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JUNE 2021

Iraqi Forces Video in Liberation of Fallujah city from ISIS (Video)

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The  Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units have released a video about the libration of Fallujah city from ISIS.

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Pave Way IV

Well, that just great. Except none of the social causes that resulted in the need to ‘liberate’ Fallujah from Sunni extremists will be remedied. The failed state the U.S. created in Iraq won’t change a damn thing. ISIS today – someone else tomorrow. Someone will have to liberate Fallujah again in another five or ten years.

Iraq – the illegal war that just keeps on giving. Good job, U.S.!

Andrew Illingworth

Would it be too much to hope that, IF the current pro-Iranian Iraqi government remains in power, that Iraq might, in the near feature, slip into the Russian geopolitical orbit?

Another question (and this is directed at South Front), how many people in the Iraqi political structure do you think have figured out that America intended for ISIS to destroy them, and that only the independent decisions to allow Iranian help and mobilise hundreds of thousands of ‘populars’ prevented this?

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