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Iraqi Govt Accuses Kurdish Authorities Of Bringing PKK To Kirkuk, Says This Is “Declaration Of War”

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Iraqi Govt Accuses Kurdish Authorities Of Bringing PKK To Kirkuk, Says This Is "Declaration Of War"


The Iraqi government has accused the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of brining forces of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) into the contested city of Kirkuk.

The PKK is designated as a terrorist group by Turkey, the US, EU members states and the NATO. The group is actively operates in Turkey, Iraq and has links with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces operating in northern Syria.

The accusations followed a meeting between top Iraqi and Kurdish officials that took place on Sunday. The control over the disputed areas, airports and oil import are among the key issues discussed by the side.

The meeting resulted in no positive outcome as the KRG rejected all demands of the fedreal government.

In turn, the fedreal government said that it would seek to restore law and oreder over Kirkuk and other disputed areas.

The KRG denied that it has been involving PKK members in its standoff with government forces.

The KRG and the KRG-linked media are now actively pushing an idea of “military threats”of the federal government against the “democratic” goverrnment of the KRG.

The war of words are ongoing amid the continued tensions in the countryside of Kirkuk city.

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Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

People cried about Assad having shiite militias in Syria.

This is just another episode of Kurdish Hypocrisy, brought to you by American-Israeli Productions™.


The war with ISIS is not over and the Iraqi government is getting into a new one with the Kurd? It sounds very smart. Very smart indeed.


Nobody likes a land grabber. Such events make one wonder if the Spanish police did the right thing.


They are talking about the attack on innocent Kurds by big bad Iran and “it’s” PMU, non-stop. BBC have numerous interviews with Kurdish officials, NONE with federal officials, I don’t know about the other “news” outlets. Now they claim that Kirkuk has always been a Kurdish town, History has no meaning for these people, even Dhahuk wasn’t Kurdish before the genocide of Christians, let alone Kirkuk.

This land grab can’t have a good outcome. Everyone will lose because Barzani doesn’t want to leave the love of his love, the Lady Power.

lena ivaniva

The minority arab population in kerkuk have been moved in the Sadam era. Before Sadam there were no arabs in Karkuk.

lena ivaniva

The big problem is that stupid kurds sides with devil-israel and that political stance hurt themselves and all other nations there.


Dear Lena, you need to look way before Saddam’s era, your answer is in the early years of the 20th century.


The Kurds is part of Iraq and the Kurds had agreed and participated in drafting the constitution.The Iraqi people and the Iraq government have not been wrong to the Kurds in anyway. If the Kurds want to serve isreal and the United States of America Interest by breaking they accord in order to weakening the Iraqi people,the Kurds will only be doi g transgression and by breaking they word is delacrarion of war,The Iraqi people will not seat by and let the enemies of Iraq being enforce by they agent in the Kurdish region of it Iraq. The Iraqis have legal basic ground to go and put order in the region’s where isreal agent and partner are settle.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Everyone already agree’s it is a full war. Now fight it to win it! The world stand’s behind you. ISIS learned how to commit genocides by studying how the Kurd’s have done it for 100 years now. ISIS learned car bombing from Kurd’s and how to genocide Christians. Christian American’s stand with you Iraqi people! One United Front against Kurdish imperial aggression and ambitions!


Seriously, Israel is the only country to recognize Kurdistan, maybe they should stop pretending and acting like they have rights to Kirkuk and all oil in that region? They had wide autonomy but by actions like this risk to lose it all and become yet another bombed-out and impoverished region of Iraq.

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