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JUNE 2021

Iraqi Forces Redeploy From Tal Afar To Al-Hawija Ahread Of Large Anti-ISIS Operation

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Iraqi Forces Redeploy From Tal Afar To Al-Hawija Ahread Of Large Anti-ISIS Operation

FILE IMAGE: PMU fighters are in Tal Afar

On Friday, the first group of Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) troops redeployed from the liberated Tal Afar area to al-the Hawija area southwest of Kirkuk city.

According to Iraqi forces the preparation for al-Hawija battle are underway and the battle is expected to begin soon.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya al-Rasul confirmed to the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik that Iraqi forces started preparing for the al-Hawija battle.

“After fully liberating Tal Afar preparation to enter al-Hawija area in Kirkuk governorate began quickly. Leaflets were dropped for the citizens there to get away from ISIS fighters positions… We insured them that ISIS positions will be targets for our warplanes, we are now preparing our final military plan to liberate al-Hawija area,” General Yahya al-Rasul told Sputnik.

Al-Rasul also revealed that Iraqi forces might launch two operations at the same time, al-Hawija operation and another operation in Euphrates valley towards the Syrian border. However, it’s likely that the Iraqi forces will launch only al-Hawija operation for now.

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Solomon Krupacek

arab pronunciation

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Problem Some Iraqi Generals were more in favor of assaulting the border area as this would be the best time to attack a weakened ISIS force along the border. This would have provided a much needed morale boost for the Iraqi people, to show Iraqis are in control of their own destiny. Many in Iraqi are becoming discontent over the fact they are not in control of the borders and are starting to see their govt being influenced by the US again, which is going to fuel a lot of discontent and eventual civil war. This is the reason why the US sees themselves staying a long time for the foreseeable future.

My Sympathies to the Iraqi people for not getting their country back.

Solomon Krupacek

dont fouling around. when i and some iother guys wrote the same thing in syria, you were again. iraqi PM listened to your stupidities :P


Yes, the task of Iraqi people is two-fold: destroy ISUS inside Iraq and resist the US occupation with every fibre of their being!

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