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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Liberated 9 Villages At Border With Syria (Videos)

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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Liberated 9 Villages At Border With Syria (Videos)

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The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have liberated nine more villages from ISIS near the recently liberated town of al-Baaj at the border with Syria, according to Iraqi media.

So far, it’s confirmed that the villages of Alyia, Sharji Al-Rawi, Hamd Al-Madlol, Tala Al-Markab, Toman, Rekba Al-Faras and Baar Asabey were liberated.

According to the Badr Organization (a part of the PMU), some 45 ISIS terrorists were killed during the PMU advance on Monday.

The Badr Organization’s statement added that the PMU is advancing in the direction of the al-Waleed border crossing located in the Iraqi province of Anbar.

PMU fighters destroyed an ISIS VBIED and killed a suicide bomber:

Meanwhile, the Iraqi military has denied reports that shells containing white phosphorus were used against ISIS targets in Mosul earlier this week. According to the released statement, the US-led coalition used smoke shells.

Video of the incident:

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The PMU’s of Iraq , are the closest to Deir Ezzor , and it needs back up in a big way right now . The SAA seems to be bogged down in Palmyra , and the Tiger forces , would have to travel through SDF held positions , or go around them . If the Tiger Forces are allowed to pass through SDF by the dam , they could possibly make good time , traveling along the river road . Open desert , not much chance of any big ISIS resistance . The PMU’s need to travel a little more south along the border before they cross towards Deir Ezzor . If the US backed SDF attempts to block either Tiiger Forces or the PMU’s , things could get very nasty for the Kurdish .

Miguel Redondo

Perhaps we have luck and another front is soon opened…

Large force of Iraqi PMF (Hashd/militia) arrive near Qaim in western Anbar province & prepare to liberate it.

Iraq PMF on Syrian border: ISIS is shooting rockets at us from Syria, we refuse US warning about not entering Syria.


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