder can continue. Now it has been proven by the western media that the rocked attack on the Balad airbase was conducted by CIA paid headchoppers to justify the assassination of General Soleimani. It will have the opposite effect though as all Shia and many patriotic Sunnis will unite and attack the Americunt occupation arseholes.

good american

The Americans are playing the fools again, trying to get everyone to believe it’s another well intentioned ‘mistake’.

Assad must stay

Thanks God, may the evil people behind these assassination plots meet their untimely ends


not surprising since the disunited states of A is prone to resort to skulduggery when the influence it once wielded is disappearing down the drain – it’s the washington morons doing the dirty work of the illegal settlers on palestinian land and if an assassination or two is required so be it but rest assured that at the squatters or the jews will soon be a memory far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, here, in the middle east and in the far east. and by golly, the hymies, the kikes, the jews, the squatters won’t be missed by the greater part of humanity – might say they overstayed their welcome!

The Objective

Donald Trump is talking peace, but itching for war. That is how he hopes to sell to Americans the coming war with Iran. He will tell them he didn’t want a war, but could not do otherwise. He campaigned on a promise to pull troops for the middle east. Instead, he increased the number of troops and war machine to a greater extend than Obama did. His promise of peace and negotiation was a deception – a deception that will lead to war.

It is good that Iran has prepared for war. Trumps finger is itching to pull the trigger just as he hesitates over the possible consequences. At some point, he will pull the trigger or be pushed to do so. If we make it through 2020 without a war, the middle east will be very lucky.

Iran has taken the responsibility to rid the region of American presence. It had better be ready as the Americans are coming for them. But I think Iran will do very well, and the possibility of purging America from the region is very likely. Only that it is hard to see the U.S leave without dropping nukes on Iran.


I agree on the nuke thing and israel will be there too with nukes – but given that iran is a vast place with loads of people even the nukes won’t change the situation and Iran will indeed lay waste to oil facilities in saudi and the uae and kuwait and close the hormuz strait for shipments out of there. trump however will wait for his second term before running amok in the middle east and there are two reasons, the first is oil since the new found shale-bonanza back home is a short lived phenomenon and thus iraq’s oil and any oil in the me (and venezuela) will be required in the future and the second is israel and the lebensraum extension of the borders into iraq (all the way to the Iranian border or thereabouts), into syria, into lebanon. the one problem here is Iran which has some severe opposing thoughts on the matter and turkey which consider those areas as a prerogative of turkey and not something the jews ever shall hold or occupy. thus too much open hostilities by the disunited states of A surely will force a joining up of iran and turkey and then iraq and syria hezbollah and so on. and after that it’s anyone’s guess.

good american

The only people you should trust less than the Turks and the Israelis are the Americans.

John Wallace

Rusty Iron Dick is upset as you said the Yanks are less trustworthy than Israeli’s. I tend to agree with him as I think Israelis learnt from the yanks and got better at it than them.

good american

Ha, I don’t know…… When the Israelis backstab you, you think they’re being clever, when the US backstabs you, you think they’re doing because they are dumb. I think the lie goes deeper with the Americans because they pretend more.


Not hard

Zionism = EVIL

The Islamic State (IS) group has was paid by the CIA to stage the false flag that was used as the justification for the asassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force.

Iraq Is the One War Zone Trump Doesn’t Want to Leave

The president’s resistance to withdrawing from the country boils down to oil and Iran. The assassination of General Soleimani is part of the cycle of staged events used as a justification for the continued occupation of Iraq and rapid exploitation of its natural resources.

good american



Bad move guys.

Free man

If the Americans wanted to kill him, he would be dead already.
There have been rumors in the past that Iran wants to kill him.
It seems that he will die at the age of 120 after every person who spreads rumors about him is already dead.

John Wallace

If the US wanted to kill him,,,.. yes a bit like the only way the US could kill Osama bin Laden was when he had already been dead for years. No wonder they never flew his non existant body onto the US ship , sailors on board said NO chopper ever landed on their ship that night. , and disposed of it where no one can ever check.. Sadr has been fighting the US for years and got soundly thrashed in Fallujah was it. He ended up working out a peace deal with the US to end the fighting as he was serriously out gunned and out manned. Over 80 US dead and 600 wounded with around 2000 of Sadrs men killed .


You left out the bit where the Seal team that “killed” “Bin Laden” were conveniently killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan shortly after.

John Wallace

Yes all the Seal team on board one chopper against rules taken out by the Taliban who were then heard skiting over the radio they had just taken out the group that killed Obama. How did they know who was on board the chopper they had just shot down or were they told it was coming. Also missed the story about the neighbors who watched the event unfold from their rooftop ovelooking “Osama’s” compound. They heard the people on the chopper shouting in their local dialect which no Seal member knew , and that NO chopper took off from the compound and that they KNEW the people in that compound..as per a Pakistani TV interview made just after the ” raid” but has since msyteriously disappeared . Nor did I say anything about Benazir Bhutto who told David Frost I think it was , in an interview that Osama was already dead. She was assasinated in Dec 2007. ( not because of her interview ) Osama bin Laden was ” killed ” in that raid May 2011. Scratch head many times.

John Wallace

Been looking for that video of Frosts interview and HELLO …. everything has been censored or blocked or removed. If it was a LIE why would anyone censor it. Truth is all that is censored. I watched it years ago so I know it exists or rather existed.
Further research and I have found , but any video is blocked or removed.

On 2 November 2007 Benazir Bhutto was interviewed by Sir David Frost at Al Jazeera shortly before her murder on 27 December 2007. In this interview she said: “And he had also dealings with Omar Sheik, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden.” The same interview was published on the BBC website, but that key sentence was removed. Here is the transcript of this key passage: “Frost: In terms of the three people you mentioned – were they members of or associated with the government? Bhutto: Yes well one of them is a very key figure in security, a former military officer. He’s someone who has had dealings with ?? Mohammed, one of the band groups and Mohammed Assar, who was in an Indian jail for decapitating three British tourists and three American tourists. And he had also dealings with Omar Sheik, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden” (see “BBC censors interview with Benazir Bhutto: … “the man who murdered Osama bin Laden” (2 versions)”: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3468310105875718252 ; also “BBC censors Bhutto Frost interview (Bin Laden murdered)”, YouTube, 31 December 2007: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGAOH_E3aQQ .

John Wallace

Thanks for that. The part where she talks of Osama already being dead four years before the US supposedly killed him starts at 5.40 as she talks of those behind attempting too assasinate her.

Zionism = EVIL

Within the Agency, D’Andrea was reportedly referred to as the Dark
Prince or Ayatollah Mike, nicknames he acquired while heading the search
for Osama bin Laden and also while directed drone strikes against
al-Qaeda targets, the report said.

A chain-smoking convert to Islam, he is not your conventional Agency
officer, many of whom are more comfortable working from an embassy desk
rather than a helicopter. A workaholic who keeps a roll away bed in his
office, D’Andrea is, as a result of his abrasive style, reportedly
extremely difficult to work with.

Whether he is alive or dead, the tale of his so-called death serves
as a warning from Iran. Even an obstinate White House can’t help but
think that killing men like Soleimani might not be such a great idea —
if we continue to do it to “them,” “they” will turn around and “do it to

Chris Chuba

With what a drone strike but then we wouldn’t be able to pin the blame on a rival political faction and provoke a larger Shiite response. For this operation, we’d have to use either a bullet or car bomb and rely on a local operative. This has a very high incidence of failure depending on how good the security is for the target.

Tommy Jensen

If the Iraqi population wants freedom and democracy they cant do it without Americans.
The Iraqis have been in infights internally between each other and always quarrel about who are boss and who should have our old boots.
Therefore it take so long because the Iraqis don’t yet have the intelligence to freedom.
When you break it, you own it. If you can dream it, you can do it.
That’s why we are responsible and promise the Iraqi people that we will not leave Iraq before all Iraqis have freedom, and they can trust America will provide security to all Iraqis as long as we are in the country.

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