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Iraqi Kurdistan Opposition Demands Barzani Resignation


Iraqi Kurdistan Opposition Demands Barzani Resignation

FILE IMAGE: Masoud Barzani is in the center

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) opposition calls on President Masoud Barzani and his administration to resign.

The Goran (Movement for Change) political party, which is in opposition to the current government, demands President Masoud Barzani’s and Vice President Kosrat Rasul Ali’s resignations.

“The Kurdish people have lost many things they’d achieved, having paid for them in blood. The Peshmerga is falling back. Many of our friends have turned their backs on us. This is happening because of the government’s failing policy,” Shoresh Haji, Goran spokesperson, said during a press conference in Sulaymaniyah on October 22.

“Barzani has lost his credibility and should resign. The Iraqi Kurdistan government should be dissolved and a new National Liberation Government should be created”, he said.

This follows a warning issued on October 18 by a senior leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) that a civil war may start in Iraqi Kurdistan. According to Mala Bakhtiyar, executive head of the PUK politburo office, the government splitting into two administrations may happen due to alleged cooperation of high-ranking members of PUK with the Iraqi military, which was revealed when documents linked to the supposed deal were made public by a Goran party member on October 16. The agreement to have the Peshmerga withdrawn from Kirkuk had supposedly been signed by Pavel Talabani, the son of the former leader of PUK.

While the Goran party is the official opposition to the current government, the real divide is within the ruling two-party coalition of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and PUK, in which both parties strive for power since the end Kurdistan civil war in the 1990s. KDP is being led by the Barzani Family, with the son of the current President of KRG, Nechirvan Barzani, acting Prime Minister and the leader of the party, while the Secretary General of PUK is the current Vice President of KRG, Kosrat Rasul Ali. Complications arise considering that the Peshmerga, the military forces of Iraqi Kurdistan, is largely divided and controlled separately by the KDP and the PUK, although both pledge allegiance to the KRG.



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  • hhabana

    US State Dept does not support Kurdistan in Iraq. End of story. CIA pushes for change when you don’t listen. New payoffs to new masters.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      but russia yes

    • Kennethllindsy

      Both Israel & Russia refused to denounce the Referendum.
      *Also, Reports today that Iraqi Television cut Russian Minister’s remarks when he began talking about Kurdistan.

      • Jonathan Cohen


    • Pave Way IV

      But the US State Department does support the Barzani mafia otherwise and does support the KRG to the extent that it serves US interests. People that want to paint all Kurds as homogeneous forget the Talibanis and the PUK in the south were not groomed by the US and Israel to run Kurdistan – at least not nearly to the extend Barzani has been. All efforts revolved around marketing the Barzani clan as heroic leaders. In reality, they were nothing more than a successful Turkish border smuggling clan that was trained and rewarded to usurp the Iraqi Kurd cause for US, UK and Israeli interests. The primary interests were to steal Iraqi oil and create a base for the war against Iran and all Shia (because all Shia are supposedly agents of Iran).

      The Talibani clan never really trusted the US and doesn’t see Iran as ‘enemies’. The US has to reduce their influence on Iraqi Kurds before Barzani fully takes over. The US knows that to do so early will force another Kurdish civil war between the PUK and PDK – just like it’s doing now.

  • Kennethllindsy

    Probably best if both Barzani and the Talabanis lost power and Kurdistan restored democracy.

    • χρηστος

      they dont really know what democracy is…..

      • goingbrokes

        No one seems to know what democracy is these days. US is an oligarchy with democratic trappings, UK is a monarchy with democratic trappings, EU is a technocracy with democratic trappings, China is a socialist country with democratic trappings, Russia is a kind of democracy with a strong man, Iran is a theocracy with democratic trappings, and many countries are actually colonies of US with democratic trappings. Israel is a totalitarian police state ruled by gangsters, and with democratic trappings. The icing on the cake is that the good friends of so many “democracies” are brazenly violent and oppressive monarchies or dictators. And the cherry on the cake is the 5th estate of free press is now a mere tool of these pseudo-democracies. And every country is lorded over by the central banks, IMF and the Bank of International Settlements, keeping all in perpetual debt slavery.
        This is just to say that the Kurds have 0% chance of setting up a real democracy as the models they are surrounded with bear no close resemblance to democracy. Some of our countries have the trappings but no democratic spirit or awareness.

  • Garga

    “…with the son of the current President of KRG, Nechirvan Barzani, acting Prime Minister…”
    A minor correction to the article: Nechirvan is not Masoud’s son, but his nephew. His father was Edris.

    Masoud Barzani’s legal term as president of Iraq’s KRG ended 4 years ago. I guess in newspeak you can usurp the power and still be the leader of a “democratic” party.

  • MH370

    lets make it quote of the year – Barzani Must Go :)

  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    Kurds in Iraq look like bullies from the same herd fighting for stolen prey from another predator.

  • χρηστος

    get rid of the zio puppet before its to late for the whole me…their plots will take us back 10 years at least

  • Peter

    The waring for a civil war tells a lot about the maturity of democracy in the klan society of the Irak kurds. It´s far to early for an independent state.