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JUNE 2023

Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Releases Drone Footage Of US Embassy In Baghdad

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Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Releases Drone Footage Of US Embassy In Baghdad

Official logo of The Islamic Resistance in Iraq – ‘Ashab al-Kahf

On May 1, the pro-Iranian Islamic Resistance in Iraq – ‘Ashab al-Kahf released drone footage of the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdadi.

The footage, which were likely taken by a small quadcopter, shows the main building of the US embassy and the nearby Union III military base in the highly-secured Green Zone.

In a statement, ‘Ashab al-Kahf alleged that its drones carried out 92 reconnaissance sorties over the US embassy in the last 14 days despite the presence of several air-defense, anti-drone and electronic warfare systems in the Union III military base.

Pro-Iranian factions carried out several attacks on US embassy in Baghdad after to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, and Commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.

‘Ashab al-Kahf intensified its operations recently. In April, the group kicked off a military campaign, codenamed al-Qa’im Operations, against the US-led coalition’s supply chain in Iraq.

Other pro-Iranian factions in Iraq have been also stepping up their operations. On April 30, the International Resistance shelled Ayn al-Assad Air Base in the western Iraqi province of al-Anbar where US forces are known to be present. Despite these threats, Washington appears to be determined to keep its forces in the country for the long term.


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Oh right, remember when Zion lying pigs showed a video 240p and claimed they shot down Iran’s drones and said moronic things? That those drones were “shipping weapons” pistols? – “The head of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has hailed a successful operation by two unidentified drones over the Israeli-occupied territories, which the usurping Tel Aviv regime tried to keep secret.” – “The regime was not man enough to tell the truth about the drone operation, where the drones came from, who they belonged to and what they were supposed to do,” Qa’ani said. “They lied to their own people; they said they were conducting drills.”

Just wanted to put it out there.

Also this “news”; Presstv ir: New videos appear to show US choppers transferring Daesh terrorists in Iraq In yet another manifestation of Washington’s scandalous complicity with remnants of the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq, new footage has emerged apparently showing the transfer of the members of the Takfiri terror outfit by US helicopters across certain regions in the Arab country.

The video, which went viral in Iraqi media on Thursday, vividly showed Washington’s role in moving Daesh terrorists by US Army CH-47 Chinook helicopters inside Iraq.

An informed source recently leaked information to the Iraqi media that US Chinook helicopters are constantly moving “unknown and suspicious” elements inside the Arab country.

P.S. about this report – their Iraqi PMUs and pro-Iranian inside.

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Chris Gr

Muslim Brotherhood vs ISIS

Cuckmander Hebrew

Shitskin gayreekhood vs shitskin turdkhood

Battle of the brown imbeciles.

Chris Gr

Falsehood fighting falsehood.

Cuckmander Hebrew

Shitskin gayreek history is one big fat lie from the beginning to it’s ultimate end.

Omas Bioladen

just nuke it away


Its not smart to target Embassy, if Iraq resistance have issues with USA or Military troops into Iraq land, should deal with them in the field and not with the Embassy.


the us ambassy is noting more than a spy nest from the cia. A legitm target because they are at war. You are not gon to be famyliar with the invader criminal mass murdrers !!! KILL THEM TO THE LAST ONE !!!

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