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Iraqi Fores Storm Strategic Al-Qaim Town, Take Control Of Border Crossing With Syria (Map)

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Iraqi Fores Storm Strategic Al-Qaim Town, Take Control Of Border Crossing With Syria (Map)

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On November 3, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) started a military operation to retake the ISIS-held border town of al-Qaim located on the highway between the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and the recently liberated Syrian city of Deir Ezzor.

In total, the operation involved about 40,000 troops supported by the Iraqi Air Force and the US-led coalition’s airpower.

The army and the PMU already took control over the al-Qaim border crossing with Syria and entered the town itself. In al-Qaim, the army and the PMU liberated the train station, the neighborhood of al-Karablah and entered the neighborhood of Gaza.

The town of al-Qaim is the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq. As soon as its liberated by Iraqi forces, the Syrian ISIS stronghold of al-Bukamal will become an obvious targets for anti-terrorist forces in Syria.

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Time for Tribal Forces to head to T2 front, provide them full support now that DeZ city is cleared. Keep the Tigers in Mayadin area with reserves in Sukhna. That way, the Tribal Forces can get back their area (Hajn region) and any offensive by HTS would be squashed like the last half a dozen times, due to less travel time. HTS needs to be neutralised even with their ‘democratic’ approach. SDF is the easy bit, they will just run like Peshmerga did in Iraq, the local population don’t want them there.


Sounds good :)) although I wish tigers could be everywhere lol


Yes, don’t we all. I think post-war Syria would have the Tigers training the rest of the military, it’s the logical thing to do. They first have to rebuild their air force, it will take time but they have done the hard bit, it all ended in Aleppo!

Deo Cass

The Tiger forces are indeed a formidable offensive force. But they are equalled by the fearless Hezbollah. However one has also to laud the Republican Guard for its resilient defensive capabilities especially under the command of General Issam Zahreddine in defending and holding their ground in Deir Ezzur city while being totally surrounded and facing off the repeated onslaught of both ISIS and their US handlers’ air power.

Solomon Krupacek

big difference is, that usaf was behind iraqi army. but in syria …


Dear South Front.
Can you inform us about your documentary : The Party of God ?
thank you

Solomon Krupacek

iraq under yanks is more successful

j. jaxson

not at all in the long run

Solomon Krupacek

i am sure, assad wil fall.

Samuel Boas

Iraq under president Hussein was already a good place. The US instead totally destroyed it.

Solomon Krupacek

still better than with russians

j. jaxson

recalled to life.


The road along the river south of Mayadin , must have been too well defended to proceed .
Anyone any info on that .

That Guy

Some SAA units should cross the Iraqi borders and attack Al Bukamal from Al Qa’em.


Turns out it’s been done


A town of 150.000 falling in one day. Looks like ISIS just withdrew. Any information about how and why?


Iraqi forces, not fores. Is there no spell checker for titles?

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