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Iraqi Government Confirms Cooperation With Syria, Iran And Russia To Secure Syrian-Iraqi Border (Video)

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Iraqi Government Confirms Cooperation With Syria, Iran And Russia To Secure Syrian-Iraqi Border (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The Iraqi government has officially confirmed a cooperation with Syria, Iran and Russia to secure the Syrian-Iraqi border. According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, there is a cooperation between the four countries on this issue.

The Iraqi media also reported refering Iraqi officials that Iraq and its allies will not allow establishing of any “buffer zone” between two countries.

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Hell yeah


HAHA !! It sounds like the Coalition and FSA are running out of friends. Good news !

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

I was telling my professors at my college (political science) that we lost control over Iraq to Persia (Iran) and that it will be a matter of time before they all connect to one another by removing ISIS (creating the long feared Shia crescent of Iran,Iraq,Syria and Lebanon).That’s why Saudi Arabia bought from us weapons costing 100 bill+ ,they’re getting ready for the future wars (and current ones) in Yemen,Bahrain,possibly Oman and even Palestine since it’s unlikely that the Saudis would back their independence struggle since they’re cooperating with Israel,it’s far more likely they’ll be approached by Iran instead.And now since Turkey is also slipping away from us it’s clear that we’re losing control of the middle east and have only one way of trying to stop it (by creating proxy wars within the “disobedient” countries who dared to turn their backs on us,by supporting separatist groups within those countries like for example supporting the Kurds in Turkey,Iraq,Syria and even Iran in their struggle for “freedom” as we will call it.Sometimes I feel smarter than my liberal college professors,lol

John Brown

Yes that is the plan but Turkey, Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, China and Yemen will defeat the racist, supremacist, Jewish, empire and its Yinon plan for a greater Israel and the mass extermination of Goyims. The axis of evil, Saudi Judea Arabia, the USSA and Israel will collapse then the Zionist NATO pact will break up when Turkey leaves, the EUSSR and the USSA economies will collapse, so Israel’s economy and military will collapse without the hundreds of billions of dollars of tribute Israel steals from its slave vassal states in the Zionist empire.

Solomon Krupacek

look, if you want to write sci-fo book, go tio own blog page and do not spam us with fantsiesz like: Turkey, Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq, China and Yemen will defeat the racist, supremacist, Jewish, empire

John Brown

They will, you lose you racist supremacist Zionist!


“We the people” lost control of our government . We lost the good will of the Persians when the CIA , in a coup , installed the Shah . That’s why they were less than polite in the 1979 revolution . Creating ISIS out of Saddam’s “dismissed” Sunni Army , didn’t win the hearts of Syrians or Iraqi’s . Funding and arming Al Qaeda in Syria has not been a heart warmer either . Not just for the Shia , but also , the Christians and Sunni’s are not impressed with Saudi Wahhabi’s and have both formed PMU’s in Iraq and enlist within the Syrian Arab Army , (government). The Kurds are a whole book. Trump’s 100 bn arms will be given to ISIS and Al Qaeda , and anyone else foolish enough to join the Wahhabi Cut Throats . You and your professor friends should hope the the Shia and Russians can stop these jihadists , because while they find Europe easy prey , America is at the top of their list .

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

Yes,I know the history of Persia (Iran) pretty well and I know that it all started when the UK told us to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Persia (back then as it was called) because Shell (a oil company) feared he would nationalize the Persian oil that they were pumping out,so they told us that he was a communist sympathizer who’s planing on nationalizing the oil so he could distribute it equally to the people (basic commie stuff) or something like that and that’s how we got involved, we overthrow him,installed a puppet leader (the Shah) and it got a lot worse when he got overthrown by the Islamic revolutionists in 79’s,shortly after starting the Iraq-Iran war in which we would (like many other nations back then,including the USSR) back Iraq and even give him (Saddam) biological weapons which he would go on and use on Iranian troops and kurdish civilians in that uprising.And then later on we would attack him in the gulf wars over the fact that he had biological weapons or weapons of mass destruction as they were presented to the American people.


“He had biological weapons or WMD as they were presented to the American people” . We provided him with chemical weapons , not biological , which we encouraged him to use on Iran , which he did , and we gave him more . So we already knew that . What was presented to the people , was the idea that he had nuclear weapons , via French or UK intel claims (witnesses) , that he was buying uranium cake from Africa . Lets come back to the root of the problem , “We the People” lost control of the government . The CIA was making these policy decisions , not the elected representatives . Since its creation , this agency , and its branches have become the “deep state” , or the functioning decision makers . Theory being that with more information , they know “best” . So when you say “we ” did this or that , really the “constant state” , CIA made those decisions and actions . Bush Sr. and Jr. are apart of that . That problem magnified in intensity under Obama , where the Director of the CIA , was a convert to Wahhabi Sunni Islam . And he installed Huma Abedin ( Muslim Sisterhood), as Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant . Both agents of the Saudi Arabian royal family . Wahhabi Islam is dedicated to the destruction of American democracy , so you begin to see the problem . John Brennan , and Huma Abedin , should be facing charges of high treason , instead the public is deflected by Huma’s husband facing sexting charges. All the Saudi money and all the CIA treachery will not overcome a free people . The Syrians , Lebanese , Iraqi and Iranians are free and pure people , I wish them Godspeed .

Kristy Rain

Supplemental note: The US provided intell. In the form of satellite images, maps, CIA intel. And delivery systems for chemical weapons. The US also used its clout in the UN to stall the findings of the investigation into the US of chemical weapons again Kurds in an attempt not to sour public opinion both at home and on the world stage.

The French provided delivery systems, intelligence gathering, and if I’m not mistaken, the components needed to produce weapons-grade chemical weapons.

The UK and the Dutch helped in training in the military adivisory role, facilitating weapons and munitions sales and transfers as well

The USSR provided weapons, munitions, licenses, and training for Iraqi airforces, and ground forces as well.

If I’m not mistaken, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was approved by Washington but used as a pretext for attacking Iraq and that was when the US decided to start the ‘mad man dictator’ media campaign, complete with ‘proof’ of Iraqi use of chemical weapons on Kurdish civilians. Hope that helps ♡

Ryan Law

seymour hersh “the red line and the rat line” is worth reading tracks arms route from libya to syria also details tons of chemical weapon precursors smuggled over Turkish borer by turkish intelligence that some of their police intercepted and where jailed for interfering in covert op. yeah us did say sadam could invade Kuwait but Kuwait has a pile of rich people that rang up their media buddys and said stop this for us. the US betray the kurds every time the kurds are foolish enough to work for them, its karma really, not that i wouldnt like to see a kurdish state but you work with the devil you end up with ashes for dinner. THE ENTIRE REASON FOR THIS THOUGH IS TO STOP THE SILK ROAD PROJECT go look at all the countrys the US have sponsored terrorism in and they make a arc around china from india to pakistan to afganistan to ukraine then a secondary arc in form of syria libya and iraq preventing acess to africa or a africa/europe land route


I’ve thought about this: https://www.facebook.com/notes/michael-weddle/turkey-to-ally-with-russia-china/1316868745064637/


The NATO/GCC war on Syria is going to have the exact opposite effect of what they wanted. Instead of manufacturing regime change and creating a newly minted compliant Syrian Sunni state, under Saudi and Turkish dominion, Baathist Syria is going to survive, and be in an even more unified resistance axis bloc. From Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, across Syria and Iraq and straight onto Iran – Iran obviously being the powerhouse of the resistance bloc. This mid-east meddling having opposite effect is nothing new. After Israel chased down the PLO in Lebanon, in 1982, the IDF occupied southern Lebanon and in doing so deeply offended the Lebanese Shia who were not really previously involved in the conflict. In going after the hapless, albeit violent, PLO inside of Lebanon, Israel thus created a whole new, and far more formidable enemy in form of Hezbollah. Who were initially opposed to the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanese Shia territory, but with time and tit for tat conflict in southern Lebanon became an intractable and very serious permanent enemy to Israel.


The US and its lapdog allies are watching their projects collapse before their eyes. We still have the problem is Idlib which will be dealt with in due course but my concern is the SDF and their Rajovan priject. I see the US trying to use this as a pretext for a perminent presence in Syria. Their aim to use this territory for this pipeline plans from Qatar to Turkey this dealing a major blow to Russia. We all know that Erdogan would love this option. This would go some way to mollify Erdogan ‘re the Kurdish entity on it’s doorstep. Will he take the bait?. Question…Will Syria attempt to Regan control of these territories?.


Well strangely we saw that the Syrian government flag was put in the isolated Western part of YPG territory. I wonder in the future if the Rajovan will survive without Syria.


Only if they want to be the US base to tear Iran and / or Turkey apart .

John Whitehot

you seem to have difficulties with geography. Even assuming that the kurds have a country, its border is far away from possible connection to the “qatari pipeline”. Moreover, you just stated that Erdogan would love to make business with the kurds, which is beyond absurd in itself.


Actually, he is right. Being that the Kurds control the entire northeastern border of Syria, that connects directly with areas south, which includes Deir Ezzor and the Iraq/Syrian border, which the US wants to take control of. This is exactly where they want the pipeline. Erdo working with the Kurds is not as absurd as you think. How was Turkey getting oil out of Iraq? Through the Kurds who at the time worked with ISIS.

John Whitehot

Wrong. The pipeline would have passed Syria through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. In addition, seriously, Erdogan working with the kurds might be beliavable in west ukrainian science fiction movies but not in the real world.


Please re read my comment. I never said that he would work with the Kurds, it was mearly a rhetorical question wondering if being bought off with a pipeline which would strengthen his hand would go some way towards mollify him. I understand his hatred for the Kurds and the danger he feels with a Kurdish statelet on his southern border. But it’s all his fault that he now has to deal with the security nightmare. Had he taken the time to think through the possible consequences of his anti Assad policy he would have seen the danger this posed to Turkey. His foolishness will ultimately be his undoing.

John Whitehot

i agree with you on all points except that any kurdish state would be used to the purpose you mention. Besides, as another poster commented somewhere else on sf, in the end the kurds will opt for good relations with their neighbors, and not with those staying thousands of mile away.

Accepting to be “purposed” by a foreign power as a tool of anti-something is a recipe for autodestruction. Kurds are a wise people, and they learned that to survive and thrive you need not to spit on everything good and just your people represent. I’m not even sure that they’ll want an independent state, after all Assad granted them large independence inside Syria.

And you’re right about Erdogan: he’s one of the mayor causes of the syrian civil war. I don’t rly understand what he’s about at this moment. He’s probably trying to gain time.

Ryan Law

what is he on at? hes becoming king of the islamic world or at least the sunni world, it will lead to conflict with the old holders of the crown the saudis. at the moment he has vanished 40000 secular army intellectuals and journalists, under a state of emergency that makes him effectively king, in a few months the constitution changes and makes him king permanently. whats his deal? being sultan of the islamic world ;)

Solomon Krupacek

he pipeline would have passed Syria through Saudi Arabia and Jordan

zman told the same

John Whitehot

actually he said it would pass through iraq, as he mentioned deir ezzor and the iraqi border. Also, beleveing that deir ezzor would allow itself under kurdish state is wishful thinking as the city is arab and massively pro-assad.

Solomon Krupacek

you are right


The Iraqi Kurds , not the Syrian Kurds , worked with ISIS and Turkey moving the stolen oil . Plan B or C , is the creation of “Sunnisttan” Raqqa – Deir Ezzor , which is what they are beginning to work on now . The 55 Sunni nations , led by the Saudi Wahhabi’s , against the 5 Shia nations .(Shia Crescent) . A complication is that most of the Sunni led countries have larger Shia populations , that are very “oppressed ” . Another factor is the Shia , are fighting for their lives , and are more wise to US double speak , and not just looking for a free gun .

Ryan Law

not that pipe line, much bigger, the silk road, it will re write the order of trade and the only thing that has the west at the top of the power pyramid is the order of trade. to stop it george bush let slip the dogs of war in the middle east, but if china could ever stabilise a route to europe and a supply chain to africa then america becomes the USSR in the cold war 1/8th of the worlds economy isolated and alone

Jonathan Cohen

SAA and NewSA can race all they want to take ISIS territory, but once one has it they shouldn’t fight over it. I can’t say I really care who wins the race except for liking YPJ because they will bring abortion rights to whatever territory they take. I just want everyone to fight ISIS and AQ exclusively, before fighting each other.


You are one strange dude.

That Guy

May be a girl, not a dude…. Who knows



That Guy

Do you understand what “maybe” means ?


Abortion is a crime against humanity.

Joe Doe

Alway neighbor should be in good terms with neighbors. This is the highway to security


This is a very serious problem for the US led Coalition. If Iraq, SAA and friends follow through on this, it begins the end of the Syrian and Iraqi games. It is also a knife in the faces of the KSA and Qatar. My how things have changed. I am sure that the Kurds are watching, listening intensely and will ultimately cooperate, with those that live in the neighborhood, over those who fly in from far away. I wish well to all.


Quite agree, those Gulf princelings and potentates are facing a grim reckoning.


If Turkey aligns with Russia-China-Syria-Iraq-Iran, the Kurds will, once again, get screwed. I wish there was a way to help them out. But I don’t think this will ever happen unless Turkey can get on board. They certainly do deserve statehood!

Solomon Krupacek

turkey will bhe never ally of russia, turkey is and will be member of nato.

otherwise, china also do not want be ally of iran, iraq, syria and russia.

turkey yesterday used veto and Austria van not participate on NATO games.practically from yesterday is no more partner. on paper yes, technically not.

so, turkey remains a strong member of nato. and for russia and putin would be better to wake up as soon as possible. the turkish stream will not be exdist. russia should ignore turky and finish the dreaming about bullshit alliances.


What’s wrong with your English buddy?


Considering the things he is writing here, poor English is the least of his problems.

Ryan Law

this is all about stopping the silk road, its not about stabilizing one country its about stabilizing every country on the trade route at the same time. go lookup the silk road and you can plot out the country’s worst effected by “terrorism” because they are the ones the route goes through


Hello Ryan. I like your point. There are many aspects in this, deferring to Shakespeare, world stage play. So many pieces are involved, as if it was a stained glass monstrosity. The only true common threads that I consistently see, are fear and money. For myself, there is no doubt that it forecasts surefire disaster, for those perpetrating these games against human advancement. I wish a good evening to you.


This is a very important development. Russia has put a dagger in the heart of the US Neocon-Israeli regime change project.

I notice some people make comments about pipelines and other reasons, but, that is not the reason for the Israel-Saudi-(and Neocon) alliance, or why we are over there. It is all about the “Shia crescent” that has resulted from the Iraq war. the Saudi’s are not happy about that recent development. And, to understand this, you have to examine what happened in 2002, during the buildup to that Iraq war. You have to go back 15 years to understand what is happening today.

There was a deal made in 2002 between Israel (and their Neocon supporters in the US) and Saudi Arabia, in order to get the Saudis to join the Iraq war coalition.The deal was to do regime change in Iran and Syria after Saddam was removed in Iraq. That is what the Saudis demanded in exchange for the Iraq war to proceed.

Israel and their Neocon corner, must now complete their part of the bargain. The Saudis may be threatening to expose the whole thing if they don’t.

That is why we got the Iraq war. ……. But there is more to it !

Here is probably what happened in 2002 in a deal worked out by Dick Cheney: The Iraq war, and removal of Saddam, would have been impossible unless the Saudis agreed to it in advance. Therefore, in 2002 Saudi Arabia (Prince Bandar) was shown a list of seven countries where the neocons (Zionists) wanted to do regime change. This is the same list that General Wesley Clark later spoke about seeing.

The Saudis agreed that, in exchange for the high probability that, after the war, Iraq would be taken over by the Shiites, there would be regime change in both Iran and Syria to compensate the Saudi’s.

The neocons must absolutely complete their part of a grand bargain made back in 2002 with Saudi Arabia. That is why they will not give up on their quest for regime change in Syria. They absolutely have to do this first in order to isolate Iran, and then do regime change in Iran, as promised to the Saudi’s.

If they can’t complete their grand bargain, the Israeli / Saudi alliance will fall apart. Israel will appear powerless, at a time when they are dependent upon the perception that they control Washington. The Saudis may also be threatening to expose the entire deal unless the promises made to them are carried out.


You may not be absolutely right, but you’re pretty close.


Here is a link to that General Wesley Clark 2007 video when he spoke about seeing the plans for regime change in Syria and Iran.



An accurate assessment. However the consequences of a war against Iran would quite frankly be devastation for the middle East, and especially Saudi Arabia. Imagine if you will a few anthrax tipped missiles detonated over Saudi oil fields and production facilities……


I agree with your overall assessment of the situation, except for the strength of Saudi Arabia’s position, as regards “exposing” the deal.

You may recall, a few years back, when Bandar was throwing his weight around diplomatically, directly threatening Putin, making reckless statements and generally being a “loose cannon”, the USA reigned him in by threatening to expose the deal. A congressman was given access to redacted 9/11 related information and publicly described his “disappointment at our allies”.

Which was understood by all to mean the Saudis, and by the Saudis to be a threat, and Bandar was retired within weeks. Because if any dealings of the Saudis and the NeoCons were exposed, it would be the Saudis who end up the fall guys. Which is why the corporate media keep public opinion firmly against their loyal vassals – so as to be able to burn them down at a minutes notice.

At least that’s how I see it. Perhaps they are more proactive than I perceive – but I have a assumed them a mere proxy state ever since Faisal got bumped off.

Ryan Law

states are proxys these days for old men, even america dances to the check book of old white men who are scared of old yellow men finishing taking control of their supply chain


Whatever was promised since the Bush-Cheney Shock and Awe is now on the back burner or completely realigned. I suspect the latter. You’ve got the Israeli-Saudi alliance right (might as well also throw in Egypt and Jordan).

I think the pipeline originally was meant to throw Turkey a bone as it would benefit from the Qatar-Saudi pipeline extending into Europe. From the US point of view, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan are meant as a show of US alliance force against possible Russian expansion. That’s where the line is drawn and it’s a line the US would like to keep. But the US blew it by how it handled Iraq.

The principle objective in Syria is to keep it isolated from the Iran-Iraq alliance (which eventually and inevitably will take a pure form, with a possible exception in the north made for the Kurds. If Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran align, this will create a geopolitical force about the size of the US in the upper Middle East region. The US, on behalf of Israel and the Saudis, are trying to prevent this by creating a Sunni buffer zone to isolate Syria. Hence, the bone thrown to Turkey on the pipeline.

The original plan was to take out the Assad regime, install a puppet government and make it easy for both the pipeline and the Israelis to drill for the newly-discovered oil in the Syrian-owned but Israeli-annexed Golan Heights. Having Syria gone would be a true economic boost to the US, Israel, the Saudis and the Gulf States.

But, when all is fully considered, it is Turkey who sits in the driver’s seat. Any US-Israeli-Saudi plan will also involve Kurdish statehood, which Turkey outright rejects. The Eurasian alliance of Russia and China — centered around the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Project — is becoming more and more attractive to Turkey and may ultimately provide more economic benefits than would the Saudi pipeline, and this without the Kurdish problem.

The Eurasian alliance will also come with a new form of currency which also could become attractive to Turkey. And Turkey is perfectly positioned for the long term goal of a revival of the Old Silk Road to run right through it. Also important is Turkey controls the Bosphorus Straights which lead in and out of The Black Sea, thus making Turkey extremely attractive for sea routes within the OBOR plan. Given Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is based in Crimea and its Mediterranean Fleet in Syria military differences could become minimized.

Next, consider Europeans won’t let Turkey into the European Union, which these days itself is problematic. And growing friction with the Kurds, backed by the US, is severely testing Turkey’s desire to remain aligned with NATO.

So Turkey’s gotta make a call. All things considered, it’d likely be a good call for Turkey to bolt.

If this happens then you have an upper quadrant Middle Eastern alliance involving Russia, China, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. The US shenanigans in this area of the world would come to a screeching halt. And this is perhaps what’s need the most. If the objective is peace and sound commerce this could become the answer.

How this would affect Israel’s drilling the Golan Heights becomes a very big question. Since Syria owns the land, but Israel’s got the discovery and the technology already in place, maybe a deal could be worked out. Also, what would happen to Libya and Yemen would become another great question. Most likely, especially with renewed US focus backing the Saudis, they’ll likely wind up in the Sunni fold.

Now, if the two now very large geopolitical Middle Eastern entities could function much like the US to Canada and Russia to China, perhaps a longlasting peace — for the very first time in ages — could finally become realized in the Middle East.

The northern Shia nations should become prosperous in alliance each to the other; and so also the southern Sunni.

What could help bring peace to such a solution? Combine all of the above with this idea below:


PS: Remember, I’m a musician and a dreamer … but I’m not the only one!

Leon De Elias

Looks like the Fascist motherfucking Yankee mercenaries US-DAESH coalition running out of options and manpower..

Valensiya Saratoba




Keep your antisemitic shite to yourself, zionists are the antithesis of Jews.

Gabriel Hollows

Keep telling that to yourself kike.


You’re an American aren’t you?

Persianized Timurid

It’s about damn time, it’s only a matter of time the entire border is reclaimed by the legitimate government of Syria

Gabriel Hollows

Get fucked kikes.

DJ Double D

Man, I love Iraq. Iraq will never forget how the Yankees raped their country. It is estimated that American generals, commanders and even ordinary soldiers and yes the US government itself stole hundreds of billions of dollars from different government and commercial banks in the wake of the fall of Baghdad. Plus they forced Iraq to pay Kuwait more than 400 billion dollars of restitution through some percentage of oil sales. And still US got part of that money as a guarantor. People are talking of US collapsing under its massive debt; you have to understand one simple fact: as long as US keeps raiding and raping countries, they will never go bankrupt. US makes more money from their foreign adventures than from inside of their country.


Which is why US is the #1 threat to world peace

Real Anti-Racist Action

Iran is the hero of the Middle East! Without Iran, the ME would have been conquered by now. Israel would be illegally occupying all of Lebanon and Syria up to the outskirts of Damascus. Saudi Arabia and their proxies would run Iraq and Yemen. And Turkey would own norther Syria. Iran saved the say for years long enough for Russia to finally join in and help out for a change. To bay Russia has yet to provide Syria or Lebanon or Iran with any anti-air missiles that actually take down modern aircraft.


Hell yes, I would love to see Iran dominate the entire region. It is by far the most civilized, stable country in the region I think

Ryan Law

i can tell you how to take down modern aircraft, the same way sadam did in the 90s usign a ww2 flak cannon, you need transmiter and receiver in 2 differnt locations and “stealth” stops working, its very simple then just hook a computer with a servo up to a old flack cannon and you have a automated anti aircraft gun that can and did see right through stealth. after that america didnt fly lower then 10000 feet over iraq.

i remember talking about it with my teacher in high school when it happened and mussing weather they would keep on with “stealth” or move to active jamming instead, which is what most of the modern “stealth” revolves around. none the less active jamming wouldnt of stopped sadams ww2 flack cannon and mac b computer and his transmitter trucks if he just made them transmitter receiver trucks and put them all in a network then active jamming lights you up like a Christmas light. which is why all the modern systems are networked of course.

syria could shoot down planes, it shot down a israeli jet a few months back, but the risk is america simply retaliates and kills 10 times as many people.

the deterance of punching back only holds till the fight is on then its not a deterance its a motivation to hit harder first


Awesomesauce, stopping the partition plan BUTT COLD!!!

Solomon Krupacek

for the keeping of equilibrium the NATO will enjoy the anti ISIL coalition

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