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Iraqi Military Foiled Rocket Attack, Seized Booby-Trapped Vehicle Near Border With Syria (Photos, Video)

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Iraqi Military Foiled Rocket Attack, Seized Booby-Trapped Vehicle Near Border With Syria (Photos, Video)

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On June 17, the Iraqi intelligence and military foiled a rocket attack on an unknown target near the border line with Syria.

A booby-trapped pickup truck disguised as a military vehicle was seized by a joint force of the Iraqi military’s 15th Division near the area of Alalkana in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh. Aboard the truck, five Grad 122 mm rockets and launch rails were found.

Several gunmen fled the vehicle when it was first spotted by Iraqi forces. All of them managed to escape thanks to the region’s rough terrain. The pickup and the rockets were destroyed by military engineers.

In a statement, the Iraqi Directorate of Military Intelligence said that the booby-trapped pickup truck was prepared to self-destruct after firing the rockets. A second vehicle was waiting nearby to pick up the attackers.

The target of the failed attack has not been revealed, yet. Usually, pro-Iranian forces launch rockets at bases hosting US troops in Iraq. However, the target in this case may have been one of the US bases in northeastern Syria.

In the last few weeks, a number of similar attacks were foiled. On June 11, four 107 mm rockets were seized by Iraqi security forces in the area of al-Zanbur in the northern province of Diyala. The rockets were prepared to target Balad Air Base where US forces are known to be deployed.


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L du Plessis

where is the helicopter to track the terrorists?

Peter Wallace

If they were about to target the American base they wouldn’t be terrorists but freedom fighters. If they were about to target Syrian or Iraqi or Iranian militia then they would certainly be US proxy terrorists.

It is suggested they may have been about to target an American base so Freedom Fighters in which case they should have been given all assistance necessary to accomplish their mission and a helicopter provided to make good their getaway.

A Clown like you

Is it me or what, why I got a feeling the Iraqi intelligence and military fake this?
Why there and it was “booby-trapped” near the Iraq-Syria border.
Who is that even a “booby-trapped”?

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