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Iraq Completed Operation Against Terrorists in Kirkuk: 46 Killed, 133 Wounded

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Completion of the operation to eliminate ISIL terrorists in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk has been announced by Iraqi police. As result, at least 46 people were killed and 133 others were wounded, while all the terrorists were eliminated.

Iraq Completed Operation Against Terrorists in Kirkuk: 46 Killed, 133 Wounded

Iraqi police has announced completion of the operation to eliminate terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group, who launched a massive attack on the northern city of Kirkuk on Friday, the Associated Press news agency reported.

According to the news agency, all the terrorists, who participated in the attack, were eliminate, or committed suicide bombing, during the operation. Now, the situation in the area of the city, where clashes with the terrorists were the most intense, is calm.

As the Agence France-Presse news agency reported, at least 46 people were killed, while 133 others were wounded during the terrorists’ attack.

“In clashes with the IS group 46 people were killed and 133 wounded, mostly security personnel,” the agency quoted a statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As it was earlier reported, on October 21, several sabotage groups of the terrorists attacked positions of the Iraqi security agencies, as well as several government buildings in Kirkuk city. According to various sources, from 45 to 50 terrorists took part in the offensive.

According to a source in the Russian Defense Ministry, the attack of the IS terrorists on Kirkuk was a diversionary tactic.

“In all appearances, the terrorists launched an attack on Kirkuk as a diversionary tactic. The offensive actions of the terrorists surprised the coalition forces. It looks like they are at a loss,” the source told the TASS news agency.

In mid-October, the beginning of the land military operation to liberate Mosul, the second largest Iraqi city, controlled by the IS terrorist group for more than two years, was announced. In addition to the Iraqi government forces, Kurdish formations, as well as the international anti-terrorist coalition also participate in the operation.

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IS has had plenty of time to formulate plans for counterattacks and the escape of their core cadres. With the complicity of Turkey and the US Coalition, IS shall be able to move to Syria and reinforce their assets their. They shall attack Syrian Army forces from the East while Turkish forces attack the Syrian Army in Aleppo and NATO air forces attempt to take out Russian and Syrian air defenses. Things are about to get really interesting.


Everything that you said is wrong so the future will certainly be interesting for you. Lots of surprises.


Things are really getting bad for Washington, Tel Aviv and Saudi fed terrorist called ISIS.

Jens Holm

Far out comment.

Jens Holm

Well, Im not ISIS supporter, but from a military point it make very much sense ISIS should coordinate with the rest be opening Aleppo from east.

But to me, they should have done it at least a year ago, when they were stronger. Its very difficult to move so many soldiers and rquipment as well that far now.

Are You a friend of Model or Stalin ?? Ha-ha.


Actually, von Manstein.

Jens Holm

Well, I like the elastic defenses by Model and also Hitler sometimes didnt know about it.

Manstein is number 2 or 3. Very good plan for defeating French and Brittish even it helped very much they had no sense for the new type of war.

Kesselring defending Italy are also a number 2.

Mastein trying reach Stalingrad in mission impossible and the retreat as well. Respect for that.

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