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Iraqi Intelligence Assisted United States To Locate Al-Baghdadi – Report

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Iraqi Intelligence Assisted United States To Locate Al-Baghdadi – Report

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Iraq’s intelligence service provided the U.S.-led coalition with the exact location of ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, playing a key role in the success of the raid that reportedly killed him, an Iraqi intelligence official told Reuters on October 27.

According to the official, the intelligence service arrested a man and a woman from al-Baghdadi’s “inner circle” that revealed a secret location in Iraq’s western desert, where documents including the location of the infamous terrorist leader were found.

“We have been constantly coordinating with the CIA, providing valuable information that the Iraqi National Intelligence Service has on Baghdadi’s movements and place of hiding,” the offical told Reuters. “This cooperation was successful and achieved the ultimate goal of killing Baghdadi.”

Iraqi sources told the al-Mayadeen TV that the intelligence service was ‘shocked’ when they found out that al-Baghdadi was hiding in Syria’s greater Idlib.

Eight U.S. helicopters carrying special forces and backed by warplanes and drones conducted a “successful raid” on al-Baghdadi’s hideout in the town of Barisha in northern Idlib, late on October 26.

Several senior commanders of ISIS and al-Qaeda were reportedly killed in the raid, including al-Baghdadi’s own deputy Abu Said al-Iraqi.

U.S. sources said that facial recognition and DNA tests confirmed that al-Baghdadi was killed. U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce this in a live speech soon.

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Xoli Xoli

Once a USA useful idiot servant always a USA servant.

Rhodium 10



Thanks for all the organisations involved, the world is a better place with those animals eliminated. Great job and coördination, people can work together if a common goal is recognised.


All this tells me is that the US has friends in Iraqi Intel. No wonder Iraq hasn’t been able to get rid of the US. As for Baghdadi being dead…BS…unless Israel agreed to let their agent be killed. The one thing I don’t believe is that an Israeli agent blew himself up to keep the charade going. Besides, it will come out later when he is needed again, that the US only got a double…and the DNA was ‘inconclusive’.


The supposed DNA was checked in a matter of hours after the battle .
I wonder if it was a ‘Desk Top’ analysis far away in Europe that mirrored the Khan Sheikoun ,so called, investigation?

A ‘Pre Ordained Match ‘?

Tsiu Marpo

15 minutes according to President Trump.


Wow, the cops in the UK are really taking the piss then, as it takes them many days :)

The US Hollywood DNA labs are very ‘smart’ though. :)


Actually, the story out now is that the confirmation took 15 minutes…as attributed to Trump. Our law enforcement agencies have to be jealous, as they can’t get analyses anywhere near as fast, here in the US. There are so many contradictions already that this is becoming quite a farce. Trump thanks everyone near Syria for helping, yet no one helped, according to those he mentioned. Russia, being right there should have seen something, but nope. We coordinated with everyone but Turkey, because we’re not best-buds any more, yet this happened in the area they control. You would think that by now the US and their lapdogs would learn to get their shit together before they start blabbering. “I also want to thank our professionals who work in other agencies of the United States government”…Hollywood? You would think that they would give Trump better lines, at least ones that might make sense…but, then again that would put him out of character.


I wonder if the White Helmets video production team was involved?

Trump is now saying that he ‘may’ release ‘some’ of the video record.

We will see what he allows us to see :)

One of MANY possibilities is that the so called ‘compound’ was also staffed by US and NATO advisers, the presence of senior Al Nusra so called ‘moderate ‘ commanders suggests that. Could it be that Russia has advised the US to get their shit together and bugger off from Idlib. Soon after the ‘attack’ on the compound the 4th Division SAA managed to liberate a critical mountain top in North West Idlib. :)


The US military and their mouthpiece continue to push more assertions that this happened with Russian ‘assistance’, which is news to Russia. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that you are right (per WH). Most likely the reason for the new infusion of million$ to WHs from Trump. Like Trump likes to say, quid pro quo. ‘May’ release video…is it even shot yet? Hell, as inept as these morons are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the WHs star in it. They could play both roles. I doubt that this occurred at all, as per the Russians…and agree with the Russians that this is part of a new approach…as well as an election year production. After all, just how many times can a person be killed (and resurrected)? I think Baghdadi died in Israeli hospital years before. OBL deja vu phony baloney.


The US crap about following the trail to Bagdhadi by tracing his ‘laundry’ in order to get DNA is similar to a British MI5 operation in the 1970’s, but bought up to date with the DNA aspect :)


“The Four Square Laundry was a famous (or infamous) intelligence operation set up by the British Army in Western Belfast, Northern Ireland in the early 1970s.”

Valerianus Maximus

“There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds al-Baghdadi. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want him alive. No disintegration.”

Oops! Looks like there was a disintegration . . . Or maybe not.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Reported by Routers

Toronto Tonto

BOOOOM gone ha ha enjoy your virgins stupid .

Toronto Tonto

OH wait there is NO virgins ha ha ha ha ha ha losers .


What a shame Russia didn’t capture him

Tommy Jensen

One more victory to the United States. We cleaned Syria 100% for terrorists and got the head of the Snake, while Putler and Assadski were bombing civilians. US won again!
News spread falsely about America being unpopular in Iraq proved to be untrue, as everybody now know the Iraqis do everything to assist America because they want to be like an American and be free as us.

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