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Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Shares Footage Of Attacks On Three US Supply Convoys

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Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Shares Footage Of Attacks On Three US Supply Convoys

File image.

On August 4, pro-Iranian Saryat Qasim al-Jabbarin [The Breaker of Titans Company] attacked three convoys carrying logistic supplies and vehicles for the US-led coalition in different parts of Iraq.

The first convoy was attacked near the city of al-Nasiriyah in the southern province of Dhi Qar, the second came under attack as it was passing in the central province of Babylon and the third was targeted near the capital, Baghdad. All three convoys were targeted with improvised explosive devices.

Saryat Qasim al-Jabbarin, which stepped up its attacks on US-led coalition supply convoys recently, shared footage of the three attacks.

The pro-Iranian group emerged following the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani.

In the last ten days, Saryat Qasim al-Jabbarin carried out the following operations:

  • On July 29, the group attacked four supply convoys in Dhi Qar, the southern province of al-Diwaniyah and Babylon.
  • On July 30, the group attacked a supply convoy in Babylon.
  • On August 4, the group attacked a supply convoy in Dhi Qar.
  • On August 5, the group attacked two supply convoys in al-Diwaniyah and Babylon.

Saryat Qasim al-Jabbarin and other pro-Iranian groups in Iraq will not likely cease their attacks on US-led coalition supply convoys and bases until Washington announce a real plan to pull its troops out from the country.


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Peter Wallace

Not sure why they want to show these as no damage was done. Just made truck drivers mess their knickers. Photo’s of this/ these were here the other day. Need to get claymores or something to inflict some real damage on the driver. Dead or critically injured drivers don’t drive again and others consider if the pay is worth it.

cosmo kramer

i know, i was really expecting more from these “resistance” groups

Peter Wallace

What do you know about anything you LIAR and SCUM who changes the truth to fit YOUR storyline. PAID TROLL . So DUMB and when caught out tries to DENY .. So what was that story about the ambulance that the SDF blew up with an ATGM you then claimed was blown up by artillery fire which no one knew who was responsible. Give a link to syrialive.com to back up your story only it showed that the SDF targeted a civil defense vehicle ( ambulance ) and crane just like southfront said. But no you had to change the story so that the US puppet wouldn’t get the blame. LIAR CHEAT and THIEF. Guttershit . Fuk off.

Peter Wallace

See . Even when told again you can’t say , SORRY < I MADE A MISTAKE. No you just continue with your twisting the story bullshat. Go and LOOK at the MAP of incidents in Syria , Don't have to prove anything to me . No you don't because you have already proved you are a LYING dumb writer of bullshat as a paid troll. Can't accept you are wrong is your problem you dumb piece of shit.

Peter Wallace

Sure my storyline is not like Yours. Im sober. … REALLY.
So you are suggesting that I must have been drunk. I DON’T drink alcohol you moron so again like everything else you assume and assume WRONG. WRONG AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. F.O

Peter Wallace

You wrote this at 4.00am jens so what are you doing up at this hour or are you not really in Denmark . As a LIAR nothing you say can be believed. LIAR and TROLL.

Séamus Ó Néill

“As long as people kill each other, they dont come here… ”, you’re so wise Jens, and so humane…..


“Those are nothing in the whole polical and miliatry picture.”

In 2010 it cost US taxpayers $9 per litre to supply US troops in Iraq with water with each soldier consuming on average 8 litres/ day that’s $72/ day just for water. The cost of delivering food, fuel, equipment and other supplies have similar delivery costs.

Delivery of supplies is bid on by contractors. How do you suppose having their convoys attacked will affect delivery costs? Someone has to pay for lost equipment, drivers are going to ask for more money because their lives are at risk, insurers are going to charge contractors more, roads have to be repaired and security has to be provided all of which drives up the cost of keeping US troops in iraq and Syria.

A big chunk of the US defence budget goes to the outrageous costs of keeping US troops alive in a hostile desert environment. The USA is not in the best economic situation at the moment with $$$ trillions printed to keep the economy afloat and another Covid surge hitting harder than expected.

On top of that you have Russia and China developing weapons that are extremely challenging to US hegenomy that will take $trillions in investment to counter over the next decade.

The question becomes “is it worth sustaining increasingly expensive bases in Iraq and Syria when the USA is under existential threat from Russia and China. If they cut costs anywhere it’s going to be in iraq, Syria and Afghanistan …. they’ve already pulled out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are next and these roadside attacks are greasing the skids.

Peter Wallace

Why don’t you just piss off you LIAR. Post a link to a story then change the story because you didn’t expect anyone to check the link. What a dum barstead you are jens. A PAID TROLL and a proven LIAR. SCUM so just fuk off . Get flushed like the TURD you are.

Peter Wallace

Yes you did change the story you lying barsted. Go and look at the article on the SDF blowing up the ambulance. You said syrialive said that it was the result of an artillery strike but not sure by who. I looked at syrialive and the map showed a yellow icon which stated the SDF targetted an ambulance and crane just likie the southfront article said. When I pointed this out to you , you denied it by this and I quote

Syria live ua says its a part of an artillerystrike and by that the information her is contested or fake, but good propaganda for the ones, which like none of them.
and then when I said you were WRONG you told me

“The pick You found was not the tractor as well as the white ambulance.
Reducing my link to Im a liar or not makes no sense and only show Your own limitations as well.
None others even tryed to find verifying sources. Thats sheep and goat thinking in black and white. ”

Even after I pointed too the correct version you still deny it but all you have to do is go and look at syrialive. LIAR jens . You LIED jens because syrialive clearly shows what southfront said was correct and your claims of an artillery strike were incorrect.

article and comments : https://southfront.org/kurdish-forces-killed-two-civilians-white-helmets-member-in-northern-aleppo-with-guided-missiles-video-photos/

Lying piece of shit. You and your bullshit comments can fuk off because you are not worthy of being able to comment on this site. You think you are smart and clever and have nothing to say but regurgitated propaganda and horseshit so fuk off scum..

Peter Wallace

Blame yourself and your stupidity based on arrogant superiority when in fact you talk dribble and try and be so esoteric so no one understands what the fuk you are on about. Your riddles are ones that only you understand then claim everyone is stupid because they can’t make sense of them. YOU are the IDIOT jens who thinks he is on some religious journey to convert non believers too YOUR belief of what is truth but you live in a world of lies and will convert not one too your perception of the world. Go join a site where others think like you because here you are nothing but an irritating arsewhole who talks nothing but garbage. Until you have been been in a war , shot at and killed people you have NO RIGHT to even talk to me. Understand that you dumb creep. You are not fit to tell me anything. You haven’t a clue and too dumb to understand. Understand you are NOT FIT to Talk to me. You have no idea where I am from nor what I have done so your assumptions are miles off the mark. To me are nothing but a mosquito that needs squashing so fuk off and keep your horseshite too yourself.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Part of these daily attacks is to scare and demoralize the collaborator drivers. The Americunt lardass losers are too scared to drive these convoys themselves so they have outsourced them, but it is costing them millions and there is only so much Iraqi and Syrian stolen oil that can pay for these damages.

Marco Polo

US & Russia Inc Military One Entity Under The Bank For International Settlements, 23 January 2020: https://youtu.be/NjwW2jRusEg

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo

“They easy could turn around and put in 20.000 soldiers to protect their convoys better.”

Easily? Overhead is killing the USA in Iraq and Syria for very little strategic return. A US marine combat division cost $79.9 million USD to deploy in Iraq for one year in 2006 … it hasn’t gotten any cheaper.

Assad isn’t going anywhere, Iranians aren’t going to see the light any time soon and overturn their government for Disney, bluejeans and rock and roll, Kurdistan is never going to happen and at any minute Iran can turn centcom into ashes if the shit does hit the fan.

The big worry today is China backed up by Russia. It’s gonna cost $ trillions to update the US strategic defence and make some kind of headway on hypersonic missiles and how to defend against them. The USA can no longer afford to throw money at Iraq while taking on China and Russia as well as spending $trillions on infrastructure which the USA desperately needs.


As long as they dont use ATGM rocets, there will be no dammadge. The truck did not move 1 cm of his road. This is all show. Hit them directly.


Then go drive one of those trucks and let me know how it feels to poop your panties at every turn. These are obviously psychological deterrents. They want to scare drivers, they want to inflict morale damage, they want to force drivers to not work with the americans anymore.

And it is working.

Trap is still Gay and 100% proud

Shitshow video and shitshow fire cracker, why do these morons release such videos except to embarrass themselves.

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