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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units’ Artillery Pounds ISIS Positions In Eastern Syria

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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units' Artillery Pounds ISIS Positions In Eastern Syria

SOURCE: al-hashed.net

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) announced on January 18 that its artillery force has stricken several positions of ISIS around the town of al-Susah in the middle Euphrates River Valley in eastern Syria.

“According to initial information, more than 15 fighters of ISIS organization were killed in the shelling,” the PMU media center said in a short press release.

The town of al-Susah was liberated by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) a day earlier. However, the terrorist group still has several positions around the town, especially south and west of it.

A senior commander of the PMU said earlier this week that the Iraqi force is coordinating with the Iraqi and Syrian governments in order to eliminate the remaining ISIS fighters in Euphrates Valley. The commander went on to say that the PMU is ready to enter Syria to achieve this task.

During the last few months, the PMU and the Iraqi military took several steps in order to ensure that ISIS fighters fleeing from their last strongholds in eastern Syria will not manage to sneak into Iraq. So far, these steps have appeared to be effective enough.

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Oh! I thought them Iraqi military needed to seek prior permission from their master, USA.

Promitheas Apollonious

mocking a population that has been slaughtered and insulted in all possible ways, by the western scum of the earth, does not give you credit and show low level mentality on your behalf.


A lot of the PMU are likely more loyal to Iran than the Iraqi army

Brother Ma

They are loyal to Sadr the Shia leader ,not necessarily the puppet American President of Iraq.


PMU,putting it up to the zioniss..Fantastic.

You can call me Al

Now these boys are fighters.

Oh by the way Kurd fucks, once ISIS are finished in about 3 days, they are coming for YOOOUUU.


The SDF will join with the SAA! They will surrender and retreat!

You can call me Al

Have a look at the article just in about the Kurdish demands.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Iraqis were the ones who started this campaign against Isis anyway, they’ve been actively fighting against Isis in northern Syria since April last year. In fact it was the Iraqis who threatened to launch an invasion into northern Syria that got the SDF actively fighting Isis again after a long pause. They launched airstrikes against Isis in Al Hasakah province in early to mid April, and told the media that they hadn’t asked for US permission or coordinated the strike with them, but instead only asked for Assad’s permission to attack them. Within a few days the US also commenced airstrikes against them, and within a week the Kurds had started attacking them again.
If you subscribe to the Syrialiveuamaps, you can use their timeline feature to focus on the events that happened between March through to May, and you can see where the initial airstrikes by the Iraqis is what really got things moving again, from the start of the year until april the Kurds weren’t doing anything much but defending against Isis, not actively attacking them at all, what I call the first of 2 separate Kurish strikes.
If what I say makes no sense at all and you have a subscription to Syrialiveuamaps, please take the time to check out what did happen in Northern Syria between January and July, pay special attention to April when I claim the Iraqis broke the first Kurdish strike, I think it should be obvious to anyone what the Kurds were really doing during that period. If you want to see what I mean by the second strike, just repeat the process, you’ll see that the Kurds purposely left the Hajin for so long for exactly the same reason. They only got rid of Isis in the Northern areas to appease the Iraqis, when they’d done enough to stop the Iraqis invading as they threatened to do, they just left Hajin to fester for as long as they could, that is until Trump brought in all the Arab and Christian militias to do to the fighting instead, that broke the second Kurdish strike.
In the Youtube video I link pay attention to the grey blobs in the Northern US/Kurdish areas that represent Isis, and pay attention to what happens.
In April the first blob that covers Al Hasakah and northern Deir ez Zor [and even if the map doesn’t show it some parts of eastern Ar Raqqah as well], had an estimated 5000+ Isis fighters, by the end of July they had all gone to ground except for 400 that were either captured or killed, so 4600 got away and are still out there.
Then we can see the very small pocket at Hajin with an estimated 1,500 fighters has lasted well over 8 months, until Trump brought in the Arab and Christian strikebreakers that is, now they’re nearly history.
On the map all the red circles appearing over Northern Syria above the Euphrates river are all Iraqi forces, if you have a subscription to Syrialiveuamaps check and see what the Iraqis were actually doing using the timeline feature, if not just get an idea from watching this video, which is totally excellent, even though it’s made up of a compilation of images by the US deep states asskissers themselves, but NY mapper has done an excellent job of putting it together, and taken a lot of time to do it, thanks buddy whoever you are, you made my life so much easier with this one video.


“Images by the US deep states asskissers”, pretty much sums up “Syrialiveuamaps”.
No wonder you seem to be rewriting the wars history, your reference is a US State Dept NGO.
I would refer you “edmaps.com”, who I believe SF uses, are clear, and without all the colored blobs confusing by obstructing,( the American way).
Specifically a map dated March of 2016,
“Rojava, The Syrian Kurdistan A Official Kurdish View”.
I refer to our previous conversation concerning the Christians in Al Qamishli and Al Hasakah who have been protected by the SAA throughout the war. The city of Hasakah’s nearest ISIS territory is 40 – 50 miles south of it. Therefore Trump has not just saved those Christians, but the SAA did, and before 2016.
Truth is singular, not plural, or is disinformation your specialty.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you don’t read SF regularly enough you may have missed all their references to Syrialiveuamaps images and comments, or it’s very regular parroting of articles straight from the SOHR, or it’s articles from any of the other US arse kissing organizations, read just the last dozen articles published from SF and if you can’t spot 3 or 4 articles from any of these your pretty one eyed. SF uses info from every source imaginable but unlike me never qualifies the information was taken straight from the enemies propaganda websites, or even speculates on it’s veracity.

US-LED COALITION AIRSTRIKES KILL SCORES OF CIVILIANS FLEEING ISIS IN EUPHRATES VALLEY, According to a recent report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 373 civilians have been killed by coalition forces since last September.
SF/ On January 16, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency released a map of the alleged safe zone in the area east of the Euphrates in northern Syria.

That’s just from the last few days.
I couldn’t quickly find any references or images from Syrialiveuamaps over the last few days on the recent SF articles, but there are many I’ve seen on SF, LOL, you’re telling me off for using Syrialiveuamaps but ignore the fact SF uses them too, even worse they directly quote article from the SOHR and other enemy propaganda sites with no disclaimers, that’s nearly a sin in my eyes, do you read and believe SOHR articles just because their republished on SF, you shouldn’t.
Syrialiveuamaps is run by the enemy but it’s hard to use it as a propaganda tool, it’s maps buddy, with just the headline news, there’s not much they can falsify or change about the factual information, instead pick on SF for republishing straight out propaganda from the SOHR if you want something legit to whinge about Ronald, they do change the facts to suit their own ends, unlike Syrialiveuamaps which from the time I’ve used it, has been by far the most accurate map of all, and very easy to use EVEN IF IT IS FROM THE ENEMY.

As to the syrialiveuamap video I linked it’s not very easy to see everything but the syrialiveuamap site itself is not cluttered at all, that’s what you should use if you can. Each little circle has a headline event you can verify from any source you like.

“No wonder you seem to be rewriting the wars history”

That is an entirely offensive comment and totally incorrect, explain to me how you believe I’m rewriting history with anything I said in my comment. I’ve got sick of having to link articles to people to verify statements I make, it takes a lot of time and effort, but I”ll make an exception, I’ll try and verify everything I said using only pro Russian and Syrian websites, I say that because I didn’t exclusively use Syrialiveuamaps to draw the conclusions I have, I very rarely used it at all to understand anything, it sometimes just shows me the headlines and the dates and I have to verified everything myself and come to my own conclusions. It does have the best mapping and info system bar none, it make understanding troop movements and territorial gains easy for anyone to see, ten time better than anything else you’ll find on the pro Russian sites.
Tell me one or two of the things I said that you have a major dispute with, and I’ll try my best to link you only pro Russian/Syrian articles to prove my assertions.
If you think you can work out what’s going on by only reading and trusting your own sides news outlets, your dooming yourself to ignorance. Your own side has to hide things from you because they have to hide things from the enemy, sometimes the enemy knows things you don’t, don’t you want to know the truth just because it came from the enemies side, good luck with that reasoning.
I don’t remember what you said about the Christians, link your comment.


29th of Dec/18, “US Forces Withdrew From One of their Bases”
You had claimed US had just liberated them from ISIS “6 or 7 months ago”, when in fact 2 years previous ISIS had been driven 40 or 50 miles south of Hasakah, and that is according to the Kurdish map. Further you claimed the US allowed the Syrian Air Force to resupply those Christian enclaves when that is not the case.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t understand the first part of your reply to me, you’ll have to copy and paste what I said and your response, I don’t have the time to look it up.

You shouldn’t rely on Kurdish maps too much either if you don’t trust the syrialiveuamap, do you think they’d be more reliable do you, I don’t.
I did make a mistake in my last comment, I wrongly said that all the red circles above the Euphrates river represented Iraqi forces, that was incorrect, when you see a red circle over the SAA enclaves, that represents the SAA or Russia dropping off supplies, I don’t have a subscription to syrialiveuamaps but when you use the timeline feature and go back to the relevant dates and then highlight the little red circles, they give you some info.

All the deliveries to Al Qamishli were by SAAF or by the Russians, the first back in June + Aug 2016 , a slight pause, then back to business as usual.
As far as I know only Russian and Syrian aircraft flew in the supplies NO ONE else, and no they didn’t just fly in UN supplies, they flew supplies, weapons and ammo for their troops as well, I didn’t read that anywhere but I’m going to assume it anyway, they’d be pretty stupid if they didn’t.
And taking the 2 hours to find this for you I also found out the airport itself was open for commercial air travel too, just as soon as it became safe enough after the SDF tool back control of the surrounding areas from Isis.

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