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Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah Warns about Its Plans to Target US Forces after ISIS Elimination – Media

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The Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah popular forces have warned the US forces that they will meet “the Iraqi Islamic resistance” if do not leave the territory of Iraq after the win over the Islamic State terrorist group.

Iraqi Kata'ib Hezbollah Warns about Its Plans to Target US Forces after ISIS Elimination – Media

Spokesman for the Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah, Jafar al-Hosseini (Photo: Fars)

The Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah popular forces are going to target the US forces, if they do not leave the territory of Iraq after the win over terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group there, spokesman for the Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah, Jafar al-Hosseini said in an interview to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Monday.

“If Americans fail to leave Iraq, they will be in the crosshairs of the Iraqi Islamic resistance,” al-Hosseini said.

He also stressed that at the moment, the main challenge of Iraq is not dealing with the IS, noting that the main goal of the US side is to consolidate in Iraq, but not to fight against terrorists, operating on the territory of the country.

“The US engagement in Mosul and Al-Anbar Province is not solely aimed at putting an end to Daesh [IS] terrorists,” al-Hosseini said. “The Americans want to secure a foothold in region following the withdrawal of Daesh [IS].”

The spokesman emphasized that this is what the US forces are closely following to achieve, adding that the presence of the Americans is more dangerous than IS terrorists, as they have long-term plans for Iraq.

The al-Hosseini’s remarks came after a senior commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), also known as Hashd al-Shaabi, Javad al-Tayebavi, said that US troops helped IS chief commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to flee from the western part of Mosul city, located in northern Iraq.

“The US forces have paved the way for IS leader (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) to flee from western Mosul to al-Qayravan region,” the al-Sumeria TV-channel quoted the words of al-Tayebavi earlier this month. “Our intelligence unit has confirmed that al-Baghdadi is moving between al-Qayravan and al-Hazar regions in southern Mosul,” al-Tayebavi noted at that time.

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Unfortunately , probably the only way they will leave is to driven out .

Real Anti-Racist Action

REPORT: IRAN ACCUSES RUSSIA OF GIVING ISRAEL CODES FOR SYRIAN AIR DEFENSES. Kuwaiti daily quotes Iran Defense Ministry source as saying Iran was able to change the codes without Russia’s knowledge, enabling Friday’s missile launch against Israeli aircraft.

Iran has accused Russia of giving the codes for Syria’s anti-aircraft missiles to Israel, a senior official in the engineering department of Iran’s Defense Department told the Kuwaiti daily Al-Jarida on Monday.

According to the report, much remains unknown about Israel’s attack on a Hezbollah weapons convoy and the Syrian response to the Israeli fighter jets early Friday morning. Israel has reportedly attacked dozens of times in Syrian territory since Hezbollah joined the Syrian civil war in 2012, but Friday marked the first time that an anti-aircraft missile had been fired at an IAF jet.

Al-Jarida’s Tehran correspondent, Farzad Qassemi, cited a source in the Iranian Defense Ministry as saying that Iranian experts had changed the operation codes for the Syrian air defense system, which is what enabled the anti-aircraft missiles to be used against the Israeli Air Force on Friday morning.

According to the source, Damascus and Tehran “were shocked” every time the Russian-made air defense system did not work to defend Syria’s airspace, or even give notification that the air space had been penetrated in order to evacuate outposts prior to the airstrike. The systems are supposed to identify the takeoff of Israeli Air Force jets from their bases because of the small distance between the countries and is even supposed to attempt to target the planes and any missiles that are fired from them.

According to the source, the Iranians and the Syrians suspected that Russia gave the codes for the air defense system to Israel and even refused the requests of Tehran and Damascus to check the codes. “Iran has the ability today to change the Russian security codes since it received the advanced Russian S-300,” the source added. “This came after it received reports that Israel got the operation codes for the missile system. In Iran, they even expanded their knowledge when they built the Bavar-373 air defense system – which is a domestic copy of the Russian S-300 – in order that the systems would work together during an attack.”

According to the source, three weeks ago, during Iranian military maneuvers, Iranian engineers hacked into the codes of the S-300, but when the Bavar-373 was not working in conjunction with the Russian air defense system the experiment was suspended.

The source said further that the Iranian Defense Ministry sent several engineers to Syria to change the codes of the air defense system that was under the control of the Syrian army, without Moscow’s knowledge. “They succeeded in changing some of the codes last month and therefore when the Israel fighter jets took off from their bases – the air defense system succeeded in identifying them and firing interceptor missiles at them and at the missiles they had launched.”

The source added that “the Syrian radar treated Israeli fighter jets as friendly planes in the past and not as enemy planes, which proves that Israel knew the codes of the missile system.”

According to the source, the identification of the Israeli fighter jets taking off enabled Hezbollah to evacuate the outpost and even to launch a missile toward the military base from which the fighter jets had taken off. “The missile launched by Hezbollah toward Israel was worth some $2,000, whereas the missiles used by Israel to intercept it were worth some $3 million,” the source added.

The Iranian source said further that in a report sent to the Russian military command, the Russians were asked if someone penetrated the Syrian air defense system. Both the Iranians and Syrians were awaiting an answer.

SOURCE: http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Report-Iran-accuses-Russia-of-giving-Israel-codes-for-Syrian-air-defenses-484777


This is so sad if Russia actually did share the code. What is the benefit to Russia? Do they fear the US will become more aggressive toward Syria (seek to take Assad out directly) if Israel jets start to go down? Would Israel even try these air strikes if they knew they were vulnerable?

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree, I like present day Russia a lot, I like Putin, I love Syria and I love Iran. Syria has the basic right of self defense, it is not like their tech is every going to be near as good as Israels. But now they cannot even defend anything? This is sad, or at least Iran is stepping up to the plate to help Syria. It is like Russia cheated them out of what little money they have. Syrians spend all their little but of money on a self defense system Russia advertises as can save them, but all along the sells people were tricking them. Syrians deserve better then this from everyone.

Free man

I think it’s fake news. On the other hand, the Russians know that if the Syrians fired at the Israeli planes. The Israelis will destroy the Syrian air defense system, as happened in the past in Lebanon. Could be that in this way the Russians are defending the obsolete Syrian aerial defense system .

DJ Double D

Sounds like a nice piece. I really need to verify it for myself. It will be a pity if true.

Solomon Krupacek

this is probably fake information that is true, the russia sells worsened versions of military equipments, but there were no signg they manipulated. very quickly they would lose markets.

john mason

Kuwait are against Syria and are a US/Saudi tool. Wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of that state.

Pave Way IV

“…Iran has accused Russia of giving the codes for Syria’s anti-aircraft missiles to Israel…”

Yeah… except that’s not the way it works. Russia’s air defense is NOT integrated with Syrian air defense. There is absolutely no reason for Syria to ever tell Russia what uplink ‘codes’ it uses for encryption, just as Russia has no reason to tell the Syrians how their missile commands are encrypted. This is a BS story by someone who has zero understanding of the way modern air defense systems operate. It’s not like hacking someone’s password on Facebook. The Israelis are damn well aware of being tracked by Syrian (or any other country’s) air defense. No ‘codes’ necessary – you use countermeasures and get the hell out of the area or die. You don’t try to hack the missile using it’s secret code – how stupid.

Solomon Krupacek


john mason

agree with you, US stupid being their and idiotic not to get out when told to.

Solomon Krupacek

they should not tell now anything. this is provocation. maybe he is a traitor paid by cia

Free man

The Iranians pay him. And he only serves them.

Free man

The Iranian militias will hate the Americans if they don’t help and will hate them if they help.

Pave Way IV

“…adding that the presence of the Americans is more dangerous than IS terrorists, as they have long-term plans for Iraq…”

See? There ARE still smart guys left in Iraq.

Samuel Boas

The Americans should have never even went there. They are saying that Iraq needs the US jets but they absolutely do not need them at all. If the Americans didn’t force themselves into Mosul then the city would be already liberated.

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