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Iraqi Intelligence Arrested Prominent ISIS Commander Who Participated In Attack On Palmyra

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Iraqi Intelligence Arrested Prominent ISIS Commander Who Participated In Attack On Palmyra

Photo taken from Abu Hamza al-Kurdi confession video released by the INIS

On November 30, the Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS) announced that its agents had arrested Jamal Khalil Taha Znad Mashhadani, a prominent commander of ISIS who is known by the nom de guerre Abu Hamza al-Kurdi, during a special operation in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad last week. The terrorist commander was reportedly living in Turkey prior to his arrest.

“Al-Kurdi occupied several senior positions in Wilayat Shamal Baghdad and Wilayat Kirkuk, he also played a key role in the commitment of a number of criminal operations which caused the sacrifice of the pure blood of Iraqis during their reign,” the INIS said in an official statement.

According to the INIS, al-Kurdish, who was an intelligence officer in Saddam’s government, is responsible for the 2016 chemical attack on the Iraqi city of Taza Khurmatu. The terrorist commander also participated in the attack on the ancient Syria city of Palmyra in 2015.

The INIS released a video of al-Kurdi confessions, in which he describes his only meeting with ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi. According to al-Kurdi, al-Baghdadi was paranoid and suffered from several health issues, including diabetes.

Earlier this year, the INIS arrested five senior ISIS commanders in a security operation on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Saddam al-Jamal, an infamous commander of the terrorist group who is responsible for several massacres in Syria was among the captives.

The INIS success in bringing these terrorists to justice will increase the pressure on the remaining ISIS commanders who are still at large.

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The US will kill this guy, they can’t have their agents spilling the beans.

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, he was probably hiding in a US occupation compound. The CIA is now desperately recruiting headchoppers as the pool is getting thin, thanks to Russia, Iran, SAA & Hezbollah. Like in Yemen, the next generation of US proxy terrorists will come from Africa as the middle east Salafist demographics don’t look very positive.

Zionism = EVIL

A US dick drawing faggot admiral has been killed in Bahrain by his boyfriend by the looks of it.

H Eccles

So.. has he squealed on his Israeli handlers yet..?


G. H. Bush died today, one of the founding fathers of Al Qaeda, and the whole mess in Iraq.

Hasbara Hunter

Son of the Big Friend of Hitler….


While one wishes to speak respectfully of the dead, all I can say is,
‘Justice is the Lords’.

R Trojson

SDF captured Bagdadi’s assistant who is a senior ISIS leader, Ossama Abu Ewyad on 11/22. Hopefully the first of many. Good opportunity to extract some information.

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