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JUNE 2021

Security Forces Foil Attack OF ISIS In Eastern Iraq

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Security Forces Foil Attack OF ISIS In Eastern Iraq

Illustrative image, source: the official Facebook page of the Iraqi Federal Police

On May 24, a spokesman for the Iraqi Security Media Center, Brigadier General Yehia Rasool, announced that Iraqi security forces had foiled an attack of ISIS cells on the village of Sheikh Baba in the Jalawla district of the eastern Diyala province.

“According to accurate intelligence, an attack of ISIS terrorist gangs on Sheikh Baba village of Jalawla village was foiled,” Brig. Gen. Rasool said in the statement.

Brig. Gen. Rasool revealed that ISIS cells were planning to assassinate several civilian figures inside the village of Sheikh Baba, but security forces were able to stop the attackers and killed three of them. However, a fourth attacker managed to escape and blew himself up around the village killing two civilians, according to Brig. Gen. Rasool.

Since April, ISIS cells resurfaced in Jalawla district and carried out many hit and run attacks against Iraqi security forces and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). Moreover, ISIS cells conducted a series of assassinations against civilians figures who are known to be supporters of the Iraqi government in what observers believe to be an attempt to terrorize the locals into submission.

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Looks like Iraq will never be free of Daesh!! They really are unstoppable and their resilience is f#cking astounding!!!


To be free of ISIS, you must be sunni-free, american-free and israel-free.

You can call me Al

They are probably new recruits, brought in, when the Yanks are in panic mode.


They probably will be free of Daesh at some point, just not any time soon. Even the most resilient insurgencies at some point either fizzle out or transform into something else, or splinter both militarily and ideologically hence being reabsorbed into other geopolitical entities.

People often cling to this false narrative that insurgencies are impermeable, impossible to defeat, and can never be subdued, and that this is somehow an immutable fact of life.

That is simply not the case. Theyre just simply really difficult to root out, and yes, they tend to last a long time. However a long time is not forever. 4-5 decades from now, I suspect many Islamist groups like ISIS and Al Shabaab will not exist. There will probably be other ones, as well as some newer ones, but these groups simply do not last forever, no matter how much asymmetrical warfare they engage in.


For me, ISIS supporters are exactly like christian and jewish terrorists killing people because they think “they are right”. Exact same things. ISIS followers blow themselfs. The others create tomahawk are send them in people.

Same root = same fruits.

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