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Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives Mosul To Declare Victory Over ISIS And Liberation Of City

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On Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived Mosul city to announce its liberation.

Al-Abadi toured Mosul and congratulated the Iraqi soldiers, officers and civilians, after Iraqi forces had managed to exterminate most of the remaining ISIS fighters in the city.

Iraqi forces are currently securing the Old Mosul area and chasing a few ISIS fighters trying to escape.

Al-Abadi held a meeting with commanders at the headquarters of the Federal Police in the right side of Mosul, and stressed the need to ensure security and stability in the city and clear it from mines and explosives left by ISIS, and to protect civilians and displaced people.

Iraqi Prime Minister Arrives Mosul To Declare Victory Over ISIS And Liberation Of City

On Sunday, Lieutenant-general Abdul Wahab al-Saadi, deputy commander of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorist Forces, raised the Iraqi flag on the right bank of the Tigris River after the Iraqi Army managed to seize the last ISIS positions in Old Mosul.

From its side, ISIS claimed that the fighting is still ongoing in Mosul. However, Iraqi sources denied this and confirmed that Iraqi forces are currently chasing some ISIS commanders and snipers only, who are trying to escape.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is expected to deliver an official speech on the occasion of liberating Mosul City in the coming hours

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Colin Oskapy

Defeat of ISIS is the defeat of Trump.


Trump only got in office a few months ago, he had nothing to do with all this ISIS shit in Iraq.

Colin Oskapy

There are liars or dimwits whom still think Trump is something.


US created Isis then after changing new president just say i am innocent.

Night Wind

Congratulations to our brothers in Iraq—deserted by the US and demoralized, the Iraqi people stunned the world by taking down these Jihadi pigs and liberating their country. The Iraqi Military; the Shiite, Christian, and Kurdish Militias; the civilians who fought ISIS as spies, snipers, saboteurs; and the Iranian and Chinese military advisors all put aside their differences and took down the common enemy. Next step is to drive out the Pentagon and their NATO toadies.


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A great day. The Iraqis have had to do this with an unsympathetic and at times unhelpful “ally” watching their back. It is not an easy when you witness your “ally” supply your enemy too. But theIraqi Army and the PMU have done it – despite all the odds. A great day!

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