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JULY 2020

Iraqi Map Update: ISIS Offensive in Kirkuk


On October 21, a group of ISIS terrorists attacked the Kurdish city of Kirkuk (150 km from Mosul).

The attack was made from the direction of the so-called ‘Hawija pocket’ (30 km from Kirkuk), using the involvement of Iraqi forces in the ongoing operation to re-take Mosul from ISIS.

The group of ISIS militants that had entered the city joined some ISIS sleeping cells inside Kirkuk and launched a series of offensive operations to seize southern neighbourhoods. By now, ISIS terrorists have taken control of almost all southern neighborhoods of Kirkuk.

At the same time, the Iraqi Army and Peshmerga forces send reinforcements to Kirkuk. However, their efforts to counter ISIS operations have not resulted in a success.

Iraqi Map Update: ISIS Offensive in Kirkuk

Click to see the full-size map



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  • Akar

    They took over 2 buildings and got crushed, whats all these big headlines all about?

    • VGA

      Map shows otherwise.

      • Jacek Wolski

        Don’t judge a map by its cover

    • Tiger

      It’s correct.
      It’s over.

      All ISIS died.
      2 of them died in suicide, 9 got eliminated by Peshmerga forces inside the city.

      • George King

        You have a link?

  • Time for the Blink-album “Put On Your Cloak And Burka” seeing as how the Enema of the Caliphate keeps growing stronger being lead by Britons MI6 agency and Israels Mossad. I guess the world will fall to the Caliphate, seeing it only take’s 15,000 of them to conquer half a country without being defeated.
    And 30,000 of them can go head to head with Russia/Iran/Syria/Lebanon for over a year without being close to defeated. We keep getting robbed. This has all been foretold in a music album that is fast becoming true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYxgFCqyIZM