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Iraqi Kurdistan PM: Syrian Kurds Should Negotiate With Damascus Government

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Iraqi Kurdistan PM: Syrian Kurds Should Negotiate With Damascus Government

Nechirvan Barzani

Syrian Kurds should engage in dialogue and negotiations with the Damascus government in the framework of a united Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, said during an interview with Al-Monitor that was published on March 14.

“The reality is that the regime is still there and that the Kurds of Syria should be talking with the regime in order to gain certain rights,” Barzani added.

The Iraqi Kurdish leader said that he believes that if the Damascus government managed to restore its control over entire Syria it will feel confident enough to give Syrian Kurds their rights.

Currently, Syrian Kurds are represented by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDF). The council controls vast territory in northeastern Syria, where it had established a self-administration with direct support from the U.S.

When asked if the Kurdistan Region Government could be a guarantor for a deal between the SDC and Damascus, Barzani didn’t rule out this possibility. However, he said that Russia would be more suitable for this role.

“It’s important for all of us to have a stable neighbor such as Syria, but it’s especially important for Russia. They are very clear on this point. Their strategy is geared toward securing a stable Syria. They can be key players in negotiating a settlement between the Kurds and the regime,” said Barzani.

Regarding the U.S. support for the SDC, Barzani noted that Washington is in Syria only to fight ISIS and that it has never been very clear about its strategy, its policy in the war-torn country.

“Kurds will probably not wait for too long and they recognize the American presence for what it is, a temporary one,” the Kurdish leader added.

The SDC resumed its talks with Damascus following the U.S. decision to withdraw all of its troops from Syria last December. However, the Kurdish-dominated group stepped back after the recent shift in the withdrawal decision, especially when the Washington announced that it will help establish a safe zone in northeastern Syria.

Barzani’s advice to Syrian Kurds will likely go unheard, as the SDC is still pinning its hopes on a long-term U.S. military presence in its areas.

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You can call me Al

This is the time that we need China to send 10,000 troops into Syria, get rid of the Yankers and eliminate all vermin.

Carne João Pasta

I don’t understand what is holding them back from going forward with such a plan? They can field 50k troops easily.

Jens Holm

You never will, if You dont.


Al, its a SAA’s problem, they need to be stronger and they are going stronger, for example, now they have S300 Syrian crews.

Jens Holm

Yerrrh, SDFs, FSA, ISIS and Qaidas are up in the air – boom boom.

You can call me Al

The US are manning up the vermin is 3 bases; 2,500 each base. For me the Chinese turning up, may finally persuade the Yankers to get out.


Good day, Shoigu in September/2018 said that the S300 were ‘to cool the hotheads’, but they only can cool everybody (yankees, zios and turks) when the S300’s syrian crews will be ready (it seems that now they are). Both Russians and Syrians said that the demilitarized zone in Idlib would be temporary, but this pause is because of what? The yankee retreat? They are not retreating. It looks like the pause has to do with the training of the S300’s Syrian crews. The SAA are still concentrated in Idlib and Manbij, if I’m right, the offensive will start soon, with the syrian S300 ready to protect the troops in the offensive against missiles and planes attacks.

You can call me Al

Yes I agree with you, end of March would be nice, but lets us say middleof April and then we can be sure the S-300s are up.

Jens Holm

Fine with me. Soon we will see exact the same being You blaming the chinese in stead of westerns and Jews.

And of course You will insist in the same way staying as a bad non devellopment zone.

I wonder why You dont prefare Russian soldiers. They already are many.

Astrid Watanabe

Why on earth would the practical down-to-earth Chinese want to burn their fingers in this?!


I wish they would have realized this before the referendum. They deserve their own home land but unfortunately that is just not going to happen at this time. They should build their political and economic power and wait for the next opportunity.

Astrid Watanabe

“They deserve their own home land….” I read a bit of the writings of their “Leader” Abdullah Ocalan. According to his teaching, having their own country is no longer their goal, all they want is less interference from whatever government they live under.

Jens Holm

You are twisting words having no fantasy at all.

Saddam Hussein

There is no such thing as (((kurdistan))). Youre either in Iraq, Syria, Turkey or Iran.


And Barzani is possibly the least trustworthy Kurd as he was buying stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil from ISIS and selling it to Turkey until the Russians stopped it.

Astrid Watanabe

“Barzani is possibly the least trustworthy Kurd…..” I read comments referring to ‘Barzani Kurds’ as “Mafia”. The Syrian Kurds mention them as “the traitors across the border”. This is the first time I “met” this Bazani so directly. To me, what he says makes more sense than anything the Syrian Kurds have been saying since they ‘united’ themselves after many meetings. Apparently those that wanted to turn to Assad lost out and they opted to stick with ‘the coalition’. They seem to be totally bamboozled by US psychology expertise, or “psyops”. Seems mafia Barzani has more common sense in this case. To understand the Kurds I have been reading havarnews.com for at least 2 months and various other sources, trying to get an insight. Lately there are more and more gaping holes in their logic, as they are deceiving themselves, believing if they are doing the right thing and being “democratic”, the US and the rest of the world are obliged to help them.

Jens Holm

I partly agree. Barzani is a tribe name and parts of that tribe are organized as Mafias. So even this Barzani might be clean its very difficult to jail his own family. The old one has the same problems.

It also has to be added, that Kurdistan has a very low income level and by that by tradition has been in import and export in the normal trade as well as the very bad part.

I am almost sure they can only be a little cleaner as long as all needed income is used for war.

Astrid Watanabe

Come to think of….This Barzani speaking here is most likely not the one I was thinking of, who is the head of Peshmerga. Or maybe he is….i don’t know. Maybe someone can enlighten me.


Sure, take your pick: Masoud Barzani: president of KRG Nechirvan: PM of KRG, nephew of Masoud Masrour: KDP leadership, Chancellor of KRG security council, son of Masoud Ad’ham: member of KRG national assembly and an MP, a cousin of Masoud

I didn’t mention less famous ones, like Sirwan. Apparently there was even one Moshe Barzani, a member of Stern gang.

In addition, KRG leadership are ideologically different than the Turkish and by extension, Syrian ones. They do not follow Ocalan. For a background check, since WW2 up to end of the cold war [separatist] Kurds of Iran and Turkey were inclined towards eastern bloc while Iraqi ones were inclined to western one. Syria historically didn’t have many Kurds.

Astrid Watanabe

Thanks a lot, that’s a whole jackpot of Barzanis, Stern gang even, good grief! Btw, i secretly hope that Assad has compassion on the Syrian Kurds when and if they finally come to their senses. He surely could use their help. It is so crazy, both want the same thing: getting rid of the terrorists. Assad is not a psychopath, he is a very intelligent man, elected to rule a very difficult and complex country and facing overwhelming enemies who have no conscience.

Promitheas Apollonious

kurds can not be trusted.

Concrete Mike

Question for you.

Whats the density of rubber bullets? How fast do they travel?

Do they have penetrating power?

Would the kinetic energy be comparable to a hockey puck, around 160 grams at 100km/h.


Greeks know more about the less lethal injuries of flying backgammon pieces.

Here in the NW Tundra I have seen injuries from rubber bullets, hockey pucks and potato guns. None broke the skin. The potato gun caused contusions over the widest area at a shallower depth. The rubber bullet and the hockey puck caused deeper contusions, and both caused soft tissue damage at the strike area. I hope this helps. ;-)


Yes he may be a mafia type, but at least pragmatic enough to see which way the wind is blowing. The Syrian Kurds do need to side with Damascus and quickly. Syria was Obama’s war, and despite massive money spent has been lost. Thanks for the news link.

Concrete Mike

Mafia Barzani was doing 2 things.

1 he was telling syrian kurds to agree with the syrian govemnt to not be a us puppet like he is.

2 the “message” was more simply the same preconditions for negotiating just announced by another prick.

Jens Holm

What a mismangement of words. Thats worst of today – yet.

Barzani and Kurdistan sold oil to Turkey because the Bagdad shiits took all income and didnt share it with Sunnis and Kurds.

And I can assure You that Sunnis getting no money to rebuild their parts of Iraq made many supporters for ISIS and among them educated soldiers from the time of Saddam. ……………………………………………………………..

Your version od what has happend in Syria is like You know a horse just because You have seen a picture of an old horseshooe.

Why dont You at least read about it before You write this crap. You totally ignore ALL was in that oil/fuel business and kurds only were a small part of it. Fx also: Which ones used it – Mainly Turks as privates and govermentals.

You are seeing lees then people having only one eye.

Jens Holm

Barzani and the Barzani solusion for Syria is far out and thrown out.

It told that the 8 mio. Kurds in Iraq should take over the parts the 2 mio. Kurds in Syria has, but OTHERS SHOULD NOT BE THERE.

So nthe solution would be arabs and others still culd be there but never in Governess – or be send to other parts of Syria.

YPG being hardly 2 mio dont send 2,5 mio others away or give them no influence. If they behaved like that, there would be no change compared to Ankara, Damaskus and Bagdad having majority rule only.

Not long time ago, Your father annouced Iraqi Kurdistan in a self annouced larger version as a new country, but was not even being supported by Kurds there. You might repair on that very big mistake Yourself and remember that Kurds certainly also are allowed to find their own solutions where they are – YOU DID.


Kurds (USA-Israel puppets) sooner or later will get what they deserve, real war and death since Syria governmet will not allow Kurds to be independent on the north east part of Euphrates river. Only USA is capable right now to protect them, but USA is an invader nation in Syria and must go out for good.


Developments in Iraq and elsewhere are making US permanence a fantasy. They, Syrian Kurds, would do well to listen to Mr. Barzani. Look at what happened to the Kurds in his area when they acted on fantasy and not simple reality.

Concrete Mike

Screw you Barzani!!! Syrian kurds wil get the same as every syrian citizen nothing more nothing less!!

Stay in fucking Iraq and mind your business…this was another way to announce preconditions tbats all!!

After 8 years of war and thucker has the audacity to say kurds should have special rights, fuck you inbred peice of shit, and trying to project that this would benefit russia too, dont fall for it, i aint buying it one bit.

Your lucky Syria is even considereing taking you kurds back, your lucky uncle DOG aint unleashed on you.

Shut up US puppet no one cares about you!!


It seems as if Barzani learned his lesson, when tried to build an independent state on iraqi territory, the US denounced it, every neighbour turned against him, only Israel was in support for his plans .(But you never know, there are so few truthfully characters in that game…)

It shows all in all, as pointed out by many here in the commentsection, it does not exist anything like a Kurdistan, no unity or solidarity to any extent beyond the borders, even a common hatred for turkey is not shared.

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