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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Attack ISIS Terrorists Inside Syria

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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Attack ISIS Terrorists Inside Syria

SOURCE: al-hashed.net

Artillery units of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have shelled ISIS positions inside Syria, the PMU said in an official statement on its website.

According to the statement, the PMU carried out artillery strikes on ISIS targets near the village of al-Desheisha on May 31. ISIS members  were allegedly “trying to reach [Iraqi] troops deployed along the border, taking advantage of the bad weather conditions”.

Last week, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that Iraqi troops had secured secured the border with Syria in Upper Euphrates and had eliminated ISIS members there.

Hoewever, ISIS units operating in the Syrian-Iraqi border area are still posing a notable security threat. If the Iraqi government wants to eliminate them, it will need to boost its activity in the area further.

The analysis below was originally released by SF on August 27, 2017:

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At least somebody that still fights to help Syria and Assad there. in the EASTERN PART of Syria
Hope that the Tribal Sunni Troops kill a few American CIA and Special Forces g@rbage among the ISIS
(These “Popular Mobilization Units” are the ex-Saddam-tribes)

The question is… where are the daily Russian air-bombardments? Damn’ quiet there since Bibi was in Moscow on the 9th of May..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Russians have never bombed here ever, they can’t, it’s all SDF and the US. The French, the Iraqis, the US and SDF are SUPPOSEDLY fighting Isis here but it’s taken the them 6 weeks to try and eliminate one small pocket of less than 1500 fighters, who’re crammed into a small sardine can right on the border of Iraq at Hajin. What a joke. The Iraqi’s are the only ones really determined to get rid of Isis north of the Euphrates, they did it on their side of the border already and want the US to do the same on theirs [Assad’s].
About 20 airstrikes since may 9th it is a little slow, just remember Iran’s operating in Idlib and Hama now where a lot of Russian airstrikes were taking place, that may be a part of the reason it’s lightened off a bit.


Were these Iranians recently arrived from southern Syria?


Oh shut up Saudi shit stain.


The iraqi armly will do nothing. Note that USA, the iraqi army and Russia has all stopped fighting ISIS. Very strange behaviour.

Of course, USA is supporting ISIS. The iraqi army is a US puppet who can do nothing without autorization from USA. And, Putin is collaborating since the beginning with USA.

George King

PMU consist of Sunni and Shia and are incorporated into the Iraqi Armed Forces. Damn’ quiet = calm before the storm in Daraa, fast and furious coming soon. The FSA and Wahhabi goons will be destroyed in Syria and only have the Golan Heights to retreat to but that will not save them……

Still waiting for SA to get involved openly in Syria with troops, Kabam!


I personnaly rely on PMU, not on the iraqi army.

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