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Iraqi Prime Minister Was Forced To Resign After Trump Threatened His Life: Report

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Iraqi Prime Minister Was Forced To Resign After Trump Threatened His Life: Report

caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi

On January 5th, the Iraqi parliament voted on a resolution to expel US troops from the country. In attendance was, caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who, according to reports provided insight into why specifically Iraq was in this situation, and predominantly spoke about threats that came his way from US President Donald Trump and the US policy towards the country.

The following is the summary of reports regarding Abdul-Mehdi’s comments during the January 5 vote of the Iraqi Parliament. These reports have been nor officially confirmed nor denied by the Prime Minister office.

Abdul-Mehdi adressed the US hostile actions against the country. For example, the politician reportedly said that the US refused to complete the infrastructure and electricity grid projects unless it is promised 50% of oil revenues. The Prime Minister refused to make the concession.

Then, when the Prime Minister visited China and reached an important agreement to undertake construction of the projects instead of the US, President Donald Trump allegedly called him, telling him to rescind the agreement with China, otherwise there would be massive demonstrations against him, that would force him out of his seat.

HINT: A 50-person Iraqi delegation visited China in 2019 and that protests began on October 1st, observed a religious holiday, and then ramped up once again on October 25th. The flames of the protests were further fanned by mainstream media outlets.

Then, when massive demonstrations materialized against Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Trump once again allegedly called him. The US President allegedly threatened to position US marine snipers “atop the highest buildings,” who will target and kill protesters and security forces alike in an attempt to pressure the Prime Minister.

Instead of complying, Adel Abdul-Mahdi refused and handed in his resignation and the US still attempt to pressure him in cancelling the supposed deal with China.

Later on, when the Iraqi Minister of Defense publicly said that a third side was targeting both protesters and security forces alike, Abdul-Mahdi allegedly received a new call from Trump who threatened to kill both him and the Minister of Defense if they kept talking about this “third side”.

Furthermore, the Iraqi Pirme Minister revealed that Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was invited to Iraq to take part in reconciliation negotiations with Saudi Arabia when he was assassinated by the US.

On January 6th, Russia and China blocked an anti-Iranian resolution in the UN Security Council, which caused US discontent. Russia and China said any statement by the U.N. Security Council on the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad should also include the latest developments.

“We have seen more events taking place, especially the unilateral action from the United States,” China’s U.N. ambassador, Zhang Jun, told reporters. “If the council is supposed to do something, we should have complete coverage of the whole thing.”

Russian U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia echoed Zhang’s remarks.

“The press statement was nearly ready. It was agreed upon, at least with us and with the U.S.. However then, on 3 January, there was that strike on the airport in Baghdad. To ignore this and not to take this into account in the overall context would be impossible,” Nebenzia told reporters.

The US Embassy in New Delhi in India is closed due to mass protests. Protesters burn flags of the USA and Israel.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia called on Muslim countries to unite to protect themselves from foreign attacks and killings.

Thus, it appears that recent US actions have, once again, undermined its global hegemony and especially may end up reducing its influence in the Middle East, likely counter to its initial plans.


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Ashok Varma

US is a totally lawless and rogue regime now and Trump is a danger to all humanity. It is time for saner people to put Trump in a straitjacketed.


trump is not the issue, the problem is the military and the US government

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Anti-americanism is growing up ever more in Europe too. ameriscums are fucked :D


Kill the Yids….


You slay me, dude.


We prefer to called Ameri-conned’s…


Yeah…I think.


Trump is being Trump, do understand that there is popular support for him – and for this reason the US has to learn to stop killing the people it does not agree with. It will take both Russia and China to stop the US, and this shit will continue until they stand.


…..or until US falls together with the fall of dollar .


only if China starts to liquidate/convert their $ holdings will the dollar drop, but China could not convert them fast enough to not be left with paper


So your rotten MSM liars have explained you everything already. That the indebted beggar US can cancel her debt and that anyways there is no way that US can ever be cornered with their printing machine. So the perfect plan is to have ZILLION dollars printed out of thin air for endless US terrorism and endless US wars and with practically no economy while rest of the planet will work for you the global criminals?

That’s why I think that you deserve no mercy once you (soon ) finish in gutter where you belong.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

trump is a totally sick demented deranged psychopath


As is Hillary Clinton.

J Roderet

Exactly. Pretty much everyone in Washington these days is hopeless. They truly are their own worst enemies.

Stephan Williams

They are OUR worst enemies.

Ray Douglas

All US presidents are just tools of the deep state, (the Israeli state that is). No matter who is the president the same policy will ensue.To personalise it is futile. Proof is that since its foundation in 1776 the US has only been at peace for a handful of years out of 224 years. Need I say more?


I wonder how this will affect his impeachment trial?!!

Albert Pike

His impeachment trial was PR-Fake…


The show must go on!

Albert Pike

It was a show to mobilize his supporters…


It will delay it. Exactly what Trump wanted. Same happened to Clinton, Vote was delayed as Slick Willie decided to bomb Iraq some more. Its a tried and tested formula. Soleimani was essentially asasinated to delay impeachment and get Trump re-elected.


OK Southfront if you kindly would explain why my comment was “marked as spam”and deleted ?! No bad language or anything inappropriate was there. So why than “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by southfront.”?!? And than delete that?! There was some copy paste from some article and link to that source but everybody here does that.


Yids infected SF…..


But this is the 1st time I had something deleted within seconds of publishing…What about many of my other comments that have passed through? I just don’t get it.

Mehmet Aslanak

Don’t worry, it’s not related to SF, but more like glitch at Disqus, it happens to all of us from time to time. Free service so you can’t complain about it.


I don’t agree that it is some kind of “glitch” It is not that my message disappeared or some server error of any kind blocked me from posting. It is warning even while I was posting comment. Before even publishing it like somebody was READING and “preemptively”decided to block publishing and delete it before published when I clicked again to try to publish it despite spam warning and blocking of my comment. And that very moment when I have clicked AGAIN to publish it was immediately deleted. Since when “glitch ” sends spam warning and deletes comment almost immediately after that? And warning based on what “spam” words?!? And what if the name of that glitch is “Admin”?


But it is fuckin annoying. A couple of years ago I went through a really bad patch, where out of 31 posted comments 27 were either “detected as spam” or “pending”. I contacted both SF and Disqus, no one ever got back to me. This from a couple of weeks ago: Redadmiral Redadmiral 15 days ago Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected. Putin, if anything, was altogether too diplomatic. For when we analyse the European Union we find it is a Fascist construct. The EU parliament is a toothless tiger which rubber stamps all the Noteworthy decisions made either by The Council of Ministers or the Commission. Neither of which are democratically elected bodies. Of course it can be argued that the Council of Ministers has some semblance of democracy as the ministers are elected in their own countries. This is not quite true as many ministers are selected not elected as is the case with Greece and Italy, while a number of other countries have a panel system from where many Ministers are selected, although their selection is predicated on their national election process. (For Example, let’s say there are 5 parties running for 300 seats with another 100 up for grabs depending on the party’s %performance in the election in office and all parties must reach 5% of the national ballot in order to secure members of parliament from their panel. Party A gets 35%, B gets 25%, C gets 22% D gets 14%, E gets 4%. Es vote is below the quota, so they do not get a top up from the surplus panel, although they may have gained 10 seats in the election while A may have gained105+35 from the panel with maybe 1/2 more depending on the horse trading. To say the EU is a Democracy is akin to saying the General Electric is a democracy, both are corporate institutions run for their shareholders. And, we whol live and work in the EU are Not shareholders, we are expendable serfs.

Jimmy Jim



Thanks. So they have some kind of Admin control themselves on top of SF in Diqus? I didn’t know that. It wasn’t their logarithm that has found inappropriate word for sure so it was human behind all that.

Wayne Nicholson

It’s not bad language … this is fuck tolerant site.


Z.P. this kinda shit happens myself on a very regular basis. And, SF never get back to me, neither does Disqus a couple of days ago for a change I got “pending” rather than “detected as spam” Redadmiral 2 days ago Pending Excellent oped on murdered General Qassem Suleimani: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/47…


Thanks for the info. The only alternative explanation is the “flagging”. If ones comment is flagged (x times) enough to be labeled as “spam” I think that deleting can be even automatic. But even for “flagging” one must have comment published first.

Your link is ; Error 404 Page not found

Thanks all the same.

Julio Cesar Perez

Once again we see how the US terrorism, is manifested with all its criminality and is supported and backed by a coalition of Western countries that have used slavery, force and terrorism with the other countries for 2 centuries. Now this terrorism is becoming more visible than ever.

Jimmy Jim


Albert Pike

That’s a bid late…

Albert Pike

This is gone make the Irakis and the Iranians wild…

Ceasar Polar

Since isis is defeated the US is now personally doing the terrorist’s job.


Who said they were defeated?! last time I heard, they were gaining strength and regrouping!

Ceasar Polar

In irak even Trump and Pompeo said they are defeated.

Wayne Nicholson

“Trump and Pompeo said ……”

Well there you go …. It seems to me they are defeated when Trump talks about how much better he is than Obama but still a threat when asked why US forces are sitting in the Syrian desert keeping oil from the Syrians.


Pompous lies, cheats and steals. He said so himself on TV.


The US/Israel are recruiting and re-training ISIS most likely.

Towards the end of last year the PMU were ordered by the US to STOP attacking ISIS in their caves and tunnels etc.


if the problem was only Trump, the Americans would have already solved it with a democratic bullet from some agency; but unfortunately for the US and the world the problem is represented by those behind and above Trump and for those a bullet is not enoug


Why, Trump sounds like a Khazarian mobster. Surely this is all deep state framing him. Where is QAnon to explain the 4D chess? Anyone that still believes Tramp is being coerced seriously needs help.

Wayne Nicholson

More like pure New York mobster. He managed to run casinos into bankruptcies 6 times …. that doesn’t happen unless you are skimming and laundering money. He also was a builder in New York …. you don’t do that without making deals with the unions, ready mix companies and waste management companies. This guy is dirty as fuck and connected guaranteed.


Yep. This has been common knowledge for over 40 years…yet his deplorables (how distinctly accurate) don’t know it? Actually, those in his base really don’t care. He is a figment of their deluded imagination of Americanism. Amerika first, fuck the rest. That’s their version of getting along.

Wayne Nicholson

I can’t wait for them to finally get his tax returns. Personally I think he’s a trust fund kid playing real estate mogul while acting as a beard for mobsters. He is so fucken out of his depth right now and Americans are soooo susceptible to cons. At the heart of every one of the recessions since 1980 is a con job and one that no one went to jail for. The S&L crisis, the tech bubble, the financial crisis of 2008 and now the stock buyback bubble …. all con jobs by the rich.


Damn, you actually give me hope.




evil comes out in the open, i guess i’m not surprised but still


Yup, of course.

And thanks for telling is this Iraqis, and we knew it from the start, all the way back to the “demonstration” on the Iranians, we knew it then as we know this, and of course, Trump huh, to much Sopranos, and tried to make Iraqis bow, and this will be an yard stick, the assasination is one thing, this is equally damaging, since this shows us all that the Imperial banana republic is spectaucalry rotten and insane, and watch the Pompeous arse and the pentaGoon squad clowns drool, and the western MSM echoes their insanity, yeah, and we also know that the corrupted to their core MSM will not write about this at all, they need to feed the same propaganda witch they have spoon feed the sheeps for decades to have an justification as they claim they have to be there and now, poff, its gone.

Again, the murder of QS is been hailed as just, uh…. invading, occupying, arming the ISIS, pretend to do something while stealing Iraqis rescourses and whines about people whom fought them when they attacked Iraq in 03 and claims that anyone whom did that is an international terrorist just shows us all how twisted their reality have become, and the UssA gov stil talks like that, and the only ones whom belives this is the so called fake right and the even more fake left, and thanks to this, lord have mercy upon QS soul, we see again much clearer whom is against humanity and suporting the scums of this earth, and whom is not, and this will be much apriciated into the comong future now that any kind of doubt have evaporated completely, sites like Infow to leftards. All in all, the fall out have been frutifull and plenty, and revealed the fakes in an way I could only dream off, and suddenly they are all falling. Unintedended consequences, like inconsistencys, words I really like.

Just like King Bibis sudden denile of everything, yup, and how dead silent it is in the Saudi-barbarian kingdoom, and we indeed are heading into intresting times. Besides, there are aspects I dont tuch, like military strategies, weapon systems, etc, and whom have what from where, its not that its not important, but Iran have things them selfs, witch is good, but some of the gear isnt bad, what lacks is more an wider eh…. range, and in that others have better options, etc to gathering intellegence witch is equally important, but the war will never the less be fought by the Iranians them self, no naming and no shaming, this time the line is drawn, its not an joke or conspiracys anymore.


Karen Bartlett

Well, if true, the Trump may be fully aware of “mass demonstrations” in various countries which are infiltrated by snipers from “unknown” pats which fire on protesters and police, exactly as in what happened in Syria.


…and Ukraine.

jade villaceran

this prime minister sum up usa foreign policy, extortion and intimidation

All Elite

This is the first website where I think I like everyone on here. Lot of intelligent people on here. Cheers.

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