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Iraqi Security Forces Control Over 60% Of Old Mosul


Iraqi Security Forces Control Over 60% Of Old Mosul

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On Saturday, Iraqi security forces (ISF) liberated Al-Faruq 2 district from ISIS in the Old Mosul area on the right side of Mosul City. ISF also liberated the districts of Souk al-Arbiaa, Jirjis and Al-Shaareen.

Now, ISF control more than 60% of Old Mosul. In the course of its advance, ISF managed to evacuate dozens of civilians and discovered an arms depot of ISIS in Ibn Sina Hospital.

From its side, ISIS claimed that 38 Iraqi soldiers were killed and 20 wounded as a result of clashes in the Bab al-Toob area and at the Corniche Street in Old Mosul. ISIS also claimed its fighters were able to hit BMP-1, an armored vehicle, two bulldozers and two Humvees of Iraqi forces in Old Mosul.

Iraqi Army Major Dia al-Emara said: “Our units have started advancing north to liberate the rest of the old city of Mosul. For the counterterrorism apparatus, only Jewish district remained, 400 meters from the Tigris River”. Al-Emara added: “The Air Force has carried out specific operations during the previous battles, and the announcement of the liberation of the entire city is imminent”.

It is believed that the ISIS defense will fully collapse when the Iraqi Army reaches the bank of the Tigris River.



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  • testera

    Those are some environment friendly fighters, so proud of capturing large amounts of empty casings for recycling. :)

  • paul

    In other sources I have read that Mosul had been completely liberated.
    However, I am well aware that people often say things they want to be
    true, or think by saying them they will make them true. Alternatively
    you may be part of the usa administration and say anything that comes
    into your head and then feel smug about it.