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Iraqi Intelligence Assisted United States To Locate Al-Baghdadi – Report


Iraqi Intelligence Assisted United States To Locate Al-Baghdadi – Report

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Iraq’s intelligence service provided the U.S.-led coalition with the exact location of ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi, playing a key role in the success of the raid that reportedly killed him, an Iraqi intelligence official told Reuters on October 27.

According to the official, the intelligence service arrested a man and a woman from al-Baghdadi’s “inner circle” that revealed a secret location in Iraq’s western desert, where documents including the location of the infamous terrorist leader were found.

“We have been constantly coordinating with the CIA, providing valuable information that the Iraqi National Intelligence Service has on Baghdadi’s movements and place of hiding,” the offical told Reuters. “This cooperation was successful and achieved the ultimate goal of killing Baghdadi.”

Iraqi sources told the al-Mayadeen TV that the intelligence service was ‘shocked’ when they found out that al-Baghdadi was hiding in Syria’s greater Idlib.

Eight U.S. helicopters carrying special forces and backed by warplanes and drones conducted a “successful raid” on al-Baghdadi’s hideout in the town of Barisha in northern Idlib, late on October 26.

Several senior commanders of ISIS and al-Qaeda were reportedly killed in the raid, including al-Baghdadi’s own deputy Abu Said al-Iraqi.

U.S. sources said that facial recognition and DNA tests confirmed that al-Baghdadi was killed. U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce this in a live speech soon.

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