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JUNE 2023

Iraqi Forces Reach Al-Qa’im In Lightning-Like Advance (Maps)

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Iraqi Forces Reach Al-Qa’im In Lightning-Like Advance (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

On October 26, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) reached the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq, al-Qa’im city, after successfully capturing dozens of areas south and southeast of it, according to the PMU media wing.

The PMU media wing reported that government forces captured the following areas:

  • H1 and H2 airbases southwest of al-Qa’im city;
  • The Al-Qa’im–Akashat highway along the Syrian-Iraqi border;
  • The State Company for Phosphate and the Agricultural Research Service 10km southwest of al-Qa’im city;
  • Maslus Mount south of al-Qa’im city;
  • Jubab, al-Ma’aml, al-Mashara’a, al-Nadrah, al-Hussiniyat, al-Akra and al-Hasa areas in western Anbar;
  • Al-Naser, Abed, al-Aghr, al-Halqum and Jihash valleys south of al-Qa’im city.
Iraqi Forces Reach Al-Qa’im In Lightning-Like Advance (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Government forces also captured the former al-Badiyah and al-Jazeera Operation Center of the Iraqi Army, according to the PMU media wing.

Government forces are now advancing towards K1 military base west of al-Qa’im city.

The PMU media wing said that the Iraqi soldiers killed dozens of ISIS fighters during their advance. Government forces also captured several vehicles and VBIEDs of ISIS.

The rapid advance of government forces proved that the number of ISIS fighters in the Euphrates River Valley between Syria and Iraq is way less than what it was announced by the US-led coalition. ISIS will likely redeploy most of its units towards its front lines with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inside Syria.

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Deo Cass

Syria should give permission to the PMU to enter Syrian territory and liberate al-Bukamal…NOW.

Richard M

I concur. The Salafist Deliverance Forces have to be met and pushed back!


They have already done that some time ago actually, but I doubt PMU will do that.


If the PMU can provide security for the Iraqi border from the T2 axis to al-Qa’im city the SAA could advance quickly from T2 and only have their internal flank to protect.


We were just discussing this yesterday. It’s great to see the speedy advance across the desert. So they did decide to bypass taking RawaI north of the river first, this is good news indeed! I recall that both SAA and Iraqi forces have permission to cross over the border to depth of 10km. Now is time for SAA advance on Al Bukamal, at long last! :)

Robert Duran

I am not sure why they dont.Probably because the PMU is partly made up of forces loyal to that Saudi visiting Shia traitor Muqtada al Sadr

Jonathan Murray

Traitor – he’s the only hope to Iraq against the joint US-Iranian invasion which is designed to keep Iraq in ruins for decades. You obviously know nothing about Iraq.


U are right. If not, SDF will reach and ‘liberate’ it before SAA does.

Solomon Krupacek

two different maps


They are different maps to show you the difference of before/after in the same area. You’re usually smart, what happened to ya?

Solomon Krupacek

i had the same idea, but the missing date on pictures made me unsure.




Of course, the rest of the ISIS zombies are in Syria to ensure SDF get the oil fields and maybe even Al bukamal as Israel ordered and then eventually join the SDF ranks.


My thoughts as well.


ISIS may try the same ploy and “surrender” to SDF , which would leave SAA no option , but to proceed . Al Bukamal is Syrian .

Nei Eduardo De Paula

Once ISIS is defeated, the SDF will be helpless

martin aguilar

Fantastic !! ISIS is defeated in IRAQ !! Now PMU and Iraqi army can focus on the Peshmerga, and recover every inch of their country.


Get ready for the Tehran express helping to liberate the Omar oil fields and Golan. Only the south of Mayadin to Al-Bukamal section needs to be cleared and the heavy truck convoys can roll.


Damascus to DE convoy:



Russian Convoy:



Iran Convoy:



Iran Convoy:



Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia’s Israel/Jewmerica/Jew world order problem, and humanity’s Israel/Jewmerica/Jew world order problem, are the same problem that needs to be solved for everybody to have a better future.

Aras Abbasi

Son, don’t take drugs.


It’s all true. If you don’t like truth, that’s your problem, not mine.


I guess news got out that ISIS fighters are just put in a hole when captured (like they should).


Get on the Phone with Baghdad. Tell them to enter Syrian Territory to liberate Kamal.

John Brown

ISIS already evacuated this Iraqi area sending all their man power against the SAA in Syria. Yes the PMU and Iraqi military, should cross the border to linkup with the SAA now and prevent the SDF from seizing more non kurdish territory ASAP. This would collapse the ISIS fronts against the SAA in Syria.

Pave Way IV

K-1 is a base/pumping station just north of Kurkuk. The T-1 base/pumping station is about 15km southeast of the phosphate plant in the middle of nowhere. Seems odd that they could take over that much territory that quickly yet still have to ‘advance’ on such a critical strategic target right in the middle of the retaken territory. I would still argue that T-1 and the 2010 plans to rebuild and expand the Tripoli (Western) line to carry 2.7 million bbl/day were one of the reasons the US and cronies started the war in Syria. https://goo.gl/maps/XtRCnZHswsr

Elider Barrientos

El ejercito iraqui ya tiene el permiso del gobierno de bassar de cruzar la frontera hacia territorio sirio

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