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Iraqi, French And U.S. Artillery Units Pound ISIS Positions At Syria’s Border (Video)


Artillery forces of the Iraqi military, the U.S. Marines and the French military shelled several positions of ISIS at the Syrian-Iraqi border, the Ministry of Defense of Iraq announced on November 25.

“The strike was carried out in order to prevent ISIS from infiltrating the border, which is completely secured by Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition,” said General Qassim Mohammed Saleh, commander of the Iraqi military operations in the region of al-Jazeera, according to the UAE-based al-Ittihad news outlet.

According to Gen. Qassim, the strike was a part of operation “Last Warning,” which was launched on October 7. The operation is aimed at neutralizing the remaining ISIS cells in al-Jazeera and the province of al-Anbar in the western part of Iraq.

ISIS fighters in eastern Syria were able to reach the Syrian-Iraqi border, once again, in late October after a series of attacks on US-backed forces in Syria. This forced Iraqi forces to resume their aerial and artillery strikes on the terrorist group positions within Syria territory.

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