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JUNE 2021

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Repel Massive Attack Of ISIS On Iraqi border

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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Repel Massive Attack Of ISIS On Iraqi border

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On December 15, ISIS fighters attacked several positions of the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) around the Tall Safuk crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq. The source claimed that ISIS fighters captured three positions of the PMU and burned three others during the attack.

Moreover, Amaq claimed that seven PMU fighters were killed and three armored vehicles of the PMU were destroyed during the clashes in the area.

From its side, the PMU announced that its fighters fully repelled the ISIS attack. Furthermore, the PMU media wing revealed that seven armored vehicles and an armed drone of ISIS attacked the Tall Safuk crossing. The PMU fighters destroyed an armored vehicle and killed five fighters of ISIS while repelling the attack.

Hours later, the PMU announced that its artillery forces shelled several positions of ISIS inside the Syrian territory near the Tall Safuk crossing in response to the ISIS attack.

Since its defeat in Iraq on December 9, ISIS conducted several failed attacks against the Iraqi Army and the PMU positions on the Syrian-Iraqi border in a desperate attempt to re-enter Iraq.

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very nice :))) besides, i rather trust PMU than amaq

Cheryl Brandon

Music to my ears.

Richard M

Daesh are like bugs in a glass jar beating their brains out trying to escape!

Colin Oskapy

The PMU should be on alert for attacks from the US air force in support of Zionist ISIS.

Tudor Miron

Some how I tend to trust PMU more than headchopping rats. They keep trying to bitre but they are nothing close of what it was recently.


Congratulation to PMU, well done. I hope PMU and Syria government joint together to fight as a single front against ISIS-Ddaes (Israel-USA-NATO creation).

Cheryl Brandon

The PMU’s are very well organized; Well done PMU’s; Keep exterminating /keep kicking the arses of the RATS! well DONE hOORAY!


It is not fully clear to me whether the area involved was to the north of the Euphrates or to the south of it.

Wheter IS came out of SAA held territory or the unliberated area between SDF and PMU.

Borat O'Bomba

Tall Safuk is just south east of Hasakah. The attack came directly from sdf controlled territory.


Thank you.

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