Iraqi Security Forces Liberated Bab Sinjar District IN Western Mosul (Video, Map)


Iraqi Security Forces Liberated Bab Sinjar District IN Western Mosul (Video, Map)

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On Wednesday, Iraqi security forces (ISF) liberated Bab Sinjar district located north of the Old Mosul area in western Mosul. ISF also continued advanncing in Al-Shifa district, after taking control over 30% of it.

Separately, the Iraqi Federal Police repelled an ISIS attack on its positions south of the Old Mosul area and destroyed 9 ISIS VBIEDs of ISIS before they reached government positions.

From its side, ISIS claimed that its members killed 40 servicemen of the Iraqi Federal Police and destroyed 8 vehicles during the clashes in Al-Dawasah district, Naby Shit and the Aleppo Street south of the Old Mosul.

The terroirst group also argued that its fighters captured several positions in Al-Dawasah district. However, Iraqi sources denied this.

In a another development, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) repelled a new attack by ISIS fighters on its positions in Tal Safouk near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

PMU fighters, backed up by Iraqi Air Force warplanes, destroyed three VBIEDs and killed 13 ISIS members.

ISIS is intensifying its attacks on the PMU in the Syrian-Iraqi border area aiming to deplay PMU operations near the border. According to some sources, the Al-Qa’im border crossing may become the next PMU target in the area.



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