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Iraqi Parliament Vows To Send Troops To Areas Disputed By Kurdistan Regional Government


Iraqi Parliament Vows To Send Troops To Areas Disputed By Kurdistan Regional Government

On Monday, the Iraqi Parliament vowed to send troops to disputed areas in northern Iraq that controlled by Peshmerga forces, a military force of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

“Parliament demands that the head of the army [PM Haider al-Abadi] deploy forces in all of the zones the autonomous region of Kurdistan has taken control of since 2003,” the parliament demanded in a released resolution.

Now, the government is obliged to comply with the resolution if it direclty follows Iraq’s constitution.

Commenting of the risks of hot conflict. the prime minister’s spokesman Saad al-Hadithi told AFP: “If there are clashes in these zones, it will be the job of federal forces to apply the law.”

Earlier on Monday, the KRG started an active phase of the indepdendence referendum in the KRG-held areas, including dipsuted areas like Kirkuk, that was expected to turn the Iraqi region into an independent Kurdish state.



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  • Ivanus59

    Unfortunately this might delay the push for liberation of Al Qaim and thus of Al Bukamal by SAA and Iraqis… thus buying time for SDF to get closer to it. :I

    • Ronald

      ISIS , first , boarders and then airports .

  • dutchnational

    So they say they are going to send their world (in)famous army towards the KRG pesh merga (pm). They arrive at pm held and dug in entrenched checkpoints and then what?

    PM say they will not budge, what are you doing here? Go, fight some IS somewhere elso or so.

    And then?


  • Robin Morritt

    The Americans have dictator Barzani’s back, so this is going to be messy. It also takes the heat off Islamic State. People are going to suffer mightily for this.

  • That country of the United States of America is a monster that relies on spilling & sucking blood, destroying the environment & property as well as creating everlasting misery.

  • Pave Way IV

    Areas disputed by the KRG? That would be 1) any oil-bearing land in Iraq, and 2) anyplace the Barzani clan decides it wants, and 3) territory that could be used by the US/Israel for a sneak attack on Iran.

    That really doesn’t leave much left for the Iraqis.

  • Len Zegelink

    bomd the kurd ,like russiaa do ,the kurd,s are usa en israel rats

    • Gavin Allen

      Grow up, dumb racist.

  • American Democracy

    the Islamic world is in ruins. Muslims have put nationalities, cultures, race above islam, and until they relize that none of those exist in islam they will be ruined. Muslims are stronger together not devided. You see other parts of the world uniting. Take for example the European union, that has 28 nations becoming one, cause they leave the diffrences out for the sake of defending their lands. They have come together to protect each other.