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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Are On High Alert To Prevent ISIS Inflitration From Syria

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Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units Are On High Alert To Prevent ISIS Inflitration From Syria

Members of the Popular Mobilization Units march during a parade marking the annual al-Quds Day, or Jerusalem Day, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Baghdad, Iraq, July 1, 2016. IMAGE: REUTERS/Khalid al-Mousily

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi) have declared a state of high alert in western Iraq, according to reports by local media.

“The forces of divisions 17 and 18 of Iraq’s Hashd al-Sha’abi have been stationed along Akashat-al-Qaem international highway from al-Ratabeh Intersection to the West of al-Anbar Province,” Commander of the PMU’s Division 17 Jasem al-Nouri stressed, according to the al-Ma’aloumeh news website .

Al-Nouri revealed that the PMU is working to keep security in this area and added his forces are prepared to confront ISIS attempts to inflitrate from Syria into Iraqi territory.

Pro-PMU sources also accused the US military deployed in the Syrian-Iraqi border area of exploiting ISIS terrorists for own purposes. In particular, the US allegedly allows the remaining ISIS terrorists to cross from the al-Tanf area in Syria and attack PMU units stationed in western Iraq.

The analysis below was originally released by SouthFront August  27, 2017:

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Promitheas Apollonious

well when you the scum of the earth is hard to change or help your self. You are the scum and you must prove it in every opportunity. If the opportunity dont come you just create it.


Forget about isis and get rid of nato.

isis is just a shadow to peoples flaws.

nato is more pagan than isis.

The poison of paganism is more lethal than isis.


The Iraqis need to start passive resistance against the invaders.
The invaders rely on Iraqis to serve them, that should stop.
If all the workers that serve them in the hotels work as translators maintain the equipment the Americans use to steal their oil etc went on strike the occupation would fail.

The Palestinians could get rid of the Jews the same way, saying you hate them whilst working as their servants is the road to slavery.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Brilliant. Passive resistance is extremely successful. It also bogs down Zionist plans for Iraq and makes occupation very expensive.
If they block the roads that supply NATO bases then NATO will have to rely on aerial supplying. Which we know is a lot more expensive especially over months and years time.
They should sit and stand in front of US supply trucks with news crews watching daring NATO to just start running over the indigenous people.
This will turn heads at the UN and even India will take a more vocal role in speaking against the occupation in Iraq.


Gandhi stopped the last empire enslaving his people using the tactics you describe.


But Gandhi was not dealing with merciless US killers and NATO occupiers who have used every banned weapon against Iraqi, Syrian and Afghan civilians. Indians did not lose a million civilians to the departing UK Raj in 1947 or face daily bombings.


But it’s American public opinion that is Americas chink, if they start executing peaceful people in the street like they did in Vietnam, they will face the same backlash.


US will use Sunni terrorist groups to block the Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon rail and highway project. It is no coincidence that ISIS rebranding is happening in central Syrian deserts under US and NATO supervision and attacks in Aleppo and Damascus countryside have increased.


Yes but what has that got to do with evicting the Americans.
Trying to fight all of the American tentacles at once is doomed, but even the Sunnis want the Americans gone.
One step at a time, later perhaps Iraq could have a democratic partition and the Sunnis can have their part of the country.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Iraq is already occupied territory. See all of those foreigners in your lands? Those are called invaders.
Everyone around the world should go take care of the invaders in their own home lands and send them packing pack to their own homelands. Fair is fair.comment image?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com

Jens Holm

Mainly crap. ISIS any time can pass that long border because its impossible to cover.

Fine the Iraqians again has enough troops to cover the border better and catch some now and then.

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