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Iraqi Security Forces Liberated 3 More Districts From ISIS In Mosul

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Iraqi security forces (ISF) have liberated 3 more districts from terrorists in the eastern part of the ISIS-held city of Mosul in the Iraqi province of Nineveh.

Al-Saddiq, Maliyah and 7 Nisan districts were liberated by ISF on January 11 after a series of firefights between ISF units and ISIS terrorists.

The fall of these districts to the hand of ISF makred the significant progress of anti-ISIS forces in Mosul and were already described as a pretext to the full liberation of the eastern part of the city.

Now, heavy clashes are ongoing in Nabi Yunus and al-Haba.

Iraqi Security Forces Liberated 3 More Districts From ISIS In Mosul

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Kristy Rain

So are they actually on a roll here? Or is it still the game of: ‘drive head-first into a cluster-fuck of apartments, get rolled – – – HARD, drop guns, and run away with pants around ankles??

It’s almost like the little monster the Obama admin is still FEEDING this monster they created and making no REAL efforts to train and help the Iraqi army fight them. It’s depressing!


Bush created ISIS when he invaded Iraq and destabilized the Middle East. Everyone born before 1990 knows that.

Go Whitecaps!

Not quite right.
The seeds for ISIS already existed in Kurdistan.

Kristy Rain

Bush created the Iraq war. Obama perpetuated it when he promised to shut it down. Everyone born before you’s kids can see this. Someday, Daddy Obombya will be seen for what he is –a hack for the military industry, and a racist bullshitter. Theyre BOTH guilty.

Kristy Rain

Bush created. Obombya perpetuated. – Both have same interests. Both are whores of military industry. Both are guilty.

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