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Iraqi Parliament Removes Pro-Independence Kurdish Governor Of Kirkuk. One Of Key PMU Leaders Warns Of “Inevitable” Civil War After Referendum

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Iraqi Parliament Removes Pro-Independence Kurdish Governor Of Kirkuk. One Of Key PMU Leaders Warns Of “Inevitable” Civil War After Referendum

Iraq’s new premier Haider Abadi (C) attends the parliament session to submit his government at the parliament headquarters in Baghdad, September 8, 2014. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani

On Thursday, the Iraqi Parliament in a majority vote decided to remove the Kurdish governor of Kirkuk, Najmaldin Karim, shortly after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi sent a letter to the parliament asking for the move.

Karim is a supporter of the Kurdistan Region independence as well as an idea to hold the vote in the province of Kirkuk that is not a part of Iraqi Kurdistan ruled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

As a result of the ongoing conflict in Iraq, Peshmerga forces, an armed force of the KRG, have seized control over the Kirkuk provincial capital and the nearby oil-rich areas. They use this to justify the KRG’s claims on the area.

Meanwhile, Hadi al-Ameri, secretary-general of the Badr Organization, said during a festival in Najaf province that a civil war would become “inevitable” if the escalation “continues on the same rate regarding the issue of Kurdistan Region’s referendum,” according to Rudaw.

The Badr Organization is a paramilitary organization of the Shia Islamist party “Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq” (ISCI). The Badr Organization is one of the key elements of the Popular Mobilization Units – an influential alliance of militias incorporated into the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The KRG is seeking to turn Iraqi Kurdistan into an independent state that includes the area of the autonomous region as well as the nearby oil-rich areas and the city of Kirkuk not governed by the KRG.

An Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum is set for September 25. These actions become a reason of the ongoing escalation between the KRG and the Iraqi government.

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Richard Noel Hedditch

Good move. Remove a few Kurdish Governors. American-appointed trash no good for Iraq.


So, kurds want to create kurdistan on arab lands ??? Push them where they belong and bomb them if they try to grab arab lands.

Jacek Wolski

Quick, do something before it’s too late!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Keep dreaming as this can all easily be countered through politics and any crying from Israel and the US can continue to wail as much as they want.

Jacek Wolski

You snooze you lose!


Sadam was right !

Jacek Wolski

But he is also dead ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Soon will also be Barzani by the USrael to cause the havoc to begin this conflict to keep their ISIS around just a truth about it, Besides you can research it yourself.

Jacek Wolski

I have researched this topic and absorbed copious amounts of information and formed my opinion. But it seems if people disagree with my stance on this issue they become vulgar and display insidious behaviour. Humanity displaying its true face. I await the 25th of Septeber with baited breath. Have a nice day ✌?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well you may as well as the US and UK might force the issue in regards to the referendum and ordered all Kurdish forces to be disarmed as they can take the equipment back, since Barzani still owes on them. That happens when you back the wrong horse and possibly the Turks will be unleashed instead of being kept back by the US and Russians.

Please in the mean time brush your teeth so you prevent the rot from reaching extraordinary proportions.Since they are going to be told 2 years time and maybe it will be held , don’t like racist Barzani anyways he would fit in with many racists on the left.

Jacek Wolski

And your personal opinion is not going to sway my opinion, nor is it going to change world events that are out of your control. You’re nothing but a spec of dust on this planet amongst 7.5 billion people. So keep yapping until your tongue is dry and keep screaming till you’re blue in the face. And stop being a racist towards Kurds, you’re nothing but a hypocrite. Take a chill pill and get of your high horse, the fall will be mightly unpleasant as the future unfolds. Have a nice day.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just not racist am opposed to those proclaiming false histories and try to hide their actions and call themselves something they are not. Now don’t get me started on the Dutch and many others , you seem more like a racist and an elitist.

The one who has been on the horse going nowhere is you and you shouldn’t get mad as to what will happen in 4 days , don’t cry.

Take something to help with your constipation ducolax will work it should clear that blockage easier and hydrate more, don’t be so dry and stale.

Jacek Wolski

Stick that ducolax up your arse you pill popping junkie since you know so much about it. You’re not making any sense what so ever. Still recovering from the lobotomy you received last night? Or is the blurred speech from drinking your sorrows away? And yes, you keep riding that donkey round and round in circles talking to yourself like a madman that you are.


What is wrong with these F’ing Kurds?? They want a part of Syria to make “an Independent Kurdish Region”. The Kurds in Iraq and Turkey also want the same thing. They seriously want 3 different countries for themselves. And they expect that since they are a majority in a city/province, that they deserve to take that land and make it a country for themselves. Following that logic is retarded, that would mean that a city like Dubia would become a new colony for India or Africa since they out number the shity shit-head “locals”. If you ask me, the Kurds are NOTHING but greedy Turds. Hopefully they get their ars kicked

jason sixx

Not retarded logic … zionist landgrab/oilsteal / resourcehogging logic


For a long time we were asking, when are the Iraqi PMU going to cross over into Syria to help the SAA deal with ISIS? And now we’re approaching the moment where the reverse may happen. That ISIS in Syria will be defeated, but manages to survives in Iraq, because the Shia are busy fighting the Kurds, the Sunni will start fighting the Shia again and the Kurds will fight everyone for their independent state. Which will leave ISIS in Iraq in the clear as everybody will be too busy to deal with them. Except maybe the SAA.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Majority of the Sunni have already agreed to fight the Kurds there will be no real threat from the Sunni Arabs until they settle the Kurds. The US always overplays the sectarian divide it is much like Syria in that regard true Iraqis always rise against those that oppose them regardless of religion. The Barzani-Zebari faction seems bent on the destruction of the Kurds in this regard seems like the US warned as the Sunni/Shia divide is more US myth right now since they did all vote the referendum was illegal.

The US is trying it’s utmost to create this and play in the background, what is needed is a replacement of the US appointees in all positions whom are against the Iraqi govt.

Boon Sing Tan



Exactly, the Kurds are the new US pawns after the previous US pawns (ISIS) were defeated.

Wahid Algiers

The kurdish land grabbing trash is informed. if they stay stubborn they could test what Irqa, Syria, Turkey and Iran are thinking.


Kurds should seek statehold in the West … maybe England

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What many overlooked here was unity vote from the Shia and Sunni sending a message to the Kurds you don’t break up their country just because the US and Israel want you to do this. Just isn’t going to happen as long as they realize united they stand ,divided they fall ensuring US and Israel will destroy them all.

Moussa Saab

Nice rhyme at the end.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Thanks, it was unintentional though it just fit the phrasing.

Marc Fischer

The Kurds don’t seem to have much in the way of brains. They can’t seem to realize that they are surrounded by hostile states that will definitely not be interested in major land concessions to a stateless ethnic group, especially if that land concession happens to include oil and gas fields…

Hamud Mohamed

The kurds will not get what they want, because they are splitting up the whole region and creating chaos in the ME and backed by Israel

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