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Iraqi Pro-Iranian News Channel Fooled US ‘Reward For Justice’ Program

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Iraqi Pro-Iranian News Channel Fooled US ‘Reward For Justice’ Program

Screen grab from the Reward for Justice video.

An Iraqi news channel affiliated with the Popular Mobilization Units has fooled the US Department of State’s Reward for Justice program.

On June 10, the program offered a reward of up to $3 million for any information about past or upcoming attacks on US diplomats and diplomatic facilities in Iraq. A phone number was made available to those willing to provide information.

The Telegram channel, Sabereen News, shared a screenshot of the reward offer with a small but significant difference. The channel had changed the phone number in the screenshot to one of their own.

The Reward for Justice program noticed the trick a few hours later and issued a warning with the real phone number on Twitter.

However, the warning came too late. According to the Sabereen News, many people contacted the fake number to provide information for the “Americans”. One of those fooled was a policeman who serves at the Iranian consulate in Najaf city.

Sabereen News noted that everyone who contacted its number with the aim of providing the US with intelligence will be “pardoned”.

The scandal went viral in Iraq with many mocking the Reward for Justice program and those willing to risk their lives for the US. Hashtag (#Sabreen_Scamming_America) trended on Twitter in the country for several hours.

In the last few months, the US grew desperate as more and more attacks targeted its troops, diplomates and supply convoys in Iraq. Washington’s intelligence has failed to address this threat.


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The end

Kill the snitch, that is what Yankies do.


In US there was an old gangster motto – snitches get stitches.

A Clown like you

Money is money…humans kill each other for it, those who saw the money also fell for it. It is a great move by them, a great job more of such actions should take place…go after NGO in Iraq that would make yankees cry.

Last edited 1 year ago by A Clown like you
Simon Ndiritu

Iranians have perfected the art of harassing and embarrassing Americans to their ultimate desperation. There are kids here that tell us how the US is all knowing and invincible, what do they have to say?


I’ve studied the Jews now for some time, and one of their methods, like all tyrannies, is to turn the population of the countries they infect against themselves. East Germany’s Jew run Stasi a great example.

I have also studied insurrections and revolutions of history. In my estimation the ONLY popular insurrection and resistance movement that has truly succeeded was that of the IRA’s in Ireland*. The IRA succeeded because one of their primary focuses was on internal snitches/traitors within the population. Since the IRA blocked the Brits from developing a fully functional snitch network, their “counter-terrorism” efforts were hamstrung.

*Many so-called popular resistance movements were actually Jew run affairs. The French “revolution” a prime example.

Davide Herzog

The only real Revolution was the American one . And it was supported by Russia when British and French tried to delete it by Seccession War . https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/11/03/understanding-tri-fold-nature-of-deep-state/ Ira was just the usual provocation they always use in their colonies , in this case used by mi5 to normalize the chatolic country . They used this method also in Italy with BR and PL . You give guns to the opposition so they become terrorists ( your agents obviously are the leaders of these armed organizations ) and you can use those to eliminate not allineated agents in your own army / police/ politicians / secret setvices members ) and use media to push the public opinion to have a kind of ” state of war ” so that you can kill all the members of the pacefull opposition . Till Russia will not start to use these ancient and really basic and elementary means it will never defeat British empire .

Even if you didn’ t study enough about this item you can have some help watching an old film ” In the name of Father ” .

Last edited 1 year ago by Davide Herzog
Peter Wallace

With America winning the revolution they then made the US into a corporation beholden to the City of London . The price of victory worked out with the British. So if that was the ‘ONLY ” true revolution what does it say for all the others. The UNITED STATES is a corporation, and Congress is a ‘body politic’ – both being Roman style incorporations (make-believe ships) under the original creation/ownership of the Pontifex Maximus (Pope) of the (still existent) Holy Roman Empire.

Lone Ranger

Pardoned before or after the headshot? Oh well…

A Clown like you

They are “pardoned” yes yes…no problem here.

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