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Iraqi Protests Continue With Contradicting Reports On Masked Gunmen And Casualties In Holy City Of Karbala

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Iraqi Protests Continue With Contradicting Reports On Masked Gunmen And Casualties In Holy City Of Karbala

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On October 29th, protests continued in Iraq for the 5th straight day after a two-week hiatus. Masked gunmen opened fire at protesters in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, killing at least 18 and leaving hundreds injured, AP cited local officials.

AP claimed that protesters said they did not know if the masked men were riot police, special forces or Iran-linked militias. The report claims that Iraqi soldiers had been stationed around the protest site but withdrew after the attackers began firing tear gas and live ammunition.

Pro-government sources claim that this was a provocation.

There were differing accounts and death tolls from Karbala, and details were still emerging from the scene.

“We saw masked men dressed all in black and they fired live bullets toward the square,” an anonymous protester was cited by AP. “People fell dead and wounded right next to me. We tried to escape but when we fled into the alleys we ran into moving checkpoints set up by these forces. They arrested people and searched their phones for video of what had happened,” the individual added.

Al Jazeera reported that Karbala’s governor Naseef al-Khitaby denied that any masked gunmen opened fire at protesters.

“There are fabricated and false news making the rounds on social media about events that have not happened and casualties that have not occurred,” al-Khitaby told reporters.

Karbala’s police chief also denied in a statement that any protesters had been killed and said only one person died in an unrelated criminal incident.

He further said that footage of shots being fired at protesters shared on social media were fabricated and designed to “incite the street”.

The semi-official Iraq High Commission for Human Rights meanwhile said one person had been killed in the “events” in Karbala, while 142 members of the security forces and 50 protesters had been wounded.

Amnesty international blamed Iraqi security forces and quoted witnesses as saying the attackers ran down demonstrators with their vehicles. It said several demonstrators were detained and beaten.

“Iraqi forces opened live fire on peaceful protesters and resorted to excessive and often lethal force to disperse them in a reckless and utterly unlawful manner,” said Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty’s Middle East research director. “These scenes are all the more shocking as they come despite assurances from Iraqi authorities that there would be no repeat of the extreme violence used against demonstrators during protests earlier this month.”

Since the first batch of protests between October 1st and 9th, and then the subsequent return, upwards of 220 people have been killed, not including the ones in Karbala.

Shiite religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr, who backs the largest bloc in Iraq’s parliament and helped bring Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s coalition government to power, called for early elections.

On October 29th, he joined protesters in the southern city of Najaf and also invited the head of a rival political bloc to work with him on introducing in parliament a vote of no confidence in Abdul Mahdi.

Abdul Mahdi said he could not call an election unilaterally and that parliament must vote with an absolute majority to dissolve itself.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi attempted to address demonstrators demands by pledging to reshuffle his cabinet and deliver a package of reforms. That’s led to little to quell the demonstrations.

There was also a video uploaded to YouTube that alleges that Sarin gas was used against protesters in Karbala. This wild rumor is unconfirmed.


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In this day and age when everyone has high quality audio video recording capability on their phones. And the ability to upload it on the internet. There would be proof of the accusations.


Yeah, every hour that goes by is confirming this, that this is an color revolution atempt orcestrated by outside forces, and this snipers are their hall mark, like the attacks in Lebanon, blamed on Hezb when it as Sunni Amal militia, and so on.
Look at whom is rioting, poor people, are they, really, or payed like in the west and inside the imperial banana republic, where they slam both right and left against eatch others to further bolster their grip, thru the MSM and law enforcements where they ramp up more and more draconian laws to of course protect comon man, from uh…. extremists.

I have tried to explain it so many times its getting boring, like in HK, the Chines blinked, pussyfooted and ended up with an full blown American color revolution, instead of as said in the first week, find the f…. and imaple them infront of the American embasy, again, we know Lebanon was an corrupt Gov and have been under sanctions from the UssA and others like the Saudi-barbarians, and have meda life in general to an missery, and yet the people attacks the respective Gov witch is just but never thinks longer than just that, when the effect have an cause, the result is an corrupt Gov but the ones pushing the bottons, are never dealt with, witch is, like in Iraq, the ZATO/Ussa Gov.
The only way to fight them is to go to an full blown war against the Imperial scums, and UssA is behind much of the problems witch would be solved rapidly if it wasnt for the issue about power and polititcal contol and Oil.
Again, like other nations, just look to Bolivia, etc, where the ones loosing is ramping up more unrest and civil disorder, to undermine the present Gov, an calsical ex. on staged coups with the help if traitores from within, the gate openers.
Find any American/European dimplmat or NGO and give em 24h to get the f…. out or simply just hang em from the nearest possible lamp post, if you dont do that, nothing will change, if you or the people demostrating are so f….. naive that they think the new ones will be any better then you are as far I am conserned drooling f….. idiots, as long they are backed and payed by the west you idiots will loose.
And my symphaty is rapidly evaporating.

The thing that have keept me alive, is an orb inside my soul and body that is an white hot glowing rage, its an healty rage, and that is just growing every day, not that I am violent, since I havent had any reason for it but the white hot rage is stil there, look at Sweden and Norway, crushed from within, and the MSM runs our politics.
And the denile of reality is making everything worse, when the solution is simple, either shoot the bastards or thrown them out, every single one whom have entered Sweden and Norway the last decades, kick em out, no mercy since no mercy have been given.
And then burn down the MSM, and hang the politicians.
Anyone whom isnt placing their people or country on the top is an traitore, regardeless, and should never ever be trusted nor given any kind of power.

The sad thing is ignorance.
Yeah, Mans nemesis, and cowardness.
The ONLY thing standing inbetween us and them is Balls.
So to educate you idiots some more, since its sorly needed in most of the world to day is two links, an Video and an articel from, of all places, ZeroH. usually an american dump site but even they can sometimes make something usefull and do read the coments where I must highlight one in particilulare, made by Batman 11, the other one, is about monetary politics and what went wrong.
Once you have seen them, you know what you need to know, the next phace is building gallows.


This is the second time I link to this, this must be undestud, I know this is highly vitale, to know the differences and what have caused the problems we all face to day.


Saso Mange

From Kiev over Syria all the way to Iraq – pattern is the same. Third party gunman inducing violence between the people and government of sovereign nations which dare not to follow Zionist lead.

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