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JUNE 2021

Iraqi PMU Carried Out ‘Special Operation’ To Neutralize ISIS Supplies In Kirkuk (Photos)

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Iraqi PMU Carried Out 'Special Operation' To Neutralize ISIS Supplies In Kirkuk (Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: al-hashed.net

On May 22, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) announced that they had neutralized the supplies of ISIS cells in Kirkuk during a special operation in the province’s southwestern region.

In an official statement, deputy commander of the PMU’s 1st Special Missions Regiment, Khalil al-Hajami, said that the operation was carried out in the towns of Ziklabana, Jiam, Dabbagh and Al Bouzerga after receiving intelligence about ISIS activities and supplies there.

“The force found loads of ammunition, explosive materials as well as hideouts that ISIS used to attack the PMU and the security forces,” al-Hajami said in the statement. “These were the most important supplies of ISIS in those areas.”

A number of photos of the successful special operations in southwestern Kirkuk were released by the media wing of the PMU.

PMU units also carried out a combing operation between the towns of Hilewah and al-Zarka in southwestern Kirkuk. In the course of the operation, two hideouts, logistic equipment, loads of light ammunition, a booby-trapped vehicle and a motorcycle were found.

ISIS cells have been very active in Kirkuk. During the holy Islamic month of Ramadan [between April 12 and May 12], the terrorists carried out 73 attacks in the province.

The PMU’s operations will for sure improve security in Kirkuk. Nevertheless, more efforts are still needed to crop ISIS influence in the province.


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