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Iraqi Military Receives 36 T-90S Battle Tanks From Russia (Photos)


Iraqi Military Receives 36 T-90S Battle Tanks From Russia (Photos)

Source: MenaDefense

The Iraqi Armed Forces have received 36 T-90S battle tanks under an arms deal with Russia, Shafaq News reported on February 19, citing Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army Lieutenant-General Othman Al-Ghanmi. Another batch of 37 T-90S battle tanks will be received by the Iraqi military in April.

The T-90S is an export version of the Russian T-90 battle tank. Iraqordered 73 T-90S battle tanks and T-90SK command tanks through a government-to-government order.

The first 36 tanks were allegedly delivred to the Umm Qasr Port and was then transfered to Baghdad via the city of Basra.

Iraqi Military Receives 36 T-90S Battle Tanks From Russia (Photos)

Source: al-sura.com

Iraqi Military Receives 36 T-90S Battle Tanks From Russia (Photos)

Source: al-sura.com



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  • alejoeisabel

    Chi-ching. More money for Russia thanks to US/Zionist stupidity.

    • Peggy

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  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    very nice :)))

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    i thought iraqis were armed by the usa?

    • bernie garland

      They were,but the US pulled the upkeep of the Abrams,as some militias were using said tanks

      • HighLord Gaz

        Plus Abrams have proved to be vulnerable. T-90s will perform as well as a Abrams, but will be cheaper and easier to maintain/repair, and Russia will never pull support or deny spares. Its a no-brainer decision from the Iraqi army POV….

  • EoF

    called it

  • Hrky75

    US arming Iraq had some powerful strings attached. Mainly if and when Iraqi government starts not doing what they were told spares, upgrades, technical know how, hell even supply of US ammo would be cut. This same strategy is used to “modernize” Egyptian, Lebanese, Jordanian even Saudi armed forces. Making sure that in an unlikely event of these countries growing a pair they would never be able to seriously stand against US or Israel. And other people only as much as US wants them to. Iraq learned this lesson the hard way – with brand new Humwees and Abrams tanks flying black ISIL flags rolling towards Baghdad in 2014. Who can blame them if they want to diversify – especially since sooner or later they’ll have to but heads with favorite Israeli proxy army – Kurds – and old Uncle Sam just might object some…

    • TheLulzWarrior
      • Robert Guttierez

        The USA did it to Iran. They supplied them with American weaponry when they were allies and stopped all support over night. Turkey is going through the same thing right now with Germany.

  • Serious

    Build your own weapons. I don’t unbderstand. Arabs are rich and they are enough to build weapons. The problem is that they are too lazy and too naive and too brainwashed by religions and US craps.

    • Sephy

      It’s too hot in the middle east for human brains.

    • Hrky75

      Saddam tried it in 1980s – Lion of Babil was local variant of T-72. Problem is you need to have highly developed industry in order to make a decent weapon. They had to import iron ore in order to make the steel – usually of quality that varied a lot . And the forging process was primitive so the end result was a tank made of “butter” – to the everlasting delight of Iranians and the Americans. You can’t reasonably expect for a country of 25 million people that produces only crude oil and cucumbers to make complex technology. It’s way easier to buy the staff, but to train your people to properly service it. Syria made the mistake of not having enough trained technicians in the begging of the war so even most basic malfunctions meant that equipment was left on the battle filed for the use of jihads. First thing Russians did in 2015 was to re establish army workshops to keep the equipment running…

      • Serious

        First, you need excellent science fundamental scientists. Instead of talking in coffeeshop, think, try and be resilient.

      • HighLord Gaz

        By contrast, the Syrian experience with operating real T-72s has been excellent. It really is a superlative tank when operated and maintained correctly by people who know what they are doing.

        The Syria anti-terror operation has put paid to any HATOstani BS that T-72s are a weak design that die easily. Leopard-2, Abrams M1A1, M-60 developments… meh, not performing as propaganda claimed they would…

        • alejandro casalegno

          HighLord. Any serious report of the T-72 perfomance in 1982 against Israel??…most of the news at the time were zionist propaganda.

          • First contact between israeli merkava mark 1 in lebanon against syrian tank cause a loss on the israeli tanks.. also the syrian air force managed to shoot down IAF F15 despite heavy jamming in air combat. Syrian gazelle attack helicopters caused severe casualties on advancing israeli armor convoys and the Sukhoi 22 bombed israeli column ,..

            but all these wont be available in the pro israel world media.. anything that show weakness and loss on the israeli part will be neutered or censored , every news must support this myth of IDF superiority..

            and i agree with these media pro israel propaganda..

            WHY ?

            because the israeli began to believe in their own press and act accordingly , and then real conflict against enemy that can shoot back shook them to the core .. like how 900 hezbollah trained commandos defeated 30.000 IDF regular and reserve ..

            Remember the Israeli Paratrooper incident during 2006 ? about 50 israel paratrooper biouvaced inside a single building , and hezbollah commandos fired 2 ATGM missile and collapsed the building , causing 50+ KIA and WIA among the stupid israelis..

          • alejandro casalegno

            Owerwatch. The incident in South Lebanon was becouse the standard IDF tactic was “concentrate inside a house”, the walls cover you of AK and old RPG fire and make the air and arillery suport ease if we know where you are..
            Was a succefull tactic…….in Gaza!!!……..against Hezbollah is a death sentence.

          • well , you have to laugh to see the IDF , beaten by hezbollah , suddenly enact another ‘gaza’ campaign using overwhelming force , to prop their falling image of military superority to the world..

            every nation in the world already seen how hollow the IDF in 2006 , and their action against innocent unarmed civilian in gaza is just pathetic warcrime , a warcrime that no western nation condemned..

            IDF acting represively against civilians , isnt this the famous tactic commonly used by German Military during WW2 against partisans ? if they got attacked by partisans they will massacre the nearest village of innocents..

            now , why would the western world condone such warcrime in this day and age , the age of human rights ?

            i forgot , only US/European nationality and white caucasian are considered as ‘human’ in the western eye.. arabs and moslems are subjected to pogrom and genocide by the democratic and pro liberty western militaries..

          • TheLulzWarrior

            Beautifull! Any links, against the shills?

          • Look for books written by non pro israeli author , with regards of lebanon 1980 war.

            btw , in 1990, a team (about 17) of Israeli Naval Commandos entered lebanon by sea and proceed to village of Ansariya to assasinate a hezbollah combat commander. It turned out the info was bogus info fed by hezbollah Counter Intelligence to israeli agents in lebanon and the area was prepared for ambush , with mines on the ground and claymores tied to the trees..

            Once the israeli commandos entered the area, the hezbollah detonated their mines and caused a sympathetic detonation of the explosive that the israeli carried, totally wasting the team and only 1 israeli frogmen uninjured , the rescue team got shot up killing the medical officer.

            do you know there’s almost no info in this israeli debacle and embarassing defeat ? there used to be an article complete with local interviews but it seem to be gone nowadays.. googling historical data with israeli defeat seem almost impossible today.. im sure you know the reason why..

            and the Syrian Mig-25 shooting down Israeli F-15 , the data can only be read at books that not written by pro israeli author..

          • TheLulzWarrior

            Seems like it happened in 1997, not 1990.
            “and the Syrian Mig-25 shooting down Israeli F-15 , the data can only be read at books that not written by pro israeli author..”
            Any examples?

          • the ansariya ambush as i said happens in 1990s , and the 1997 date you provide is correct exact date while what i provide is decade reference of the incident.

            mig 25 shooting down F15 , theres a website written by ex USAF guy called Greg that mentioned the incident , check his data reference if you want more details

          • alejandro casalegno

            Overwacht In “Warriors of God” of Nicholas Blanford the Ansariyah ambush is in detail.

          • thanks for the reference

      • HighLord Gaz

        Lion variant T-72s were monkey model export grade, assembled in-country from kits, lacking any advanced FCS or modern ammo, ordinary RHS armour, and gun barrels that were totally worn out. They lacked imaging IR or decent low-light imagers, and they were essentially blind throughout most engagements.

        They were worn out from the 1980-88 war against Iran, and after Kuwait in 1991 they were unable to repair or upgrade or replace. Regardless of Seppo propaganda, the Bathist Iraqi experience is in no way a proper testimony to the T-72 families potential.

    • Amine Mansouri

      well, Iran does not produce anything 100% Persian. All their weapons are clones. Iran’s last high technology weapon is a copy of an F35 which doesn’t fly, it’s just crap

      • Serious

        I don’t know about Iran but I don’t think it’s good.

      • Skagos

        Unfortunately thats not possible. Even South Korea, whom technological developments and education system is solid and above decent, is not able to produce an engine for their tank.

        Looking at the middle-east. Only Turkey and Iran are decent in education and technology but miles away from countries such as Russia, Germany, S.Korea etc. which means they have decades ahead of them to be able to produce domesticly made tanks, fighter jets or destroyers.

      • HighLord Gaz

        MEK troll alert… maybe a Ziostani whore under a false name… who cares, just another lying scumbag.

    • Langaniso Mhlobo

      It is true.Their are exploit by USA and Isael.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Its heart warming to see RUSSIAN tanks rolling through Iraq,Peacefully.

  • HighLord Gaz

    Iraq gets some real tanks at last.. they’ll perform better than Abrams, such useless pieces of over-priced seppo garbage.

  • HighLord Gaz

    T-90s are welcomed with happy people throwing flowers… Abrams received with rotten fruit and gobs of phlegm…. :-)

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I am very grateful for this. However these tanks are defenseless against Israeli and Saudi and NATO F-16’s.
    Russia needs to supply Iraq with S-400 system.

    • HighLord Gaz

      All tanks are basically defenseless against an enemy with complete air supremacy. Very few have any capability even against attack helos, let alone CAS jets.

  • World_Eye

    T-90’s are one of the best tanks that are ever made in history of Tank making. Faster,lighter,auto-loader included, very efficient in comparison of the US M1-Abrams, in which they are slow, way heavier, manual loading, no efficiency it is just a big slow target, although it’s little more armored in a contrast to the T-90, the T-90 sacrifice a mobility for armor. The T-90 top speed is 75 Km/h vs A-1 Abrams 65 Km/h, Speed of road for T-90 is 50 Km/h while M-1 Abrams 40 Km/h, T-90 horse power is 1100 but M-1 Abrams is 1550 horse power, whilst the T-90’s weight is 46 tons and the M-1 Abrams 69 Tons.

    • HighLord Gaz

      T-90 has ERA and Shtora, 2 extra layers of defense… Abrams has neither and only relies on a slab of metal to protect the crew.

  • MeMadMax

    I applaud iraq for getting russian equipment, especially the T-90.

    However, its NOT for the reasons listed by the so called pundits in the comments:
    The M1 abrams tank wasn’t really designed for desert warfare… It was meant to face russian tanks in europe. And this it can do very well.
    However, the engines just don’t work well in the desert and get chewed up, requiring expensive repairs, and the engine goes thru ALOT of gas, requiring an extensive support network when going to war with these things. THIS is something the US can do, but the iraqis can NOT, even thou they are a “oil country”, having a proper support structure for going to war with the abrams is much beyond their capability.