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Iraqi Forces Declare Full Control Over Border With Syria

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Iraqi Forces Declare Full Control Over Border With Syria


On December 9, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Unts (PMU) established a full control over the Syrian-Iraqi border between the cities of al-Qaim and Sinjar, according to the PMU media wing. Thus, the army and the PMU liberated the entire border area from ISIS.

Now, government troops are working to secure the recently liberated areas. As soon as this is done and the border area is secured, ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate will be officialyl defeated in Iraq.

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Walter White

Excellent news borders secured just the SAA and SDF need to secure all areas now :)


Congratulation to Iraqi army, PMU and to all who supported Iraqi armies. This is obviously a great and victory day for whole Iraq and even for whole Muslim world that ISIS beast defeated in Iraq. Now they should leave together with one constitution and under one flag. Now Iraq needs qualified well experienced and vigilant military police to avoid terrorist attacks inside cities. Health and safety first.


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That’s a well done job. McCain must be furious! How are they going to continue the flow of arms and support? First Feysh Khabur and now the whole border. Air ferry is difficult and can’t be hidden for long. Pesky PMU, ruining the US careful plannings…

The US will increase the pressure on Iraqi government to disband PMU and perhaps they will start drone attacks against PMU.


Iraq next move should to officially helping the Syrian Army to liberate the country from terrorist by sending soldiers gradually strengthen the alliance with them that act double to undermine the US move via it’s proxy Kurds. That kind of move would showcase the unity among the arab against Kurdish incursions and west cause in the region. Of course there would be sellouts as usual as well as media noise about Iranian shadow hands but that kinds of move should be eventually taken sooner than later.

Gregory Louis

Well Iraq has had it’s militas fighting in Syria for a long time now since before the Aleppo operation, they only went back to help the Iraqi’s fight ISIS


Officially i mean. There’s a wide concerns in their parliament that the US would cut off their aids funding if they started to move against US design (though the aid funding were US obligations in the first place after bombing Iraq and using it’s space to hold troops and airspace to roam originally have to be billed). The Iraq’s government should learn a thing after ISIS uprising and Kurds independence referendum that the US don’t limit their barbaric acts even if you plays the obedient vassals.

Gregory Louis

Yeah I think the US might have fucked themselves over with this ISIS and Kurdish affair as the Iraqi’s will now try to move even further away from American Influence not that the US is very popular in Iraq considering they killed thousands of their people over a war with no meaning or justification plus Syria with the SDF and Kurds yeah idk what Iraq’s government will do but hopefully it doesn’t cause a civil war in their country too


Back to very long delivery drives from the US military airstrips in north eastern Kurdish Syria, using dubious transport sub-contractors and the usual ‘taxing’ of arms and munitions along the way…?!

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