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Iraqi Military Reveals New Details About Its Airstrikes Inside Syria

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Iraqi Military Reveals New Details About Its Airstrikes Inside Syria

By the Iraqi Air Force official Twitter account

On April 22, spokesman for the Iraqi Security Media Center Brigadier General Yehia Rasool revealed in an official stament that one of the Iraqi Air Force’s April 19 airstrikes against ISIS in Syria had targeted a headquarter of the terrorist group that had been hosting several commanders.

Brig. Gen. Rasool added that the airstrikes had been ordered in response to credible information about ISIS hostile acitivities in the targeted positions. According to Rasool, more than 36 ISIS fighters and commanders were killed in the airstrikes.

The office of Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on April 19 that warplanes of the Iraqi Air Force had carried out a series of airstrike against positions of ISIS in eastern Syria. The Iraqi aerial operation was welcomed by the Damascus government and the US-led coalition.

Several Kurdish and Iraq sources claimed earlier this month that the Iraqi Army is planning to carry out anti-ISIS operation inside Syria and suggested that such operation will be only coordinated with the US-led coalition. However, Syrian and Iraqi sources say that the recent airstrike were coordinated with Damascus via the joint intelligence-sharing HQ in the city of Baghdad. This HQ includes representatives of Iraq, Syria, Russia and Iran.

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Richard M

Hope the Orcs had time to scream like be@tches as the bombs came slamming down! :D




Iraqi Airfors 100 % more effectiv than US Coalition air farces !

Nigel Maund

No surprise there when the USAF, RAF, IAF and FAF are the terrorists personal airforce!

Mark Tyrone Chia

If Iraq tells the fake US Coalition Against Terrorism where Iraq intends to strike US will warn their Daesh terrorists in advance.


IRAQ should not have to tell US what they are Doing ,Just do the RIGHT THING KILL ISIS


Iraqi army is wise they will never coordinate with US and Co because ISIS terrorists are US and NATO armies.

Nigel Maund

Well said Rob!


In the world who are super power America who have all types of latest technology but no faith or Afghani Taliban that I am not sure they have food for one or two times to eat but they have strong believe in God and will never kneel in front of atheist Israel except God? US and NATO both proclaimed that Afghani Taliban are terrorists. They have done the WTC incidence and then they attacked Afghanistan that it gonna be a fun. But now US and NATO cannot leave Afghanistan due to shame. US requesting to Pakistan that please tell to Taliban to set with us to negotiate but they have denounce the American request. Even US and NATO sent ISIS terrorists from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan by helicopters to defeat Afghani Taliban but still 70% land is in the Afghani Taliban control. So now my question is who are super power America or Afghani Taliban.


You’re a fucking retard if you think life under the Taliban is magically good because they “believe in God”. Super power or not, you wouldn’t last a fucking day living under the Taliban. Worthless piece of shit.

And plus, this thread has nothing to do with Afghanistan or the Taliban. You must be a worthless autistic piece of shit. I am certain of it. The world would be a better place if your tongue was sliced off and your crippled little spammy hands broken up like soup crackers.


Your statement indicate that definitely you would be from Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, PKK or Boko Haram. FO

this name is better

they are corrupt there was a point when the taliban ment something but that belief has been clouded it is fact that taliban produce 80 percent or so of opium they rely on drugs and extortion to keep their operations going not to mention the oppression of women and the purging of other religious groups such as christians what your saying is wishful thinking


The Taliban are fucking allies of Al-Qaeda. God you’re a fucking moron. Can’t even get your facts straight. And yes they are in fact butchers or thieves. You don’t know jack shit about Afghanistan. Large swathes of the Afghan population detest the Taliban and in fact the predecessors of the Taliban were armed and supported by the US in the 80s.

this name is better

lmfao that’s funny


Trump’s admin definitely scaling down aid to “terrorists” Hope Iraq Air Force steps attacks up vs ISIS in E Syria. Actually Believe Trump wants to do right thing & end all aid/protection to Isis, but deep State is still a major thorn

Rafik Chauhan

Iraqi should not coordinate with US and allies any air attack on daesh. Bcuz daesh will change their postion immediately. with US warning. Iraq/Russia/Syria/iran alliance is the best way to get rid of all terriost in the region


Thanks for the good news, the Kurds are to preoccupied with Turkey to devote anything of significance to the problem, but did the Iraqis just telegraph their intentions?


Let us know when the air strikes are on where the ROOT of these wars is located –Tel Aviv.

Everything else is a waste of time and money and serves only to DISTRACT from what Israel is doing, especially to Palestinians and exhausts the morale and finances of the “Good” guys.

The Rothschild Family can hire virtually unlimited Zionist mercenaries, which they have already demonstrated they can do

What will it take for Russia, Syria, Iran and yes even Iraq, to wake up to that truth

Close down Israel !

klove and light

it takes time for iraq to build an army again including air defence.russia is helping.but it takes time.not until they have a air defence(i read some where that russia sold them over 300 pantsir systems with 1000 battle tanks), can they rightfully DEMAND not ask for nato to leave their country.ofcourse through the saudis(with loads of money) they are trying to put a barrier in between iraq and iran.but it seems that future called meetings between bin salman and albadi have been canceled due to public outcry!!


The question is, do Iraqi F-16s “phone home” to General Dynamics or whoever when they fly?

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