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Iraqi Forces Destroy 6 ISIS Hideouts In Kirkuk Province As ISIS Cells Expand Operations In Hawija And Kirkuk


On June 14, Iraqi security forces destroyed six ISIS hideouts in the province of Kirkuk, a spokesman for the Iraqi Security Media Council Brig. Gen. Yehia Rasool told Baghdad Today media outlet.

“A force from the Federal Police started a military campaign from two directions to eliminate cells of ISIS in Kirkuk, managing to destroy six of the terrorists’ hideouts,” Baghdad Today quoted him as saying.

Brig. Gen Rasool added that security forces seized a large amount of explosives and ammunition, including an explosive belt, an RPG7 rocket and a motorcycle.

On June 16, two car bomb attacks hit an area southwest of Kirkuk wounding several Federal Police officers, according to Iraqi media. The attack reportedly hit a Federal Police unit near Hawija.

Despite efforts of the central government, ISIS cells remain pretty active in the areas of Hawija and Kirkuk. The map below provides a brief look at the terrorist gorup’s activity in the area.

Iraqi Forces Destroy 6 ISIS Hideouts In Kirkuk Province As ISIS Cells Expand Operations In Hawija And Kirkuk

Click to see the full-size image. Source: twitter.com/iraqiinfo_eng/status/1007771078633099264

Despite a formal announcement of the ISIS defeat in Iraq, the governemnt as well as its army and security services still have to contribute significant efforts to restore peace and security across the country.



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  • Smaug

    Given the right circumstances there may be a resurgence of ISIS. It’s like every other front in the Arab world where defeat on the battlefield is easy enough but self detriment and rampant gang activities can and will continue indefinitely.

    • hamster

      I doubt there will be a resurgence on the same scale this time around. Unless Iraqi forces again abandon large amounts of American military equipment and simply walk away. I think the PMU and units like the Golden Brigade will prevent this sort of thing from happening.

      This year has definitely been far calmer in Iraq than 2017 or 2016.