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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Showed Off Iranian Combat Drone During Its First Ever Parade (Videos, Photos)

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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Showed Off Iranian Combat Drone During Its First Ever Parade (Videos, Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: al-Hashed.net

On June 26, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) held their first ever parade to commemorate the seventh anniversary of their establishment.

More than 20,000 fighters took part in the parade. Originally, the parade was set to be held in the capital, Baghdad, on June 13. However, policies pressure led to a number of delays. The parade was also moved to the central province of Diyala.

The PMU parade was attended by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi as well as senior officers of the Iraqi military.

“We attended the parade of our heroic army on December 6, as well as the valiant police, and today we attended the parade of our sons in the Popular Mobilization,” the PM said on Twitter after attending the parade. “We affirm that our work is under the banner of Iraq, and protecting its land and people is our duty.”

Several infantry and special forces units of the PMU participated in the Parade. The PMU also showcased several heavy weapons, including up-armored T-72 battle tanks, Iranian-made Toofan mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles and locally assembled TAG Terrier LT-79 armored vehicles.

Several types of howitzers, rocket launchers and locally-made improvised rocket-assisted munitions of different seized were also presented.

During the parade, the PMU also showcased its drones for the first time ever. Most of the drones were types spotted before with Iran allies in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. However, the surprise was an Iranian-made Qods Mohajer-6 combat drone.

The combat drone, which was presented in 2017, has a range of 200 km and an endurance of up to 12 hours. The PMU drone was armed with two Qaem guided munitions.

Surprisingly, after the parade the PMU released a statement in which it denied that a combat drone was presented. The coalition was likely attempting to hide Iran’s involvement.

The PMU was formed seven years ago to combat ISIS. The terrorist group has been defeated. However, the Iraqi coalition, which has been strengthening its capabilities with Iran’s help, is now fighting alongside government forces against the group’s cells in different parts of Iraq.


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US losers are in trouble

It also shows the daily growth of Iranian and Axis of Resistance influence across the region. The Iraqi PMU like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Ansarallah in Yemen are the defacto armed forces of the country. It is time for all resistance groups to unite and expel the US invader losers from the region and then chop off the Zionist cancer.

Jim Allen

I was thinking boycott SF until they set the comments up to block your ass.

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