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Iraqi PMU Reached Border With Syria In Western Nineveh

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Iraqi PMU Reached Border With Syria In Western Nineveh

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The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have reached the border with Syria in the western part of the Iraqi province of Nineveh.

PMU fighters have liberated the villages of al-Falus, al-Ani, Markab and the nearby areas, reaching the area in Syria controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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Jasminko Grdic

GO GO Go to Der Zoir > Abu Kamal


About time!


The Americans will not be pleased :)

Henry O'Neill

how are we not pleased the Iraq forces reached the border not Asad’s guys


Because of who JMU answers to within Iraq, which is home to the joint command incl RU and Iran, JMU also prevented escape of Mosul ISIS in direction of Syria.

Tom Tom


Free man

You should not be pleased. These are Shiite jihadists who will fight the United States at the first opportunity they get. This is an example of American’s lack of understanding of what is happening in the Middle East.

Solomon Krupacek



PMU crossing into the Syrian territory would infringe on SDF positions and westward movement will act as a barrier for further SDF expansion towards Deir Ezzor. Americans may not like it, but this is the present day reality.


There are already (friendly) pictures on internet of PMU forces together with YBS forces. I think there will be no clash at all, at least not for the present.

SDF expansion direction DeZ might already be in the making as there is talk in pro SDF media on a new drive southward out of Shaddadi towards Markadeh and beyond and as the advance south of the Euprates out of Taqbah direction both west and southward has restarted.

In my opinion both SAA and SDF would be wise to coordinate to some extent so as to avoid unnecessary confrontations.


Forget the internet pictures, PMU is Shia driven, specifically by Iran to fully establish borders with Syria, territorial advances and gains by SDF have to have a limtation, since neither Syria nor Iran entertain the mindset of ceding teritories to them. The SDF is being played by the US, it is a US proxy, they should keep in mind that US disposes anybody after they are finished up with them.

Miguel Redondo

YBS is a Yazidi militia , they are neighbours of the kurds. YBS cooperates with PKK (YPG) only in the goal of fighting ISIS.


Best news in a while , they should be heading to Deir Ezzor just west of their crossing . They will be able to relieve the SAA there , and take the east bank of the river enroute . The USAF bombed the bridges in Dier Ezzor , last year , so they will need a couple of portables . Now if the SAA can get over the Yankies insults about the al Tanaf crossing , they should be able to move on , and come in from the west .


Yes, good news, I anticipate SAA movement towards Deir Ezzor to link up with PMU, I do not see the Yankee insult vanishing away, SAA and allies will continue operations in Southern Syria.


Methinks logically there’s still a whole lot of Iraq that needs to be cleansed of ISIS before they should move into Syria. Then again ISIS in Syria is no different then ISIS in Iraq, and since it would seriously piss off the US and the KSA, go for it!


It would piss off Turkey too.

John Brown

They need to close off the entire Jordanian border to cut off the supply lines of ISIS from the Israeli master of ISIS and USA and Saudi Israeli puppets.


The PMU can swing south from this point down the border road on the Iraqi side. This may speed up the process of clearing out Daesh trash from the Iraqi desert. Good move PMU !


lets see if they stop there. if they continue …trouble…


I would like to say this, YEA-YUH!!!

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