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Iraqi Security Forces Uncovered Suspicious Armed Drone In Baghdad (Photos)


On July 23, in an unusual incident, Iraqi security forces uncovered  an armed drone that was hidden in a sensitive part of the capital, Baghdad.

According to the Security Media Cell, the drone was hidden on a rooftop in the district of Jadriyah in Baghdad’s center. The district is located South of the Green Zone, a fortified area that hosts government buildings and foreign missions including the U.S. embassy.

The drone, a commercially-bought quadcopter, was armed with a 2 kg gravity bomb. The bomb was equipped with a tail fuze.

The Security Media Cell said Iraqi authorities had opened a “full investigation” into the matter. More details will be shared soon.

The drone may have been pre-programed to take off and attack a target, like the U.S. embassy, in the nearby Green Zone. As for now, this remains a mere speculation.

Over the past few months, a series of rocket attacks targeted the U.S. embassy and military bases hosting American troops in Baghdad. The most recent attack took place last week. Iranian-affiliated groups are often blamed for the attacks.




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