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Iraqi Prime Minister Approves Reopening Of Border Crossing With Syria On Monday

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After months of hesitations and delays, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi have officially approved the reopening of the al-Qa’im border crossing with Syria.

Head of Iraq’s Border Ports Commission (BPM) announced on Saturday the official decision saying that the reopening will take place next Monday.

“The [al-Qa’im] crossing is ready for passenger traffic and also for commercial exchange,” Kazem Mohammed Baisam Al-Oqabi said in a statement, hoping that the reopening of the crossing will help improve relations between Iraq and Syria.

The al-Qa’im border crossing, which was liberated from ISIS in 2017, was supposed to be reopened earlier this month. However, the reopening was delayed several times due to technical problems and security issues.

Iraqi Prime Minister Approves Reopening Of Border Crossing With Syria On Monday

Click to see full-size image. Via Google Earth.

On September 9, Israeli warplanes struck an alleged Iranian missile site southwest of the crossing. The attack was repeated on September 18 and supposedly on September 27.

The reopening of the al-Qa’im crossing is expected to boost the trade between Syria and Iraq, which would have a positive impact on the economic situation in both countries.

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Rhodium 10

First of all they have to deploy Air defense there!…unless they just look how israel destroy Al Bukamal assets!


Looks like the zio criminals are doing all they can to disrupt this crossing hence the attacks on the PMU militia providing security – seems they want their Isis pals to overrun the place


the better communications between iran/iraq and syria and lebanaon the more isolated israel will be and once isolated it’s vulnerable and can be destroyed mercilessly. nothing much to worry about when you weigh in the criminal deeds of israel over the last 100 years.


The US army does it’s best to keep ISIS from total removal in Iraq. From arming and moving around, to attacking Iraqi forces whenever they are close to clearing an area from ISIS and now their active prevention of Iraqi forces from attacking ISIS in the east near Kirkuk and using Pishmarge as kind of a shield for them. US commanders demand Iraqi officers to let them know about their operations and plans, higher army/police officers force local commanders to transfer this information which will be used by US to disrupt the operation. Near Kirkuk ISIS freely wander about the hills and mountains. They are so sure of protection they no longer hide or take cover behind the rocks, just waltz between Iraqi forces’ positions and those of Pishmarge.
Do I need to say when they sense danger, which direction they flee to?

I am confident as soon as crossing gets open, activated and start of traffic, suddenly ISIS will appear out of nowhere and attacks it. Good news is, the good guys fully expect it and are prepared for it.


Thanks again Garga! Always good to see the additional informations you provide!
And it makes sense. All for Israels fear of a TeheranBeirut land route. As if Iran could not already supply Hezbollah with everything it deems necessary.. ;)

Pave Way IV

I suspect a number of these ‘ISIS attacks’ are really ZATO coalition SF or intelligence ops, not real ISIS. At the very least, they’re something like useful, repurposed ex-ISIS from Rukban or al Hawl now on CIA/CENTCOM’s payroll. No way in hell are these guys just living in isolation somewhere in Anbar or Hasaka for months on end, then suddenly decide to carry out a small attack that maybe kills a few Syrian soldiers or Iraqi PMU.

The US and Israel will continue the ‘ISIS threat’ forever to prevent or disrupt any Iraqi-Syrian border crossing, and especially to prevent any oil or gas pipelines from ever running from Iraq to Syria again. Israelis seem particularly psychotic about the possibility of pipelines. Screws up some sort of future Israeli oil theft scheme from Iraq, I suppose.

Zionism = EVIL

ISIS is an even more degenerate version of Americunt special forces. They share the same barracks and supplies and even medical facilities, not to mention free transportation.

Real Anti-Racist Action

It is very important for the people, the civilian population that trade flows freely once again.
It is a human-rights abuse for Israel to in anyway hinder the free movement of trade between two nations.
– Also, how is that whole S-300 thing working out for Syria? I see Israel still bombs Syria on weekly bases with no fear of S-300 whatsoever.

neil barron

Everyone of you commentators here are the epitome of the human rights abuse. Head choppers from the past.

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