Iraqi Prime Minister Declares Start Of Battle For Tal Afar


On Sunday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the beginning of the “Operation we are coming Tal Afar” to liberate Tal Afar area west of Mosul from ISIS.

“I say to ISIS fighters either you surrender or you will be killed” Abadi said in an official statement.

The Iraqi Army, security forces and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) mobilized more than 40,000 soldier for this operation. The 40,000 Iraqi soldiers will face 2,000 ISIS fighters in Tal Afar.

Iraqi Prime Minister Declares Start Of Battle For Tal Afar

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So far the Iraqi Army captured the following areas:

  • A’abrah Kabira, and A’abrah Saqirah villages northwest of Tal Afar town;
  • Batishah, al-Alam, Khfajah, Halabiah al-Awliah and Mrazif villages east of Tal Afar town;
  • Qazel Qew, and Kasser Mehrab villages southwest of Tal Afar;
  • Al-Najar, and al-Hanash villages east of Tal Afar.

The PMU forces also captured the southern part of the Zambar mountains and cut off the Tal Afar-al-Muhalabiah road.

ISIS has not shown any real resistance so far because ISIS fighters there are poorly armed because of the PMU-Peshmerga siege for almost a year. Iraqi sources believe that the main battle will take place in Tal Afar town.

Photos from the Tal Afar area:

Iraqi Prime Minister Declares Start Of Battle For Tal Afar Iraqi Prime Minister Declares Start Of Battle For Tal Afar Iraqi Prime Minister Declares Start Of Battle For Tal Afar



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  • SKY

    40,000 very well equipped Iraqi Soldiers of course with US equipment all, so will face 2,000 IS Terrorist lol why so many for 2k Isis shitheads send 5000-10000 will do the Job ,but the PM wants to do it very fast i see the point….Nice…

    • Solomon Krupacek

      sky rambo, i assume, it woild be enough, if you alone go there and clean that area.

    • Serious

      To prevent them to liberate the iraqi border.

  • bcbingram

    I hope many give up without a fight, especially those fighters who, through heavy ‘brainwashing’ really truly believe God wants them to kill the infidels.
    In a minor way they are no different than ANTFA supporters here in the states, who look at news videos that plainly show them attacking a legal demonstration, and yet whimper during interviews, “White supremacist caused the violence.”

    • Serious

      Kill what infidels ? The muslims iraqis and syrians ? XD.

      ISIS is just a bunch of criminals sponsors by USA to do BS.

    • Lupus

      Did u have a lack of oxygen at birth?

  • Serious

    Can you fight terrorism without USA ?

    • sagbotgamot

      Yes! Terrorism and USA,Inc. are one and the same.

  • Serious

    In south Syria, in daraa, a man who was selling eggs has became an emir. XD.

    Sunnism is just shit like all abraham religions

  • Serious

    Sunnism is the worst abrahamic religion. An unknown man, Al Baghdadi, has became a caliph. XD. Yes, he has became the caliph of the stupids.

    Anyone can claim to be an emir and start killing those that he doesn’t like even if they are sunnis.

  • Brad Isherwood

    Saudi Snakes maneuver to get back in the game in Iraq. …with US Deepstate blessing.
    Saudi Snakes now court Moqtada al Sadr. ….Sadr who wants PMU influence ended…
    Sadr who wants Assad to go.

    2018 Iraq elections and Future pipeline/ Iraq state reconstruction.

    So…..Saudi arm twist Shia Cleric that Sunni get to stay on and have a piece of the action.

    When 2 Tribes go to War. …..Money’s all that you can Score

    (Frankie goes to Hollywood /Abridged)

    The Smart ISUS/Sunni will check out and wait for new matching orders.
    How are Sunni on human sacrifice?…..Cuz that’s what Tal Afar will be.

    Sunni will need a new hero leader….
    Can they resurrect the Mahdi ?.
    Maybe Chinese Gordon too…..get the British Empire back in the game,
    It’s all good…

    • Serious

      Sunnis are done. They are so stupid and hypocritical and weak.
      All they can do is terrorising. They want power just for power. They do nothing when they have power except BS.

      The ones that ally with sunnis will sink.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Hopefully, Iraq will further side with Syria and the Russian fed once the Islamic State has been driven underground!

  • wimroffel

    Tal Afar is a city of about 200,000. That is the same size as Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. So this could become quite a fight.

  • paulgilpin

    WTH is mounted in the back of that toyota? is that some new trash can that DARPA came up with?